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The Great Mohammed Ali was the world champion, the people’s champion, and the greatest!

The Great Mohammed Ali was the world champion, the people’s champion, and the greatest!

“Before we left for Italy, I tried again to meet Sugar Ray. I walked all the way up Fifth Avenue to 125th Street. I wanted to get his autograph and tell him that l was on my way to the Olympics to win a gold medal. I wanted to tell him that I admired him and that I was going to be the heavyweight champion of the world by the time I was twenty-one. When I arrived at the club, I waited outside all day for Sugar Ray to get there. I didn’t mind waiting; I would have stood outside all week if I had to.

“It was about ten o’clock when he finally drove up. I was so excited that for the first time in my life, I was speechless. When I pulled myself together, I walked up to Mr. Robinson told him how far I had come just to see him and how long I had been waiting to get his autograph. I told him that I was going to be the heavyweight champion of the whole world and that he was my hero.

“When I think back, I realize he never really looked at me. He gave me a quick pat on the shoulder and told me, ‘Later, boy, I’m busy right now.’ I was crushed. I couldn’t believe he brushed me aside like that, especially after l had waited all day for him to show up. I felt as if my feet were made of cement. I couldn’t move. I just stood there as I watched Sugar Ray Robinson turn his back to me and walk away. Although I felt hurt and let down, I decided that I wouldn’t let my disappointment get the best of me.

“I was going to be different when I became a great boxer. I would be the kind of champion that fans could walk up to and talk to. I would shake their hands and sign every autograph, even sign some autographs in advance so that when I was in a hurry, I could still hand them out to people, assuring everyone went home happy. I was going to go out of my way to show my fans how important they were and how much l appreciated them. At that moment, I vowed never to turn a fan away.

“I didn’t want anyone to feel the disappointment and hurt that I felt that night. I was always going to make time for the people who looked up to me; especially children. I knew that when I became a champion – and I knew that I would – I was going to remember what it was like before I made it big. I wasn’t going to forget where I came from. I was going to be my own kind of champion, a champ to all people everywhere in the world. And no matter how high I climbed up the ladder of success, I was going to view the world without looking down on anyone. And wasn’t going to forget the boy that I once was.” 

– Muhammad Ali 

And did great Mohammed Ali do that? Yes! And more, he was the world champion, the people’s champion, and the greatest!


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Nigeria is an Enigma. The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of her is undoubtedly God’s endowment to us, her citizens. As a citizen of this lovely nation, I’ve spent decades of my life trying to understand this, Mirage. Hope someday, this Mystery that houses about 250 million blacks will be globally understood, widely accepted, and given the opportunity to play its vital role in the world stage. So, help us God! #NigeriaDeservesBetter #AfricaDeservesBetter

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