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Ndi Imo Ndi nwe anyi, we hope you’re digesting with full assimilation, the letter series of expository political “guymanism” in Imo State as led by Hope UZODINMA? Remember, it took years to build the Imo State of our dream from the sweat, suffering and Intellectual sagacity of Dr M. I. Okpara, the premier of the Eastern Region. It took some years, in the character of Dee Sam Mbakwe to consolidate the giant strides of Dr. M. I. Okpara. It was the era when men lived for the services of the people, it was the time when meritocracy was the king of the political jungle. It was the era of competence and credibility when the likes of Hope UZODINMA(APC), SamDaddy Anyanwu(PDP) and Athan Achonu(LP) and the cliques of “Guymanism” were considered very disgusting in leadership services of Igbo land.

In a proper Igbo leadership setting, the likes of Hope UZODINMA(APC), SamDaddy Anyanwu(PDP) and Athan Achonu(LP) are not qualified to lead or be delegated to roast or butcher goat for village festival among Umunna, for its 100% possible that after roasting or butchering the goat, parts of the goat would be incomplete upon presentation of the goat meat to Umunna gathering. How dare you delegate Hope UZODINMA (APC), SamDaddy Anyanwu (PDP) and Athan Achonu (LP) to be in charge of the Imo State Treasury? It’s not unusual that dogs do eat bones hung on their necks to guard. Unfortunately, those who are not qualified to be entrusted with even ordinary roasting/or butchering of Umunna goats are seeking the support of Ndigbo/Ndi-Imo to be in charge of the State fund. It seems, therefore, that Imo State fits into the proverbial statement that in the land of the blind, one-eyed man is the king.

Ndi Imo ought to know that Hope UZODINMA(APC), SamDaddy Anyanwu(PDP) and Athan Achonu(LP) are the worst of political demagogues we can hand over and/or entrust with the treasury of Imo State. Ndi Imo should present their political 1st -11th for the November 11th, 2023 governorship election. It’s obvious that if Imo State is likened to a football club, Hope UZODINMA (APC), SamDaddy Anyanwu (PDP) and Athan Achonu (LP) are not qualified even to be in the lineup of being among the 3rd -11th players as a result of incompetence, lack of integrity, capacity, skills, merit, etc, for the usage of such breed of political “footballers” for a serious tournament is like accepting defeat before the tournament.Let us remind Ndi-Imo that the era of Dr. M. I. Okpara, Akanu Ibiam, Dee Sam Mbakwe was the era when “Ezi aha kariri ego.” Ndigbo venerated good name (i.e., integrity) more than wealth. Dr. M. I. Okpara, Akanu Ibiam, and Dee Sam Mbakwe were of the era when men were living in the glory of their people in selfless services not living in their own glory of personal aggrandisement. 

It was the era when education, steeped in “ako n’ Uche,” was a priority as a key as well as a hallmark of quality leadership. This accounted for the reason why the classroom teacher, Dee Sam Mbakwe, became the Governor of old Imo State, covering and/or including the present Abia State and Ebonyi State. It was the era when primordial and/or primitive accumulation of wealth has not eaten deep into the lives of our leaders, instead, were eaten up by the burning passion and/or desire for selfless services to their people. It was the time when “Guymen” like Hope Uzodinma(APC), Athan Achonu(LP) and Samdaddy Anyanwu(LP) wouldn’t come near the corridor of power as the aroma of political leadership then lies in integrity and character. It was the era when leadership benchmark and/or yardstick was neither measured by heights, seizes, one’s mansion nor by heaviness of the one’s deep pocket. It was the era when the ruled and/or the joyfully rich men in the community would contribute money and/or resources together to build mansions for noble leaders after becoming Governors. This was the fate of Dee Sam Mbakwe and Akanu Ibiam. Their mansions are the legendary legacies they left behind in the hearts of Ndigbo.

It was the era when someone like Akanu Ibiam returned the title of British Knighthood because of the death of his people being killed unjustly during the 1967/70 Biafra Genocide against the Ndigbo by the Nigeria Government aided by the British government, Akanu Ibiam protested and demonstrated his loyalty and empathy to Ndigbo by returning the title to Queen Elizabeth II (British government). Unfortunately, in this present era, many things have, ugly changed. We have an emperor Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who sit in Douglas House and watch balkanised Imolites swim in pools of blood and anguish. 

Within the little reign of Emperor Hope UZODINMA(APC), the Intersociety group recorded that, in the despotic, tyrannical government of Hope UZODINMA, “No fewer than 1,600 unarmed citizens of Imo State have been killed while 300 others have disappeared without trace between January, 2021and May 2023 (29 months). Moreso, relatedly, about 700 persons sustained huge decrees of life-threatening injuries with over 900 others abducted within the same period under review. The above ugly situations were contained in a 33-page special research and investigative report presented to the newsmen on Sunday by a civil rights group, the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) in Enugu State.

The Board chairman of the group, Emeka Umeagbalasi, who presented the report, disclosed that the “State and non-State actors were responsible for the said killings” According to him, State actors accounted for the deaths of 900 out of the 1,600 unarmed persons killed in the State while the other 700 were killed by armed non-State actors within the period under review. The report noted that 600 out of the 900 were secretly killed by State actors while 300 died in open shootings. He further disclosed that 400 out of the 700 killed by armed non-State actors died in captivity while 300 others were killed in open shootings. Umeagbalasi added that within the same period, 3,500 young people were arrested by State actors with about 1,400 of them paying through their noses to secure their freedom while over 1,500 of the arrested persons were still being detained in various detention facilities within and outside the State.

In furtherance, he disclosed that about 1,200 houses were burnt with their 30,000 owners displaced while 500,000 citizens of the State in active age brackets were forced to flee to escape being shot, killed, abducted or disappeared.” We want to remind Ndi-Imo that when President GoodLuck Jonathan accepted defeat in the 2015 presidential election, he said that his victory didn’t worth the blood of innocent Nigerians. But here in Imo State, the reverse is the situation, as we have an emperor Hope UZODINMA of All Progressives Congress (APC) who believes that the blood of Imolites justifies his reign of terror as he has sworn to continue to hold strong to power and seeking for Re-election with desperation and venom. Oh! What has happened to the conscience of men? Unfortunately, many have given their souls to the devil; they don’t feel empathy for Ndi-Imo anymore.

Insecurity has become a means to “cash out” among the college of political “Guymen” in Imo state but we have expectations that no matter how the storm blows, even as the population of Imo State has reduced with the reckless reign of “GUYMEN” government as led by Emperor Hope UZODINMA, Ndi Imo shall resurrect on the 11th day of November 2023. We shall resurrect with the best alternative option as the next Governor of Imo State. Some time ago, being in a little trance, the inner spirit said to me, “Rise up from the fall, it’s the Fall of Imo but the Rise of Imo awaits for the comfort of the people. It said to me again, it’s time to comfort Ndi-Imo that the heavy cry of death will be no more and Imolites who ran away for safety, will return. We wait patiently until Imolites will return their businesses back home in Imo, but it depends on the choice we will make on November 11th 2023. The spirit said to me, remember that through one man (Dr. M. I. Okpara) Old Eastern Region was built, and through another man (Dee Sam Mbakwe) old Imo State was economically consolidated. But today, the thorn in the flesh of Ndi Imo is through another man called Hope Uzodinma.

I can only see the skeleton of our people littered all over the streets, roads and undiscovered bushes where the vultures are feeding fats on the carcasses of the lifeless people. Imo has become a cemetery with painted grave marbles shining like stars. The remaining citizens alive, are living in abject poverty and penury as the streets of Owerri are full of “Igbo Alarmajaris,” “beggars of underage.” How many families in Imo can afford one square meal a day? The “GUYMEN” oppressors led by Hope UZODINMA are living extraordinary prodigal lives with the State funds.

The “GUYMEN” have used poor education quality and hunger as a means to keep the people in perpetual servitude. The poor sense or standard of leadership has made our people not ask the right questions to the so-called neo-leaders. We clap at the space of a Governor shining road for us, showing how we have lost a sense of quality. we compare failures with failures. We’re living in an unorganized State. We have had Governors who came to destroy and loot Imo State. Like my friend, Lucky Dube said: “What it takes millions of people to build many years ago, it will take one “Stupid, Foolish Man” to destroy”. It hurts me deeply that the said prophesy of Lucky Dube has been fulfilled in Imo State. In the same political view of Mallam Aminu Kanu, I can say that the political movement of Imo State is one step forward and then three steps backwards.

What millions of old Eastern Nigerians and old Imo people built, one man’s political desperation destroyed it within 4 years. What four years of governing terror and fear, the reign of shooting. Shooting on air, shooting at the sky, shooting on the road, but it is quite excruciating when bullets are opening the chests and skulls of Imolites, especially the young in Imo State. Our streets went quiet, our roads became desolate, “Unknown Known Gun-men” took over. Today, in our very eyes, Orlu has collapsed as all the High Court Judges in the Orlu zone have run away as the High Court there has been relocated to Owerri. What does this signify to you? Was Orlu captured during the Biafra genocide of 1967/70? But in the reign of “GUYMEN” led by Hope UZODINMA, Orlu is captured. The history shall be passed down to our children’s children, our generation, that during the reign of “GUYMEN” in Imo State, Orlu was captured.

Is this not a sign of failed State? Is this not a mark of a destroyed State?

Some time ago, some vibrant Imo young men based in Abuja from Amiri and Ihitenansa told me that they wouldn’t come back to Imo State again. In agony, they narrated how an illustrious Imo son could have been maimed by the so-called Ebube-agu, yes the Ebube-lizard of Governor Hope UZODINMA! That’s the Ebube-agu that instituted jungle justice in Imo State at the pleasure and behest of the “GUYMEN” government in Imo State. Ebube agu is the most wicked recruitment of some criminal-minded youths illegally floated and/or created by Hope Uzodinma. If there’s any well-disciplined man from Imo State that is in Ebube-Agu, then we will proceed to a compulsory exile from Imo State. There’s no reasonable Imo youth in Ebube-agu, all that were recruited are external hooligans, youths of questionable characters with a history of countless Armed robbery cases against them in their respective villages. Ebube-agu is an assemblage of hooligans, prodigal sons and men on “colos” who “travel” and sniff out the lives of young Imolites on a daily basis like professional killers. What do you expect from a well-known village rascal recruited into the Ebube-agu cult by the “guymen” government? The responsible, well-to-do youths in our communities that have advised the rascals to be useful with their lives in their prime have become their prey and/or victims. Ebube-agu has become a militia, a cult group to the blood-tasty government of emperor Hope UZODINMA, part of the street men who don’t know the value of human life. 

They shall not govern Imo State, again.

There’s a one million question every Imolites should boldly ask and answer himself or herself: “What is the occupation of Hope UZODINMA before he joined politics?” Hmmm, while we say that Imo will rise again if Imolites rise from their spell, we shall not hesitate to reveal our readiness to unveil the credible alternative for Ndi Imo within 21 days, from today. Ndi “GUYMEN” agaghi achi Imo ozo!

Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, CONVENER, THE RISE OF IMO.

Nkem Nze, National Secretary General, THE RISE OF IMO.


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Ndi Imo Is this True? “……..we want Hope! we want Hope!!…………”

Nigeria is an Enigma. The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of her is undoubtedly God’s endowment to us, her citizens. As a citizen of this lovely nation, I’ve spent decades of my life trying to understand this, Mirage. Hope someday, this Mystery that houses about 250 million blacks will be globally understood, widely accepted, and given the opportunity to play its vital role in the world stage. So, help us God! #NigeriaDeservesBetter #AfricaDeservesBetter

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