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Open Letter to President Joe Biden. White House Endorsement of Tinubu, A Parlous Idea By Robert Nwadiaru

Dear Mr. President,

Last week, global social media was awash with a message that American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, made a secret telephone call to Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Party, APC, Nigeria. It was claimed in the post that Secretary Blinken pledged that the US government would work closely with the government of Tinubu. To confirm the phone call speculation between Antony Blinken and Ahmed Tinubu, President Joe Biden this week named a nine-member delegation team to Abuja for the inauguration of Tinubu’s government. This endorsement of Ahmed Tinubu’s illegitimate government by the White House has shocked the world. For now, the United States of America is the global leader. There is no second. Whoever it endorses as a leader of a country automatically gains legitimacy and is accepted by the entire world.

Nigeria had a presidential election on February 25, 2023. The result of the election was controversial and inconclusive. The presidential candidate of APC was a controversial candidate. He described the tenure after President Muhammadu Buhari as his turn, claiming that he made Buhari president of Nigeria and now, it was his turn to be president. This unpatriotic and undemocratic statement agitated even his close aides. By this unwholesome statement, he declared the type of campaign he would run and the result he was definitely expecting.

He is a man who lacks interest in anything that money cannot buy. He does not believe in transparency and accountability. First, he was able to bribe his hitherto harshest critics. And they started singing his praises. Again, he bought the low and mighty in the country even academics. They in turn became his sycophants. He bribed and bought the trade unions. They joined the multitudes of his praise singers. He planted his surrogates in the national electoral body. When this was complete, he faced the chairman of the organization and caged his conscience. He bribed him, silenced him, and dictated to him what to do. And it happened.

The result of the election was announced at 4 a.m. Nigerian time. This has never happened in the Nigerian political history. Since he secretly controlled the national electoral commission, the agency manipulated everything about the election. There was late arrival of the election officers in areas where opposition parties were stronger than his party, APC.  The results were not uploaded into the central command system contrary to the federal electoral law. His thugs and armed robbers were all over the place. They intimidated voters and snatched ballot boxes. Some voters were physically brutalized. National security forces did not help matters. They were bought over by him and they carried out his undemocratic instructions.

It is unfair for any world leader to endorse Tinubu and his APC victory. Unless the person does not like Nigeria. This is the party that has ruined Nigeria for the past 8 years. It is the party that ranked the country the third most terrorized country in the world. In the last international media report, April 2023, 63,111 had been murdered in Nigeria for the past eight years. This number excludes those killed from the middle of April to the middle of May 2023. The figure is still counting. There are some areas where the terrorists kill people and sack communities on a weekly basis. This happens because the federal government of APC is complicit in the obnoxious act.

The man, Ahmed Tinubu, is so fraudulent that when he was criticized for running a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket in a country that has diverse cultures and religions, he rented some scoundrels and bought liturgical vestments for bishops and priests and made them dress like those clerics. When accused of this dishonesty, he refused to apologize because he did it to justify his one-religion presidential ticket in a pluralistic country. Mr President, association with this man could stain a Democrat who had worked hard to achieve the title. The international media was full of negative captions when he was surreptitiously declared the winner of the election.

He has nothing to contribute to the upliftment of Nigeria since he lacks the skills. He has spent so much money to get domestic and international support. If he gets into office, he is going to recover the huge amount of money that he had spent. The country will pay the painful price. He is not going to fight crime and corruption since everybody knows that his accession to power was fraudulent and he had in the past worked with notorious criminals. He has already activated some of their cells. Right now, their leaders are going around threatening to deal with anybody who disagrees with them. Nigeria deserves better and should not be treated as a country of brigands.

Moreover, his Vice, Kashim Shettima, was one of the earliest sponsors of Boko Haram. He is still unrepentant. He is going to be worse than President Buhari if the leadership of the country mistakenly falls into his hands. Mr President, Tinubu’s government will escalate insecurity in Nigeria instead of de-escalating it. The result will be mass migration and the United States of America will be the first port of call. Nigeria has not less than 250 million people. Please as the leader of the free world, rise and see that the right thing is done. The petitions against the election are still in the tribunal. Even if he is sworn in on Monday, May 29, 2023, the anomaly could still be corrected.

With warmest regards.

By Robert Nwadiaru. May 26, 2023.


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Nigeria is an Enigma. The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of her is undoubtedly God’s endowment to us, her citizens. As a citizen of this lovely nation, I’ve spent decades of my life trying to understand this, Mirage. Hope someday, this Mystery that houses about 250 million blacks will be globally understood, widely accepted, and given the opportunity to play its vital role in the world stage. So, help us God! #NigeriaDeservesBetter #AfricaDeservesBetter

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