Lebron James, the man who has broken the NBA Scoring Record of all time

Lebron James poses with family after breaking NBA Scoring Record of all time
Lebron James poses with family after breaking NBA Scoring Record of all time

With no father, no college education, no training and very few role models, they handed this talented, young, dirt-poor 18-year-old $420,000 per year.

He married his high school sweetheart, was never arrested, never used drugs, and never humiliated his spouse with rumours of an affair. He was never in the news with so much as a parking ticket. He is an excellent father to his children, constantly supporting them and making them dream big. He’s always involved in their activities too. 20 years later. Same dude. Same maturity. Same wife. Same family.

Reputation is intact. Now earning about $2 million per week. Still one of the greatest basketball players on the planet today. Lebron has sent over 1000 children to college fully paid for. Whether you’re a fan of LeBron James or not, you have to respect him for what he does on and off the court.


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