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Professor Banji Akintoye Writes APC Flag Bearer Ahmed Tinubu

My dear brother Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,

I write this letter to you in love, on my own behalf as well as on behalf of millions of other patriotic Yoruba persons who feel as strongly as I do about you… I write it for two important reasons. First, as you surely know, I acknowledge in love that you have been for decades now the foremost political leader of our Yoruba nation in the politics of Nigeria. Secondly, I write because of my very deep worries about the fact that almost all our Yoruba political leaders, including you our foremost leader, appear to be operating with an inadequate understanding of the Fulanis’ present posture, and therefore in insufficient concern for the serious challenges that face our Yoruba nation now in Nigeria. 

The challenges facing our Yoruba nation do not arise from the regular and open politics of Nigeria. Far apart from Nigerian politics, the challenges facing us Yoruba arise from the decision of the Fulani nation, a nation that has never had a homeland anywhere in their history, to, at last, create for their Fulani nation a homeland, to make the whole of Nigeria that homeland, and to forcibly ‘conquer’, ‘break’ and ‘subjugate’ all the indigenous peoples and homelands all over Nigeria for that purpose. Indeed, in the words of some Fulani groups, if an indigenous nation resists too stubbornly, then the Fulani hordes must ‘exterminate’ such a nation completely. In pursuance of these decisions, the Fulani have been busy since the year 2015 in various acts of killing, kidnapping for ransom, destroying and raping the indigenous peoples of Nigeria, including us Yoruba. 

Because the Fulani are few in number (about 7 million) in Nigeria, they are inviting all Fulani people from all parts of West Africa to relocate to Nigeria in order to reinforce the Nigerian Fulani in the acts of killing, destroying and conquering. By giving various favours to Boko Haram, they have won Boko Haram to support the Fulani program of conquests. They have enticed Nigeria with the most powerful international terrorist organizations – ISIS from Iraq and Syria and Al Qaida from Libya – and these are now working for the Fulani conquests. 

And they have brokered an alliance between Boko Haram and ISIS, as a result of which the ISIS and Boko Haram allies now have the ambition of using the resources of the Fulani-conquered homeland of Nigeria to conquer all of West Africa and thereby create an Islamic State of West Africa. In all these plans and objectives of the Fulani, they particularly put a high premium on taking possession of the Yoruba homeland first and foremost, because they see the Yoruba homeland as the richest backbone of Nigeria’s non-oil economy – the home of the greatest ports, of most industrial outputs, of most urban centres, of the megalopolis of Lagos, of the richest farmlands, of the richest woodlands, of the longest and most promising coastline, of mineral oil and many solid minerals, of the most educated and most economically promising population. 

Of course, the Fulani have no intention of using all this economic power of the Yoruba homeland for the benefit of Yorubaland and Yoruba people. Rather, their intention is that Yoruba people be subdued and used as a slave population producing wealth for Fulani-conquered Nigeria and the Islamic State of West Africa. And we need to add the following surprising detail – namely, that when the planned final onslaught on Yorubaland and Yoruba people by the Fulani and the terrorists is launched, its first attacks will be focused on the Yoruba Muslim population. 

There are two reasons given for this. First, it is feared that, at the height of the onslaught by the Fulani and the terrorists, the Yoruba Muslim leaders would become a serious distraction or even an obstacle – because they would claim that, being Muslim leaders among their Yoruba people, they have a right to have a voice in the evolving affairs of a Yorubalnd which the Fulani are taking control of. Secondly, the Fulani Muslims and their terrorist allies do not regard and have never regarded, Yoruba Muslims as true Muslims – for which reason they never worship in the same Mosques with Yoruba Muslims, and sometimes even regard Yoruba Muslims as worse than non-Muslims.

Though the Fulani operated very secretly for decades while putting their agenda together, they are now no longer hiding their agenda, their ultimate objectives and most of their achievements. The Fulani strongly believe in using threats as a weapon for weakening their targets and, therefore, various segments of the Fulani leadership are issuing threats today about what the Fulani are coming to do to break, conquer and subjugate all the indigenous peoples of Nigeria in order to turn all of Nigeria into one Fulani homeland. I repeat, my brother, that this whole agenda of the Fulani is not part of and is not at all related to, the politics of the country of Nigeria. No. It is an exclusive Fulani program. The Fulani have been putting it together in many secret meetings over recent decades. 

The Nigerian Fulani initiated and promoted these secret meetings of Fulani leaders from all over West Africa. In short, most of the same Fulani politicians with whom you as a patriotic Nigerian have been loyally engaging in Nigerian politics have been secretly masterminding this Fulani agenda for decades. It would shock you to hear that while you were labouring hard and mobilizing resources and men in 2013-15 to help Gen. Buhari to win the Nigerian presidential election, he had in fact been designated since 2011 at a West African Fulani leaders’ secret meeting (held in Burkina Faso) as the world leader of the Fulani Nationality Movement and therefore the chief commander of the Fulani agenda whose objective was (and is) to ‘break’, ‘conquer’ and ‘subjugate ‘ all of Nigeria including your own Yoruba nation.

The reason for the Fulani agenda is that the Fulani have an existential problem that we indigenous peoples or nations of Nigeria and West Africa do not have. Each of our indigenous nations (such as the Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Tiv, Igala, Kanuri, Gbagyi, Hausa, Ebira, etc) has a homeland – an ancestral homeland where our ancestors began to live permanently many thousands of years ago and where we their descendants live today. 

In contrast, the Fulani have no homeland anywhere. They originated as a people in western Asia in some ancient times and, throughout their history, they have never been held permanently to any land anywhere. They have always been migratory (that is, moving from place to place as a people), and wherever they migrate, they live by rearing cattle around (that is, each of their lives as a nomadic cattle herder). Migrating through Northwest Africa (the Maghrib), they came to the western parts of West Africa (the area of the Futa Jalon Hills) during the 16th century, and from there they migrated eastwards across the West African grasslands until many of them reached the homeland of the Hausa nation in the late 18th century.

All along their migratory route through West Africa, almost all the Fulani continued to live their life as nomadic cattle herders in the grasslands. However, a few Fulani got absorbed into the towns of the indigenous peoples, and the descendants of these are the Fulani town dwellers of today, notably including the modern Fulani political elite. After the European empire builders split West Africa into the many countries of today, many of the countries have Fulani citizens; but, since the Fulani have no homeland in any country and are therefore not indigenous to any country, they tend to experience political disabilities in some countries.

However, because of two historical developments, the Fulani have been very fortunate in Nigeria. First, in the early 19th century, an Islamic Jihad movement started by a Fulani Muslim cleric (Othman dan Fodio) resulted in making the Fulani minority the dominant political group among the vast Hausa majority. Secondly, after the British came at the end of the century and created Nigeria, they did not only reinforce the dominance of the Fulani in Hausaland, they went further to choose the Fulani as the ‘‘friendly people” among the peoples of Nigeria and then manipulated everything to make the Fulani dominant in the post-independence Federal Government of Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the Fulani, lacking an understanding of the nature of a modern country, decided from the beginning that their real function was to use the federal power to keep the other nations subdued and submissive to Fulani rule. Their topmost political leader, Sir Ahmadu Bello, said this on October 12, 1960, eleven days after the celebration of independence, “This new country called Nigeria shall be an extension of the estate of our great grandfather Othman dan Fodio. We must use the peoples of the Middle Belt as willing tools and treat the peoples of the South as conquered territory, and never let them rule over us, and never let them control their own future”. In 2014, another prominent Fulani man, Aliyu Gwarzo, wrote in a published article, “In 1960, Allah through the British gave us Nigeria to rule and to do with as we, please. We have been doing that since then and we intend to continue. (To hold on to it) “We shall kill, maim and destroy and turn Nigeria into the bloodiest war zone in Africa”.

My brother Bola, what this Aliyu Gwarzo and many other members of the Fulani elite have been saying loudly since 2014 is that a totally new Fulani agenda, totally different from the well-known politics of Nigeria, is now the order of the day for the Fulani. It is important that we must remember too that another prominent Northern politician, Balarabe Musa, the non-Fulani Governor of Kaduna State in 1979-81, alerted Nigeria in 2014 that a new order of politics was about to enter Nigeria. He called it a “new insurrection”, and informed us that it was being organized by some prominent Nigerian leaders, that its objective was a political goal that had never before been part of Nigeria’s political life, that it would be more powerful, better funded, better armed, and more murderous than Boko Haram, and that it would affect all parts of Nigeria. What Balarabe Musa was describing is the Fulani agenda which was soon to start in Nigeria in 2015

Since 2015, the Fulani agenda has been advancing vigorously from two wings. The first wing consists of the lower level of Fulani folks from all over West Africa – including well-armed groups of Fulani herdsmen, various groups of Fulani militias, masses of militarized Fulani poor folks who are being poured into the towns and cities of the indigenous nations of Nigeria for various kinds of peace-wrecking activities, plus their various foreign and local terrorist allies.

The second wing consists of Fulani men and women holding important positions in the Federal Government of Nigeria. The main duty of these high public officials for the Fulani agenda is to seize control of the Nigerian Federal Government for the Fulani people, by filling all important positions (in the executive, judicial, legislative, administrative, and financial arms) with only Fulani; by thereby turning the Nigerian federal establishment into a Fulani establishment, and, especially, establishing full and firm Fulani control on Nigeria’s security agencies – military (army, air-force, navy), police, and secret service.

During the first seven years of the Buhari presidency, all this Fulani take-over of the Nigerian Federal establishment was accomplished. In the principal income maker for Nigeria too, the NNPC, all management positions (except the technical ones) are now occupied by Fulani people. In all situations, the Fulani in government positions supports and assists the Fulani in the marauding activities on the farmlands and in the cities.

President Buhari himself publicly announced in 2017 that people from all over Africa were free to come to enter Nigeria without any travel documents, thereby opening Nigeria’s gates to Fulani folks in their millions, and when these come, they are instantly given Nigerian citizenship identity. President Buhari has also promoted the principle that a non-indigene who comes and lives for five years in an indigenous village or town automatically becomes an indigene of the place, with all the rights of an indigene. Furthermore, all over Nigeria today, the fear is that when the Fulani launch their final assault on Nigeria’s indigenous peoples, the Nigerian Military Forces will come out and help the Fulani. 

Finally, the mind-boggling amounts of money being discovered to have been stolen by high Fulani officials from the Nigerian treasury (such as the 190 billion Naira reportedly stolen by an Accountant General, a roomful of cash reportedly found in the possession of a retired high public official, and many others) are mostly going into a Fulani war chest for funding the Fulani war of conquest and seizure of the homelands of Nigeria’s indigenous peoples – so that, among other things, Fulani villages, towns and emirates may soon begin to spring up all over Nigeria… We are also informed by some financial experts that the recent sudden change of the facial design of the Nigerian currency is to ensure that only the Fulani will have money to prosecute their war of conquest so that non-Fulani rich persons will be flat-footed.

And we have now learnt, at last, that there is a secret team of highly placed Yoruba officials in Abuja (including at least a Yoruba Federal Minister) who are being funded by the Fulani to promote the Yoruba Self-determination Struggle some persons charged with the duty of disrupting and destroying the Yoruba Self-determination Struggle. So, by the grace of God, we now know where certain strange and divisive voices and actions in the Yoruba Self-determination Struggle have been coming from. (Just by the side, we have also learnt that this Yoruba Federal Minister is seriously set against Bola Tinubu and is bent on doing everything to dent Tinubu’s image and damage the Tinubu campaign).

My dear brother, there is no room at all for our misunderstanding of the Fulani people’s intentions for our Yoruba nation. The challenge for us Yoruba is crystal clear. We either submit and let the Fulani and their terrorist allies roll over us and enslave us in our own land, or we stand up bravely to defend our land and people, push away the Fulani and their terrorist allies and, if it comes to that, push out the federal forces too – and take possession of our homeland as our new sovereign country of ORILEEDE YORUBA, in which we shall provide full security for our people and establish the highly developed economy that all our people desire. My brother, your foremost duty now is to prevent your Yoruba nation from falling into the disaster that the Fulani people have planned for us. 

For this reason, most of us your brothers and sisters are deeply worried that you have chosen to pursue the politics of Nigeria at this terrible time rather than protect and defend your Yoruba nation. I have the support of millions of your Yoruba people as I write this letter to you to urge you to rethink your response to the manifest realities of today. The Fulani people, in the formulation and pursuit of their plans to forcibly transform Nigeria into one Fulani homeland, have nothing to do with the open politics of Nigeria – except to use Nigerian politics and Nigerian institutions to advance their Fulani ethnic programs. They have no loyalty to any non-Fulani Nigerian on the basis of Nigerian politics. 

We are therefore seriously concerned that you as our highest political leader, the man who should be standing bravely in front of all of us Yoruba and firmly defending our Yoruba nation are, instead, expending titanic energy and resources in a quest to become the president of Nigeria. We admit that it makes sense for you to expect that, having helped another citizen to make it to the presidency in 2015, you have a right to get them to help you to the presidency too now. But are you even sure that, having taken Nigeria over almost totally for their Fulani nation, the Fulani will now take the risk of going all the way through to an election? Does it make sense to expect that having gone as far as they have now gone, the Fulani can seriously want to hand the presidency of Nigeria to any non-Fulani person? Indeed, all things considered, we your people must let you know that we have serious reasons to fear for your personal safety in the current circumstances.

Furthermore, you ought to know our dear brother and leader, that even if the unthinkable happens and you become president of Nigeria now, that cannot change the Fulani agenda or eliminate the achievements that the Fulani have already accomplished. They have been very successful in selling their agenda to all Fulani people in all parts of West Africa. For five years now, millions of these Fulani have been pouring into Nigeria and instantly becoming Nigerian citizens. All over Nigeria, ordinary poor Fulani men are able to possess AK47 riffles and command a strong knowledge of the new and disruptive Fulani doctrine that all of Nigeria has been given by Allah to the Fulani nation alone. In the far north of Nigeria, in President Buhari’s home region, it is common knowledge that Muhammadu Buhari is the founder and patron of Miyettti Allah, the foremost Fulani herdsmen’s terrorist group and that under the Buhari administration, Miyetti Allah has been a de facto arm of the Nigerian Federal Government.

In short, our brother and leader Bola Tinubu, we hereby urge you most passionately to rethink your relationship with the current realities of Nigeria. As a son and patriot of your Yoruba nation, you need to know that when you go around inviting our people, our obas, our chiefs, our professionals and our intellectuals to come and help you to win the Nigerian presidential election, you are seriously diverting the attention of your Yoruba nation from the dangers that threaten our Yoruba nation right now. We humbly urge you to accept that your real task now is to join with your Yoruba people to defend your homeland and, as a definitive and final act of Yoruba self-defence, and join your people to separate your Yoruba homeland from Fulani-controlled Nigeria. 

Your people are already fighting both of these battles and your duty is to join them on the battle lines. The belief being promoted that if you become Nigeria’s president things will change for the better for the Yoruba people in Nigeria is a dangerous falsehood and you need to give it up. The true battle in Nigeria from now on is to mobilize people to defend and protect their homelands from the Fulani. Please, do not forget that in 1999 we had a somewhat similar situation to the current situation. Because it was conceded to us Yoruba to produce a president for Nigeria in that year, we became so elated that we ignored all other considerations. Today, we know better. 

Even President Obasanjo who was a Nigerian president as a Yoruba man for eight years (1999-2007) is now raising the alarm that war has become inevitable and imminent in Nigeria and that the cause of the war is Fulani determination to seize the homelands of the indigenous nations from them. If we make the 1999 mistake today, we may be leading our nation on the path of ultimate destruction. Our brother and leader, please consider these matters very seriously and carefully. Many of us Yoruba love you so much that we will not leave you to continue to pursue a path that can end up making your name the most hated name in all the history of the Yoruba people. 

The odium surrounding the Aare Afonja’s name and Chief Ladoke Akintola’s name would be child’s play compared to the intensity of the odium that could build up around your name if the Yoruba nation should enter now without you into a prolonged war in our homeland, or should (God forbid) fall into ultimate national collapse. We do not wish you such a fate, and therefore we urge you to change direction now. Please know that, whatever happens, I your brother and millions of other Yoruba patriots will sacrifice everything and liberate our Yoruba nation. We will soon proclaim our Yoruba nation-state, ORILEEDE YORUBA. There is no going back.

Hoping for your response, yours in serious and sincere brotherly love,

PROFESSOR (SENATOR) ADEBANJI AKINTOYE, 5, Dayo Ajisafe Close, Off Fagbola Street, Agege. Lagos State

Tel: +229 53822613, Email: banjiakintoye18@gmail.com, Dec. 27, 2022


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Nigeria is an Enigma. The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of her is undoubtedly God’s endowment to us, her citizens. As a citizen of this lovely nation, I’ve spent decades of my life trying to understand this, Mirage. Hope someday, this Mystery that houses about 250 million blacks will be globally understood, widely accepted, and given the opportunity to play its vital role in the world stage. So, help us God! #NigeriaDeservesBetter #AfricaDeservesBetter

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