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Thumbs up to Neurosurgeon, Dr Tayo Ojo by Nigerians

Nigerians have showered praises on the Neurosurgeon, Dr Tayo Ojo, who performed the brain surgery for popular Nigerian influencer, Dr Chinonso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor. The online health influencer had earlier on Monday opened up about his battle with a brain tumour that needed to be taken out.

Tweeting a photo of the doctor, he said, “It was Dr Tayo Ojo, a neurosurgeon here in Nigeria, that did the surgery. So many people begged me to leave the country and get the surgery done, but something kept me back here because I still had trust in us. We just need more investment in our health sector.”

Netizens have been hailing Dr Ojo and sharing how he saved their lives or those of their relatives. On Twitter, Sucrefashions stated “Same here. I was advised to travel out but my family Doctor insisted that Tayo Ojo is one of the best in Nigeria He did my surgery 6 years ago in LUTH, a very good neurosurgeon”.

Former reality TV star, Leo Da Silva, tweeted, “I know of this man, brilliant and exceptional.” Favourite things tweeted, “Dr Ojo is the angel that saved my life from a brain aneurysm in September 2022 too. Such a kind man. I was already bleeding into my brain before I got to LUTH on 9/9/2022. Here I am, recovering and grateful to be alive. Nigeria has hope if we can support our doctors.”

B Emmanuel tweeted his own encounter with Dr Ojo, saying, “I am a neurofibromatosis patient. He did spine surgery for me too at LUTH. He also assist(ed) Dr Ugboro in doing a skin-grafting surgery on the foot for me. I so much love that man.” Sola Baloo tweeted, “Wow! Same Dr Tayo Ojo did my father’s brain surgery in 2019, and my old man is doing just great.” An Instagram user, Jane Michael, said, “This is the doctor that saved my mum from a brain tumour in LUTH.”

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