It is pertinent to note that of all the various ethnic stock that hosts their flag in the British contraption called Nigeria, Yorubas are remarkably distinguished quality thinkers. 

This is evident in the total examination of all the states of nature, all the possible outcomes of ‘the throw of any dice'(making of any decision) where Yorubas are involved, we critically analyse the past, present and future possibilities of making such decisions. Is it possible that this capacity for ‘arojinle’ ‘critical thinking’, is an offshoot of the Yoruba Traditional Spirituality of Ifa, that requires multiple throw of the okpele and careful reading of it to inquire about the past, present or future? 

This will remain a question for now as we delve into matters of the moment, however, it is the basis for the title Yoruba Ronu, which translates that sons of Oduduwa should ponder deeply on matters of the moment. 

The youths of Yoruba land have never been more jobless, hopeless, suppressed, oppressed or neglected than they have been since the inception of this administration. Many people erroneously misjudge that Buhari has been quite indolent in his duties of care to the Nigerian populace, but that is only regionally correct. Northern muslim youths have a 85% employment rate and this jobs are secured within the civil and public service sectors, the youths get this job as early as they graduated, such that they have all the time to rise to the organization’s zenith. 

The South are being structurally tactically edged out but we are seemingly unsuspecting due to the self serving ambition of the controller of thugs to disrupt elections in the SW, the strategic chess player who thinks more about sacrificing his pawns unknown to him, his soldiers becomes isolated. The Yoruba youths clamoured, cried, slavishly served Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but the only recruitment he opened for them was either as thugs, BRT conductors, or Social Media Pro-tinubu titans. The capacity to get a descent job in an industrial, capitalist society, is same as the passport to living a life of dignity. 

The whole essence of political representation in an ethnically heterogeneous political jumbo, would be to advance the interest of your region, in this expectation, Buhari has excelled. There is no Fulani man or cow on earth, who would say he does not feel soothe from Buhari’s administration. 

Before our very eyes, we were handcuffed, Nigeria fell under Buhari’s siege, All the Military and paramilitary topmost positions, are occupied with Northern muslims, the same goes for the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative arms of government. The civil service was not left out. INEC, NNPC, DPR, FIRS, FINANCE, TCN, Trade, Health, just name it first then validate it later, are all headed by Northerners. Obasanjo began to feel unrest and screamed from his farm in Ota via open-letters to Buhari, that we are in an ethnic military siege. The collective representation of ethnicity in a multilingual society has just been skewed to Buhari’s ethnicity and the balance, distorted. Tinubu told Obj to keep quiet as he was an agbaya who does not have Yoruba interests in mind. Bola Ahmed Tinubu doesn’t want to offset those who will hand presidency over to him in his dreams. 

The SouthWest came under heavy attack of armed kidnapping, milking the southern middle-class and paupers of their money or their lives, it became such a menance that the whole nation was talking about it and local airlines experienced an unprecedented patronage by passengers who otherwise couldn’t spare such bills(airfare), but for the very high probability and grievous impact of being kidnapped, robbed or killed. Even Fulani cows, began enjoying a degree of freedom never before known, they walked on the roads(either in-roads or expressways), any law that stated otherwise was surpressed for the sons of the caliphate because the sheriff has come to town. 

Intelligence reports indicted that the perpetrators of the carnage were of the Fulani ethnic stock and they were strategically located in Southern forests, are given military intelligence and federal immunity. This was found to be true on the many occasions where they were caught and taken to the police, they either disappeared or were freed. 

The highlight of their banditry was the killing of Pa. Fasoranti’s daughter. Bola Ahmed Tinubu paid a ‘courtesy visit’ to Baba due to heightened public outcry on his silence, hence, perceived complacency. During the visit, Tinubu hosted the press and he asked “where are the cows”. In contrast, when the then incumbent governor of Oyo State was visited by the then politically unaligned Muhammadu Buhari, in Ibadan, to discuss with him about the complaints of Fulani people about intertribal farmers, herders conflict in the west. Buhari said “your people are killing my people”. 

Tinubu supported Aminu Tambuwal as speaker , House of Reps instead of letting a Yoruba who it was zoned to, take it. This could have made a Yoruba woman from(Asiwaju) Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Osun State, be the first female Speaker since the commencement of the Democracy in the Republic of Nigeria. 

Obviously, If it is not good for Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s political ambition, even if it is good for Yoruba, Bola Tinubu will throw it to the dogs. 

To say that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a self-seeking politician, is to serve it bland. In actuality, he uses the wealth he has stolen from Lagos to build a political slave structure where you either serve him or you are ostracized, in other to expand his political mansion in the south and as collateral for future presidential political representation. Whoever cannot defend you in public but console you and profess love for you in private, is not your friend. 

The journey towards emancipation from British shackles is a long and delicate path, we cannot afford to travel with those who lack the true beauty of Yoruba souls ‘iwa’, uprightness. We should be more than bargaining tools, if Buhari can defend herders, bandits, kidnappers and all such sorts of his ethnic stock, both in and out of office, shouldn’t it be even more so of Tinubu in defense of the class and calibre of high-bred Yoruba youths that participated in the protest?

Clearly, any Yoruba who is not a bastard and not insane either, hence capable of quality thinking should Ronu and consequently, mob Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

Are you aware that the police comports themselves differently in the North but ruthlessly in the south, they extort southern citizens by cohesion, oppression, exuberance, recklessness. A police officer cannot dare shoot at a Northerner, they will lynch and burn him instantly, the North has become the indespensables, they live with dignity, they are capable of reaching any height of their desire so long they are North and Muslim. The pyramid is on its vertex, our society is inverted, equilibrium is compromised, a collapse into rubbles is unavoidable. 

Northern protesters who are pro El Zakzakky, have been dominating strategic places in Abuja, the police never fired a single shot at them, instead, they are compelled to carrying out their constitutional duties of protecting their lives. Despite this, they forced the government to reckon with their demands by speaking the language of the president which could have been fulbe but is violence. They burnt down NEMA trucks, killed a police commissioner etc, there have been no shopping for scapegoats among them. 

Consequent of the exuberance of SARS and bad governance, Lagos State youths spurred youths in other likewise oppressed states of the federation, to protest peacefully and with very clear, rightful demands, that SARS be disbanded and the government should heal the economy. 

They cleaned the street after their protests, they coordinated themselves decorously. On the 20th, October 2020, live bullets were shot at the protesters by the Nigerian army, this was preceeded by an unprecedented electricity outage and a removal of ‘infrared cameras’ at the tollgate where they gathered. About 68 youths in total, have had their lives ended by hot lead(bullets), in the cause of demanding better living environment and conditions from the government. When Tinubu addressed the press, he said “what were they doing there at that time, what are the characters of those youths”. This is coming from a man whose only penury is character and credibility. 

Now, I believe it is time for Yoruba to Ronu, can we afford that this man who never defend our interest or stand in for us should represent us at the centre? Will it not be a case of “the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob?” Will he not maintain a structure that feeds and fear the North rather than represents Southern and national interests? Will it not be a waste of southern slot for political representation? 

Will the rest of the south not hate and hunt us for such gargantuan misrepresentation that this man will wield? 

Conclusively, upon a critical mental interrogation and pondering, Yoruba ti Ronu and we have come to the conclusion that we cannot fi odale se Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu waa (we cannot make a betrayal our leader). 

Thank you, ati Ronu yide. 

Let it be known that every attempt to divide southern youths, henceforth, will be met with logical resistance because the Energy of the South East and the intelligence of the South West and the ‘experience’ of the South-South will be expedient in the destruction of the British Slave chains that we call country/ democracy/government. The south unites, we are better together, together we must be free, individually we are enslaved. 

Together, we are soldiers, individually we are pawns. 

Good Day! Have a great day! 

By Kemi Ajayi (arokan ni’n fa ekun asun’da) 

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