I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain (Gal 2:21).

Some Christians frustrate the grace of God in their lives. You shouldn’t do that. Don’t frustrate the grace of God in your life. Rather, let it work to its fullness, to its maximum capacity and final fruition. Let it produce all that it could do in your life. Don’t let it be that Christ died in vain in your life; instead be determined to be all that His death, burial, and resurrection consummated for you.

In our previous study, I shared with you something about the divine life that Jesus brought, where sickness is not a part of ur system. The question is, will you let it work, or are you going to be seeking healing? Healing is what we give to the world, and it’s the children’s bread. When you come to maturity, you appropriate divine life, and affirm that it runs through every fibre of your being. You’re conscious that your body, being the temple of the Holy Ghost, can’t be sick. Should anything untoward happen to or in your body, you speak in tongues. Maybe it’s stomach trouble, put your hand on your tummy and speak in tongues. If it doesn’t stop at that moment, you don’t stop speaking in tongues either. The more it persists, the more you shout in tongues. Frighten the devil out. James 4:7 says, “…Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” .

You may ask, “What if the pain is so severe that it’s even difficult to talk, let alone shout?” If you have to whisper it, go ahead. Before long, the Spirit will well up from within you and overwhelm the pain. We’re not victims; we’re victors! Your victory over that pain is guaranteed! Hallelujah!

Before you go in for your meetings, maybe it’s a business or a political meeting, whatever it is, take some time to speak in other tongues. Charge up yourself! With the meeting in focus, speak in tongues, then declare, “The wisdom of God is at work in me. Christ is in me. Christ has been made unto me wisdom.” That’s how you appropriate and take advantage of God’s grace to enjoy the benefits of the blessings that are yours in Chris Jesus.

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