As a leader, if you want to settle down to savour a hotchpotch of soup you made in the village populated by long throated individuals and of a thousand demons, you must be ready to feast with a long-specially-made-spoon. Otherwise, it would be best if you got ready to be consumed along with your olio or potpourri. —Yahaya Balogun

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” —Warren Bennis.

Without any contradictions, Nigeria is a failed state under President Muhammadu Buhari. Buhari wants the best for Nigeria, but his best is being sabotaged by his twilight age, wordless disposition, and his handlers’ rueful behaviour. Buhari governs a nation in abysmal contradictions. Whoever comes to rule Nigeria must be prepared to sacrifice everything, not even something, but e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! President Buhari’s short spoon has made him the cannon fodder in the hands of the Nigerian oligarchy. It’s on record that Buhari’s wife and some of us, Buhari’s ardent supporters warned and played our roles patriotically in nation-building. Buhari has shoved aside our advice and admonition. My belief in President Buhari has tremendously dwindled, and it isn’t any more very reassuring! It’s sad and evident to see the consummation of Buhari’s integrity by Buhari and his handlers’ behaviours. Buhari’s failure has been putting the wrong pegs in round holes. The country is paying heavily for his ineffable muteness and shortcomings. His extreme frugality has marred Buhari’s administration’s achievements against the poor people and his muted and recalcitrant attitude to play to the gallery. 

With due respect, Buhari seems mentally exhausted and incapacitated. He is ineffective in the art of governance. Buhari’s government has failed to provide adequate security for the Nigerian people. The President must resign his post to save face for posterity. Buhari’s “integrity and good intentions” for Nigeria have been blemished by the dirty and fouled Nigerian polity. President Buhari’s suggested resignation is premised on his government’s inability to stop domestic terrorism, poverty, official corruption, and wanton destruction of lives and property in Nigeria. Nigeria is unofficially a failed state—a banana republic where human bodies are roasted and sliced by ghoul-like citizens! Our patriotic stance for a country we dearly love made most of us and voters campaign and vote for Buhari. In other words, his political aspiration of becoming the President of Nigeria to save Nigeria from the brink of disasters. Now, just like his predecessors, Buhari has abysmally failed us in Nigeria. The country is bewitched by corrupt leadership. 

Regrettably, it’s sad to confess that Buhari now lacks moral power and technical-know-how to dig Nigeria out of the dish! I unreservedly apologize to my esteemed readers and unpretentious followers for swaying them towards the seemingly unconcerned President. Sadly, to have relied one hundred percent on one-person Buhari’s ability to rescue Nigeria out of the wood was a miscalculation and misnomer on our part. Buhari has played noxiously into the hands of his ethnic, religious, and political adversaries. His place in Nigerian history will undoubtedly be controversial and contentious for years to come. Buhari’s inability to appoint a resourceful workforce to manage Nigeria has been very nepotic and unfair to a nation booming with diverse and young intelligent people. 

Sadly, while Nigeria is wasting her talents in the homeland, other resourceful nations utilize those talents to their advantage. Once again, one of our sons, Adewale Adeyemo, is soaring in trailblazing America. Hopefully, if the US Senate confirms wale, Adewale (Wally) Adeyemo would be the first Nigerian to get to that exalted United States history position. America is a place where impossible things are possible. President-elect Joe Biden is assembling the best human resources and assemblage of intellectuals from the resourceful American system. America, a land of opportunities for possibilities, will undoubtedly benefit from these carefully assembled human capital talents. President-elect Joe Biden’s example is how a serious nation should function. Predictably, before the year 2035, Nigerian-Americans’ contributions to American development will be terrific and immeasurable. Nigerian intellectual acumen will continue to be recognized anywhere in the world. 

Unfortunately, in sequential order from Babangida’s eras to Buhari’s administration, the spate of killings, maiming, and bleeding of Nigeria has been gruesomely unabated. Corruption is the bane of national development. The vulnerable people are daily wriggling in poverty and squalor. No corrupt people have been brought to justice since Buhari’s administration. It has also morphed into a paddy-paddy government. How do you deter official corruption in Nigeria? The nation is ossified by hypocrisy and self-deceit of the people. Any country that fails to tame the evil of sin from its society will be vulnerable to the incessant mob-killings, mayhem, and ounces or doses of underdevelopment. 

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with Nigeria as an entity. The Nigerian’s plethora of problems has to do with irresponsibility, recklessness, and lack of leadership imagination. And the gross complacency or haplessness of the followership. If you are a Nigerian and you’re not concerned about the recurrent or spate of innocent people’s incessant killings in Nigeria, you’re a sociopath. 

Like his predecessors, Buhari has lagged and flunked in his efforts to rewrite Nigeria’s ugly history. I am a little bit reluctant to condemn the luckless followership completely. The few offshoots of leadership are the followership at the top of governance in Nigeria. Less than one percent of these leaders have contributed to Nigeria’s downfall, and the sad part is that they’re mindlessly flaunting their ill-gotten wealth to the poverty-stricken Nigerians. The masses have been psychologically pauperized and reduced to the recklessness of confusion. 

Who will save Nigeria? This is a million-dollar question that has haunted our conscience and consciousness since the derailment of President Muhammadu Buhari. I do not doubt in my mind that Buhari and his handlers are currently incapable of rescuing Nigerians from these existential threats (poverty, bad roads, insecurity) ravaging our nation. President Muhammadu Buhari must be advised to resign now. Buhari must immediately constitute an Interim National Government—ING to mid-wife the imminent national conversation among the young Nigerian stakeholders for national unity, security, and development. The postponement of National conversation is like postponing the evil days. Buhari must act fast! 

By Yàhàyà Bálógun

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