The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny.” –Wole Soyinka

“President Buhari, your silence in halting police brutality in Nigeria is deafening.” –Yahaya Balogun

“The optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty, while the pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity.” –Wilson Churchill

The gory videos and pictures of the police brutality against the hapless Nigerian citizens protesting for their fundamental human rights in Nigeria are completely unacceptable. Nigeria is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The leaders in the International community must intervene to make the government of Buhari stops the heinous crimes against the beleaguered citizens. President Buhari is fast eroding the remnants of his integrity and trust repose in him. President Buhari’s nonchalant silence in halting police brutality in Nigeria is deafening and disturbing! Broadcast to the nation alone without stern action against the bad men in uniforms of brutality against his citizens is a deafening silence! 

Every human being is fallible including this writer. But our fallibility is usually premised on our intentions. As explicitly stated by the first Hadith: “man shall be judged according to his intentions.” Most Nigerians are so jealous of one another to the point that they don’t see any good in one another. So, what is the beef of some writers about this brave and trending woman called Aisha Yesufu? Aisha Yusufu might have her “ulterior motives” based on the known motives of most Nigerians, but her bravery to wake up the sleeping-giant-Nigerian-youth and end the brutality of the government’s security agencies should not be upended but commended. Just like the indefatigable Omoyele Sowore, irrepressible Aisha Yesufu is one of sine qua non in the liberation of Nigeria from the claws of the Nigerian elites and corrupt politicians. The fallible and feminist Aisha might have her past, but her bravery in present odious Nigeria must be used by the Nigerian citizens to change the future of Nigerians going forward.

Inadvertently, now that the inevitable protests of the people by the people, and for the people are ongoing, and waking up our usual muting president in times of crisis, the protesters must be peaceful in their long-overdue protests, and not disrupt the daily activities and businesses of the law-abiding citizens. Police must ensure the security of the lives of the protesters. While the protests remain peaceful, any policeman found using live bullets or ammunition must be removed from the Police Force and punished accordingly.

Nigeria Police Force’s name must be changed from the brutal insignia of “force” to a humane name measurable with the 21st century policing and security. The use of lethal force is inhuman to manage peaceful protest. We have cried ceaselessly for the total overhauling of the entire Nigerian political system starting from the presidency. Some people call it restructuring, some of us call it ending corruption, injustices, nepotism, and bringing corrupt people to account. The ineptitude and inefficiency in the system must be curbed. The honest war on corruption will fizzle out the outcry and mouthing for restructuring. Our unity in diversity is sacrosanct to the structural development of Nigeria.

The total overhaul of every facet of the Nigerian system is long overdue. The reason why the Buhari’s administration seems to be faltering and failing is the shoddiness and the misapplication of the people’s mandate; the mandate (re)reposed in the hands of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general election. Buhari’s administration has been abysmally putting the wrong pegs in the square holes and the misapplication of his priorities. This shoddiness will continue to seemingly fail his government if necessary steps are not being taken.

Buhari as a President cannot escape partial recriminations and condemnation. But his administration cannot also be wholly exonerated from the woes of the nation. A hungry man is an angry man. No matter how long-term effects of his good policies may be in the lives of the citizens, the short-term impacts of palliative care are imperative to cushion the effects of people’s sufferings.

Meanwhile, Police brutality with extrajudicial killings is a daily occurrence in Nigeria. It’s a crime against humanity to exterminate the hapless lives with impunity. No one has been widely known to Nigerians in the force to have been brought to book for crimes against humanity. The insecurity, corruption, and selective dispensation of justice by Buhari’s administration have rendered his hyped government null and of no effects in the lives of the helpless and ordinary Nigerian citizens.

Consistency and enforcement of expectations form the basis for good governance. Nigerians are losing hope, aspirations, and expectations in Buhari’s administration. Nigerian people are already excruciatingly suffering from the nation’s unnecessary maladies before the global pandemic resulting from the menace of Covid-19. Every nation is caring for its citizens with unprecedented measures to ease the people’s burdens arising from Covid-19. The efforts of Buhari’s at redeeming Nigeria is being called to question now based on the inefficiency and mishandling of ordinary Nigerians’ ordeal. The sufferings of the Nigerian people are entwined in the administration of Buhari and the management of its failures and successes.

Those of us who are unrepentant Buharists support Buhari’s personality based on his prudent antecedents and integrity. We have made more enemies than friends by believing in Buhari’s perceived good intentions for Nigeria. This writer is an incurable optimist of a great Nigeria. While some of our genuine opponents see difficulties in our opportunities, we the proponents of Buharism see opportunities in our difficulties, that is why most of us in the diaspora are more convinced by the courage of our convictions about the potential greatness of Nigeria. We will not falter in being on the good side of history.

Furthermore, if the Buhari administration fails to carry out a genuine revolutionary reform in the Nigerian system; rescue Nigeria from etching into the abyss, history may have mixed feelings and misconceptions about his personality and consign his administration to one of the chapters in our nation’s dark history. The criminality of SARS and other high-handed Nigerian security agencies must come to an end, and all corrupt and criminals in the Nigeria police and armed forces in Nigeria must be brought to account. The culprits in the system must be punished according to law to serve as a deterrent to other criminals in Nigerian security agencies. The names of the victims of Police brutality in Nigeria must be immortalized.

Moreover, while each of the three branches of government is failing in its constitutional duties, Buhari as president has the constitutional power to issue executive actions to upend the corrupt and inefficiencies of other branches of government of his administration. My honest and concerned advice to President Muhammadu Buhari is: the mandate overwhelmingly entrusted into Buhari’s care twice by the plebeians through general elections is fast becoming a regrettable pittance to these suffering and impatient plebeians. The clock of Buhari’s administration seems to be ticking unpleasantly to nowhere! Please, someone should tell him to do the needful to alleviate the excruciating lives of ordinary Nigerians. His administration is fast running out of time! 

By Yahaya Bologun, Arizona, USA. 

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