Who is High Chief Obiora Okonkwo PhD and His plans for Anambra State?


When a Lion roars and walk, every other animal goes into hiding. You cannot & can never hold a tiger by the tail. Dr Obiora Okonkwo has trained himself to be Godly, for Godliness has value for all things. Dike Ora has achieved excellence in many fields and his willingness to suffer great hardship in other to alleviate and liberate our collapsing state – Anambra State.

Sometimes our people think that following such a God fearing man High Chief Dike Ora is not worth the price. The Glimpse Of what is to come. A time for hope and restoring pride & dignity of Ndi Anambra. This time we desperately need a new look and need to take over in this difficult time. So let’s follow the right man Dr Obiora Okonkwo. Zoning or no Zoning, the task ahead is daunting. Be Wise, Dike Ora on the Move. God bless High Chief Dr Obiora Okonkwo (Dike Ora) for answering the call.

Who is High Chief Obiora Okonkwo PhD and His plans for Anambra State?

1. High Chief Obiora Okonkwo PhD is the only PDP aspirant with good academic background. He holds a PhD in Political Science.

Dr Okonkwo has succeeded vastly in the economic world, even though he holds Masters Degree in Economics.

Apart from these lifetime achievements, Okonkwo is the single biggest sponsor of the PDP in Anambra State. For many years, it is through Dr Okonkwo that PDP has a building of office that they can call their own. 

For administrative purposes, Dr Okonkwo provided for all the PDP wards in Anambra State a PDP register to take accurate note of members and to also aid in mobilising the masses for the PDP from the grassroot.

In my opinion likewise every sensible fellow anywhere in Nigeria and elsewhere, Dr Obiora Okonkwo is the only PDP aspirant among the current persons aspiring to lead the party, who is wholly qualified and fit to lead the PDP based on his years of commitment to the party, proven capcity to prosecute the election, and enduring loyalty to the party.

The beauty of today’s PDP is not without Obiora Okonkwo’s sweat. He made the PDP this beautiful bride. 

Unlike most people since Democracy in 1999, he has been with the PDP laying the Foundation, others since 1999 has been in more than two parties, except the rookies who are making their debut.

So, let us not look far in search of our GOVERNOR, Obiora Okonkwo has overwhelming support from the general masses. All the organised institutions in the State have agreed to help the PDP win if Obiora is the PDP’s candidate.

2. As you all may have known, the highest body for conflict resolution in Nigeria is The Institute of Chartered Mediator it is a gathering of Nigerians with proven records of conflict management and, with skills for alternative dispute resolution.

High Chief Obiora Okonkwo Ph.D (Ibobo) is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators of Nigeria (FICMC). Dikeora has helped Nigeria government in negotiating peace at any given point where Nigeria was standing in need of peace. He is fluent in Russian and was among the team that brokered peace between Nigeria and Russia.

Back home, the peaceful Ogidi and Idemili North and South is because of Dikeora. He has set up an anticult squad consists of the youth of the local government, that is why mgbuka obosi market is safe and secured, all the time.

In the party, when APGA was sponsoring surrogate forces to destabilise the PDP, it is Dikeora’s financial and peace deal expertise that keeps PDP afloat of that crises. He silenced enemies of our party through peaceful methods.

So, when High Chief Obiora Okonkwo emerges the candidate of the PDP through our general consensus, he is a very humble man and reaching out to anyone who would have lost the Primaries to Dikeora will be Dikeora’s method to unite. It is a common knowledge that the PDP Family today, is united and one under the leadership of Sir Ndubuisi Nwobu. So, Dr Okonkwo will call immediately call the meeting of those who have aspired provide the shelter and comfort they would need to be happy in the party as one large family he has been making of PDP Anambra State since 1999.

3. Dr Obiora Okonkwo believes in growing Anambra State from the soil of Anambra before linking it to externals.

As you might have known, Dr Okonkwo endowed a research chair worth of several scores of millions to conduct a research why Onitsha main market has not been succeeding or what more can be done to make it whole.

If you look at the IGR of Anambra State, Idemili the highest IGR in revenue in Anambra, not Onitsha not Nnewi. It is because Dr Okonkwo I part of the team that set up the financial transparency and monitoring group, this ensured that whatever is raised is counted for.

Dr Okonkwo is primarily interested in building industries, he has said several times one industries with the capacity to absorb 100 persons can only absorb 100 persons, if you push another 50 persons into the same space, you are wasting those people because the capacity is 100.

With Dr Okonkwo Anambra will become the industrial hub of the country Nigeria. Dr Okonkwo would consolidate on all the major existing markets like Onitsha, Nnewi, obosi and create more agricultural spaces in places like Ayamelum, Anambra West, Anambra East, Oyi Local and Ogbaru to help appreciate the agricultural festivals that had been neglected in those areas.

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