The envy against the Church is the reason for the attacks.

I want to speak in defense of the gospel especially concerning this nation. We realize a lot of gangings and war against the Church of Jesus. But the Church of Jesus in Nigeria shall continue to prevail. Through the Church, there would be rest for this nation. Lots of wars especially against Churches like yours because of the positive effects.

You hear stories of fights against Church here and there. You know physical, social media and all of that. All because of the light of the Church. Satan is attacking to stop the light from shining. But not when you and I are here. There is no place like the Church. NO!

There is no organization in this country that is giving progress and image to the nation like the Church. There is no place better organized and corruption free like the Church. And many of us who are familiar with that know what I am talking about. There is no place as maintained as the Church. There is no place that is as useful as the Church and church people. NO Where! All the killings against Church related people shall be ended!

One respected Nigerian put up a social media message. I’ve never met him before, I understand his name is Dele Momodu. And wrote something very beautiful about the Church, well crafted. He said why do they complain about pastors? Pastors are running their Churches one hundred percent better than the way the President is running the country.

He said ‘The fact is many Nigerians are losing it. They can’t think of not going after pastors. In what way have pastors prevented Nigerians from owning an airline? You are complaining about one pastor flying an aircraft, Did he say you shouldn’t fly your own as a nation?’

Did you find out what he is using his own for? Go to Ghana you have ten thousand souls won, go to Kinshasa five thousand souls are won and yet there are wasteful people in this country who are flying aircraft for evil. There are many young people who are flying aircraft for music show leading many more people to hell. Nobody complains about them. In what way do pastors prevent Nigerians from having industries?

He said further, ‘if you run your government the way the Church leaders are running churches, Nigeria might be another Qatar right now.’

He said ‘In all these arguments, Canaanland has had stable electricity and water supply to its over fifteen thousand residents since 1999 and is already at the verge of converting waste to electricity.

RCCG is also producing 25 megawatts of electricity. Yet your government, you pay compulsory tax, pay Vat, CIT, Petroleum Tax and has not been able to give lights decades after independence.

Living Faith has more than 25,000 (35,000) staff and has never owed any of them salary. Yet your state government collects Allocations plus Tax and cannot pay full salary. ‘

You see why people are angry with the Church? The Progress every day! I have been privileged to be part of this commission since inception. There is no day that staff salary is delayed. And we are increasing daily, increasing daily. Churches are over 15,000 today. Not one day delay of salary. How is it getting done? Organization, Organization, Organization!!

Nobody talks about it. The scholarships given by the church to people all across the globe in billions. Nobody talks about the road repairs that the Church is engaged in doing.

On our road here, attempts were made, “Let us repair it.” They said: No, you can’t repair it, how are we going to make money if you repair it?

The Church is doing a lot to establish rest for the Nation. In case you don’t know, it is good for us to be aware of it. Particularly for the fact that outsiders are now writing about this.

Hear more, ‘Living Faith, a single Church, is schooling sixteen thousands of your citizens in Higher Institutions and many more at primary and secondary levels and yet you think you have the capacity to waggle your tongue.’

The man who is not a member of this Church said ‘I went for Shiloh and throughout my stay in the staff quarters, yet it was electricity all through; for one second, water did not go off in spite of thousands that were present. On a normal day you wouldn’t walk twenty meters before you find a segregated bin to dispose your waste. No dirt anywhere everywhere is clean. The entire area was fully covered by different layers of security with multiple CCTV and IoT enabled barrier gates. And yet your Abuja, capital of the nation, does not have CCTV yet you open your mouth to talk down on pastors! Cannaanland hosts hundreds of thousands of people every week yet no stampede ever. Government gathered people at stadium for recruitment exercise and before it even began ‘people were dead.’

We are talking about the effects of the Church on the nation. Don’t let anybody confuse you. This is the reason for every form of attack you see on the Church. Let’s take over, we will set up Board of Trustees for them, so that they can use their corruption to consume the Church. But God will never allow that. God will never allow that.

So I speak this morning, as God’s agent under this Commission. Every perpetrator of evil against the nation, against the Church, will go down for the Church. They will go down for the Church. Why are we speaking this way? Because Jesus was on the sea and when there was great storm, He rebuked the storm..(Mark 4;39).

The Elijahs’ of God are rising again. We will not watch the Church trampled upon by anyone. Corruption is to their neck. Stealing has become like drinking water to many in this nation today. All the taxes being paid are put in the pockets of many and you are saying the Church should not speak. The Church will keep speaking. Check the records of the Church. All the accounts are well audited.

Is there any place as organized as the Church? No! No! Projects are executed to accuracy. Everything is done orderly, no bribery anywhere. By reason of my privileged virtue, no banker sees me for anything. You don’t come behind and say you want to give me some money, For what? For what? I am content with what I have. I am blessed.

The Church of Jesus will keep prevailing in this land. As you are having rest in your life and your family, God will give rest to this nation. A few days ago a Christian was being announced to take over a government parastatal as chairman. In the same news, in that same news, few minutes after they announced that he has been removed. Somebody else is put there. Somebody else who will perpetuate their intentions and you say the Church should not speak.

The Church will speak! The Church will speak! Give us the explanation. Why must you remove a Christian and put somebody else there. HABA!! Somebody who has occupied a position and is competent to do it. In the same news! 9pm news, by the close of that news you say the person is removed and somebody else is put there.

And you say the Church should not speak? The Church will speak, the Church will speak!! Give us the explanation. Is it only Fulani people that know how to do things? Why are you putting them everywhere? Why??

It’s a nation of Freedom, It is a nation of people. Whether you are from Taraba, or from Kano or from Kasina or from Oyo State. It is a nation that belongs to everybody. It is a nation where people are generating resources. Don’t carry the resources to feed certain set of people in the nation. That is where we stand. That is where the Church stands. That is where God stands. And standing with God is standing in victory. What I have read to you was not written by a Church member. It was written by somebody who is reasoning.

A Nigerian reasoning who has made comparison as per how things are happening. And they are happening well. Go round this premises for instance. You would see everything orderly, everywhere calm, look at the horticultural. With most minimal expenses, everything is going on well. This is not where people will take contracts of five billion and you would see…a wooden bridge constructed with Five Billion. HABA!!! God must rise in this nation, God must rise in this nation! The Church is not apologetic. No!

The Church is a spiritual active center affecting every part of the nation. Therefore you are released to go as a positive contributor to the nation.

By -Bishop David Abioye on The Benefit of the Church to Nigeria

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