I have watched with dismay as several educated illiterates especially from the entire South blame, curse and abuse the core north for being who they are. It’s unfortunate that we don’t understand the North.

The North never wanted to be part of Nigeria until Azikwe convinced the British to persuade the Northern elites to join the independence struggle of Nigeria. The North knew that it can never be one with the infidels of the west and the east.

Northern Nigeria is actually far enlightened than the Entire South when it comes to survival, power mongering and conquest. The North knows that it is poor in arable lands, poor in crude oil resources and poor in human resources but it is very smart in using brute force, political power and poverty in subjugating other regions or ethnic enclaves.

Northern Nigeria is not backward like many people think, it is a civilization state. It comprises of two former Islamic empires namely the Borno empire and the Sokoto caliphate. As a civilization state, it has its own aspiration and yearnings as regards to the colonial contraption called Nigeria.

Northern Nigeria is not interested in building a country patterned according to USA, UK or Germany but interested in building a country patterned like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan or Sudan. It is a region that is hell bent in creating a Nigeria that mirrors the ultra-conservative medieval Islamic world. I am not abusing any religion, I am only stating the obvious because countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are Islamic countries but with modern and secular outlook to the world.

Ethnic minorities that are still shouting one Nigeria under a unitary system of government controlled by the core north will be the first victim of the arabization of the entire North that is to come. Go online and see the way core Northerners reason and threaten violence because blasphemy and religious dogmas. Thousands of Yorubas, Igbos, Ijaws, Tivs, Beroms, etc. have been slaughtered by irate mobs in Northern Nigeria since 1945 till date. It is a region built on the totalitarian philosophy of a religious dogma that believes that other religious adherents and other ethnic groups must be subjugated and conquered by all means.

The North is built on conquest and war. It is a civilization built on blood and total subjugation of others. It sees nothing bad in almajiris, street begging, subjugation of women, Nepotism, despotism, RUGA, territorial expansion, economic parasitism, mediocrity and weaponization of poverty.

While we Yorubas are thinking of qualitative education and intellectual breakthroughs, the core north is thinking of the total annexation of territories into the hegemonic one north fraud and the decimation of dissidents within its rank.

Northern Nigeria does not take prisoners, it crushes its perceived enemies. Look at how Sanusi was humiliated. Several dissidents who question Islamic beliefs in the north have been killed, maimed or kept in jail. The Sharia law is more important than the Nigerian constitution in the north. It is a country within a country.

The North is not ashamed to use fraud, bloodshed and violence to steal the crude oil revenue from the south, taxes from the south and human capital from the south to develop the north. It knows that Nigeria is a jungle and its only the biggest bully that makes the law.

There are two Nigeria, Northern Nigeria and the rest of Nigeria. Don’t waste your time trying to talk about 2023, you are only renewing your bondage. If you are a Yoruba man or woman and you refuse to support the emergence of Oduduwa Republic, be rest assured that the Hausa-fulanis/kanuris are going to turn you and your entire race into slaves.

The North has transformed itself from being part of Nigeria to an internal colonizer. Northern Nigeria is not going to change neither is it going to agree to restructuring or building an egalitarian society, it is a civilization state built on feudalism and the destruction of other civilization.

By Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo

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