Travesty of Justice Under Muhammadu Buhari, then as a Military Junta and now as a Civilian President.


Yesterday, after five (5) years of the baseless, fabricated and bigoted case against Olisa Metuh, the Nigerian Court of Appeal dismisses the fraud case against ex-PDP Spokesperson and rules that the judgement against him by Justice Okon Abang was manifestly biased. 

My Take:  

Interestingly, our courts know the right thing to do but purposely circumvent it to please some dictators in power as against the constitution they swore to uphold. 

This happened in 1984 when late Afro Music Legend Fela Kuti, against all morals and conscience, was sentenced to prison by Justice Okoro-Idogwu for a period of 5 years under Major General Muhammadu Buhari. 

Buhari’s law then stated that no Nigerian should be in possession of more than £500, but the exemption, of course, was given to military personnel and to those who have earned the foreign exchange legitimately. 

Fela’s offence was that in his possession was found the sum of ‘£1,600 pounds meant for his entire band of 26 persons, at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, on their way to Europe for a scheduled concert. 

If all the 26 member band were to hold £500 each, they sure would have had £13,000 legitimate money. Fela was at the airport with his manager, an European, Rikki Stein, who also had in his possession papers to show, Fela earned the said money legitimately from a previous overseas tour. 

Yet, despite all these glaring pieces of evidence, Fela was prevented from going for that scheduled trip, his son Femi and the rest of the band, however, made the trip and it was a great success. 

The government of Major General Muhammadu Buhari in the meantime had other ideas, namely, this -Fela, their most vocal critic must be sent to jail. They quickly and sharply arraigned in court, Judge Okoro-Idogwu promptly sentenced Fela to a 10-year jail term on 2 counts, but to serve the terms, concurrently for a 5-year jail sentence each. That was September of 1984! 

Fela was to be adequately punished and transferred to Maiduguri prisons. This is the Junta Buhari that now adorn civilian wears as your Nigerian President. Buhari just wanted Fela to be jailed and Justice Okoro-Idogwu was there as a willing tool to oblige Buhari’s caprices. What a shame on him! 

But a couple of years later, the same Judge Okoro-Idogwu publicly apologised to Fela after Buhari has been overthrown in 1985 by another military Junta Ibrahim Babangida. 

My question is; how do some of these corrupt and shameless Judges live with these guilts plaguing their consciences. Do they have a conscience at all or have they thrown them away showing no remorse at all? Do they ever think of the plight of those innocent people they unjustly sentenced who die as a result of illnesses contracted from their places of incarcerations? 

I vividly remember the likes of late Gani Fawehinmi, Late Alex Ekwueme, late Sam Onunaka Mbakwe, late Ambrose Alli, late Alhaji Lateef Jakande etc. These were men who suffered immensely under the military Junta Muhammadu Buhari’s regime. Like Dasuki, some of them were abandoned and languished in jail without trial until Buhari was overthrown. 

Except for Human Right Activist and Lawyer, Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi aka Senior Advocate of the Masses (SAM) who wasn’t a politician, but highly revered as a just man of the people, the others were decent politicians when compared to the brand of political criminals in power today with Muhammadu Buhari as their civilian President and leader. All these men died as a result of numerous illnesses they contracted while in their places of unjust incarcerations. 

Meanwhile, at the time all these were happening, late President Shehu Shagari who Buhari overthrew was comfortably relaxing under house arrest simply because he was Buhari’s kinsman; a Fulani while his Vice president, Dr Alex Ekwueme (an Igboman) was being dumped from one Maximum Security Prison to another all over the country without trial until Buhari was overthrown. His only crime is because he was an Igbo man. 

As for Mr Olisa Metuh, I’m not vindicating him of stealing because all Nigerian politicians, present and former are in the habit of stealing while in power. He was just singled out by President Buhari simply because he was the spokesperson of the PDP (the same roll Liar Lai Mohammed is currently playing for APC). Again, Mr Metuh happens to come from the wrong side of the divide (Igbo) so he must be dealt with. That is his only crime. 

It is no gainsaying that President Buhari is highly ethnic and nepotistic by nature with religious bigotry running in his bone marrow. Such a man has no business being in the corridors of power in a country like Nigeria let alone being the president. That single mistake, Nigerians made in 2015 by voting Buhari to power has now totally destroyed the very fabric that holds us together as a nation. The centre can no longer hold and things have fallen apart without “mekwantarism”. We are all now witnesses to the killings, rapings, banditry, overblown hatred for one another. In short, anarchy has taken over the land. 

But I am glad that he is biting even his kinsmen so much so that most of his ardent followers (the Buharideens) are already abandoning him and wailing more than the wailers. Maybe Buhari’s incompetence will teach us to love one another someday as separate nations. 

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