I am just speechless! For the first time in a long time, I am mentally numbed to write or coherently scribble anything down to express my profound sorrow. But this small piece is being dedicated to all who have died needless death in the most inhumane ways. I know God does exist, and I believe in the inimitable power of Karma through God. We are all human beings; because we are all human beings; we have inalienable and universal rights to live as human beings. Be advised, do not generalize the barbarian behavior of some bad eggs amongst other beautiful eggs in flourishing poultry. 

Ruefully, I can’t breathe could happen to you. I can’t breathe can happen to me; and I can’t breathe could happen to anyone. Racism is now as lethal and deadly as COVID-19. The latest victim of needless death–George Floyd could be you. The jogger–Ahmaud Albury could be me. Tobacco seller–Eric Garner could be anyone with minority status. Even, the majority status in a minority enclave doesn’t deserve the treatments meted on these black Americans: Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Eric Garner, etcetera. Human beings are created to live and to expire without the lethal brutality of other human beings because of the pigmentation of their surface (skin). Human beings are created by God with the multiplicity of beautiful colors: black, white, brown, albino, and other known human pigments are magnificent representations of human identity. We are all men and women of different colors, but the same body! No exceptions. We are the collective offspring of Homosapien. 

Meanwhile, like my wise boy once told me, and that was sometimes ago, and I paraphrased him: remove the surface (skin) of every human being, what you see are flesh, blood, veins, and bones structured or knitted together in the same skeletal forms. So why racial discrimination? Why racism? Why the weaponization of race to maim, kill, and discriminate and destroy the psychology of other minority groups in our clime? 

Sadly, it’s painful to see the horror of injustices against ourselves in a beleaguered world. At a time we are all collectively battling and waging visible war against an invisible and seemingly invincible enemy–Coronavirus, it hurts to see fellow human lives get abruptly terminated in broad daylight. All lives matter to live and dwell in amity. While we await the US authorities to do their investigations and jobs in the dispensation of justice, equity, and fair-play, justice must not be delayed to bring succor to the families of the victims of injustices everywhere. Justice delayed is justice denied. As human beings, our hearts are achingly nimble in pain to comprehend the needless horrors being witnessed in our midst. We are all better than this needless primitive behavior against ourselves. Enough must be enough to bring amity to an already troubled world. 

By Yahaya Balogun

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