THE WEAPONS OF ISLAM (A Biblical Deduction)


Ancient cultures and civilizations are crumbling before it. Institutions are getting submerged. The strict laws of advanced nations are bowing and giving way. Radical and violent Islam is overrunning every continent of the world at the one and same time. How and why is this possible? How did the imperial powers of Europe that once colonized the Islamic world become a pitiable warren of Islamic jihadists? The reason lies in our poor understanding and gross underestimation of the weapons of Islam.

So, then, if one should ask you: what are the weapons of Islam that you know? What would you say?

The sword? Yes, it’s on the flag of Saudi Arabia (the biggest exporter and financier of global jihad). The bomb? Yes, that too has become a handy tool of jihad. AK-47 rifles? Yes, radical Islam has become a democracy of the gun (but in Islamic hands only!).

But these are not the primary weapons of Islam. They are the secondary, and only come into use after they have deployed their more fundamental powers.

Incidentally, the Bible knows the secret place of Islam and has shown clearly where its weapons lie. We only need to connect the dots . . . to find the footprints and the armoury.

In the 1500 years that it took to complete the canon of the Bible, there was nothing called Islam. And now, Islam has existed for 1400 years. Given the time lag between the completion of the Bible and the rise of Islam, therefore, for the Bible to have anything to say about Islam, it would have to be 100% prophecy.

It was. And we’d see that presently.

So, what are the fundamental weapons of Islam that we see but often overlook in our reading of the Bible? They are:

  1. The power of migration
  2. The power of the womb
  3. The power of blood

The Power of Migration

Gen. 16:12a said of the yet unborn Ishmael:

And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him . . .”

The accuracy of this prophecy has never been in dispute, and, very significantly, it says “his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him”. Obviously, this cannot be so unless this wild man makes himself available everywhere. He can only achieve this through endless migration and conquest of other people and annexation of their lands(Hello, Nigeria!) History shows that the race of Ishmael has no progressive agenda of its own; instead it makes every man going about his own legitimate business a target of attack, and they too get attacked in the process.

The civilized world is still trying to understand the enormity of this weapon. Migration is a universal experience. But migration, for Muslims, is an opportunity to export their counterculture and jihad. It does not require all of them; they only need their foot soldiers – and they are in millions.

From around the Middle East, the Arab Muslims have migrated to other parts of the world but, unlike other immigrant populations, they turn their host communities to replicas of the destabilized societies they left behind. Everywhere they go, they carry with them hearts full of hatred. They are so bitter in and with the world they don’t want to stay and they don’t want others to stay. We shall return to this point later on, but note that there is no other people group like this anywhere in the world. They simply fulfil prophecy in the absolute. As someone once said, not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim!

The Power of the Womb

This needs a qualification. It is not just the power of the womb, it is the power of the illegitimate womb! First, it was an illegitimate womb that carried Ishmael. The Bible never called Hagar a wife. Ishmael, therefore, was an illegitimate project and we see evidence of that in that God was so angry He did not speak to Abraham for 13 years because of the Ishmael project which God did not commission (see Genesis 16: 16-17:1).

Beginning from Hagar the Egyptian, the power of illegitimate womb was unleashed in the Arabian world to raise an army for Mohammed. Girls could be violated or “married” off from the age of nine when they are supposed to be in primary school (and Mohammed personally set the example!!!). Have you considered the demographics of women suffering from VVF in the world today? Have you considered the low GDP of women in the Islamic world, shut away as they are from society? Digital Spy gives us a picture of the productivity of the Islamic world when it says: “Only eight percent of the globe’s gross domestic product comes from Muslim nations while Muslims make up 23% of global population. Only one per cent of scientific journals come from Islamic countries. Women barely work and 60% of all Muslims are illiterate. Pray, what glory can the harbingers of this kind of global order bring to culture or civilization. See why they must use the sword and the bomb?

In the Islamic milieu, women are supposed to be in restriction (purdah). Their major duty is to procreate soldiers for jihad. Hence, it makes no sense to waste resources sending kids to school to become professors when the objective is to breed harbingers of death.

Today, official statistics show that Nigeria has over 15 million almajiris and they are mainly in the North. Please, find out the population of professors from the same region. This is womb jihad in operation. It has not been fully harnessed yet in Nigeria. When politicians get fully totalitarian, they can always use the almajiri population to make any development planning in Nigeria impossible. So far, they only use this tool during elections (wait till 2023!) Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, was an almajiri. His mother has just confirmed that.

Anyone who wants to know how Islam overran Europe would need to examine this particular strategy we are talking about here. Europe became a victim of its wrongheaded liberalism – opening its doors without discretion to the Islamic world.

Never bothered about niceties, the Ishmaelites migrated in all the directions of the wind carrying hate in their hearts and looking for targets. As soon as they land, they use the hospitality and liberties of their hosts to unleash the full potential of their power of the womb. They start counting the days of their takeover from the time of their arrival. Today, all the mayors of England are Muslims. But they are not satisfied yet. The next target is to produce the Prime Minister of England. And it is coming to dopey England! The day that happens, it would be the story of Reuben retold! The first born would have totally exchanged his glory for slavery!

It is the same story in Europe, in the Americas and in Africa. Right now, Canadian immigration is bringing in scores of thousands of Muslim immigrants while shutting out Christians. Trump’s indiscretions are as many as the needless battles he fights, but part of the reason he is unpopular in America is because he is standing up against Muslim invasion of his country. Part of his indiscretion is his open identification with Christianity. He has polarized America and the Pro-Islamic UN. You see.

Ghaddafi was quoted as saying that Islam would not require bombs to overthrow western culture and civilization. He promised them womb jihad, and now they have it. They have overrun Europe and they are fighting America with the same illegitimate womb technique.

Find out why Islam has not penetrated China and Japan, and you will have cause to respect these two Asian countries. Islam knows it is not welcomed there and, more importantly, it knows that it is dangerous to try!

Power of the Blood

Leviticus 17:11a says “For the life of the flesh is in the blood . . .” Apart from the Bible saying it, we know from experience that once the blood has been drained from an animal or a person, only the carcass remains. But the point the Bible is making here is spiritual, and Muslims know that in a way Christians don’t. Have you considered the global spiritual implication of the hundred of millions of rams slaughtered globally during the Muslim festivals? Well, this is the most potent power of Islam. Heaven reacts with outrage at a holocaust of blood, whether of animals or human.

In 1 Kings 3:4-5, newly installed King Solomon offered only 1000 burnt offering and heaven was on edge because nobody had ever done that before. That very night – not the next day- God Almighty Himself came to ask Solomon what he wanted. Solomon said he only wanted wisdom; God gave him wisdom and things he didn’t ask for.

Second Kings 3:27 tells another intriguing story of how the spiritual realm responds to the highest bidder. Elisha had told the king of Israel that God had given him victory over the rebellious king of Moab. But when the battle went against Moab, their king took his own son, the heir apparent, and hanged him to ward off defeat, and immediately, the battle ceased. Israel simply gave up the battle for inexplicable reasons!

Now, if Solomon’s burnt offering of 1000 bullocks could cause such a spontaneous reaction in heaven that God personally stepped in to interview him, and if the sacrifice of a Moabite prince by his father could change the prophecy of God relayed by a prophet of Elisha’s standing, what do you suppose would be the result of the hundreds of millions of rams killed globally in one single day of Islamic festival?

This is what Islam uses to draw power from the moon. This is the source of the power with which Islam overran Europe and is sweeping the Americas. Why haven’t they taken their fare to China and Japan? They dare not. Both countries will show them that Islam does not have a monopoly of violence. And they are no novices in the preternatural and ethereal courts.

Coming back home, have you tried to investigate the spiritual implication of the massive human bloodshed since Buhari became president? Under Jonathan, it was Boko Haram alone doing the havoc, but under Buhari, it became double trouble. The killings may appear senseless to you, but not to the sponsors. They are paying a token of blood required to keep Nigeria in the stranglehold of Islamic captivity. They shed human and animal blood aplenty in sacrifice to the same demon – and they hail him when they make the sacrifice! This global ministry of bloodshed is self-sustaining and self-replenishing. The enemy is forced to pay their fare. America has been paying in the name of aid (eg to Pakistan) and Nigeria and Nigerians are paying in the name of ransom to Boko Haram. Same game, different names!

When you ponder the implications of these weapons of Islam as predicted in the Bible, you will understand how Islam is making Europe and the Americas a dismal world and why it’s making Africa a tragedy. Nigerians are wide awake but soundly asleep spiritually as Buhari is taking absolutely unprecedented steps that will make this and future generations of Nigerians minions of the Islamic caliphate. Every institution in Nigeria today, whether military, political, economic, cultural – even the traditional authorities – have been made subject to the caliphate in Sokoto. We see these things but rationalize it away. I pray it will not be too late for us

Have we also considered that all our representatives in government are the sons of Afonja? Do we not know where their allegiance lies and who anoints them for political power? These are the modern ajeles set in your midst to assert the rule of Sokoto and negate what you wish for your community. Now, the South West is safely under the sway of Sokoto. Our noose is tightened a little more. We will not know how much freedom we can enjoy until the 2019 elections are over. Yet we are not afraid of the fate that awaits us.

The weapons of Islam have been at work. They are assigned against nations, against thrones and against the global institutions. From the weapons deployed, you will know that Islam is not designed to build anything but to destroy. And when they have achieved their aim of a jihad state anywhere as in Iran, then they settle down to a war of attrition, to war without end.

Denouement: what to do

Hebrews 10 makes it clear that all the blood of animals and human beings shed in sacrifice amount to nothing compared to the one, eternally efficacious sacrifice of the blood of the Lamb. The Bible also emphasizes it that the principal reason why Jesus died on the Cross is to destroy the works of the devil. Now, even though Christians are not making effective use of their spiritual arsenals they really do have superior weapons of warfare. That is why we still have Christianity in Nigeria and some of the “impossible” places in the world.

As we gradually enter into another election season, it is recommended to daily:

  1. Use the Finished Work of Calvary to destroy the unfinished work of the devil in Nigeria.
  2. Use the Blood of the Lamb to neutralize all the demonic power generated through the Boko Haram & Fulani herdsmen’s bloody jihad in Nigeria.
  3. Ask God to assign angels of war to waste all those planning war against the people. To waste them in their generations.
  4. Destroy every agenda of man over Nigeria and call for God’s own agenda. Nigeria belongs to Him.
  5. Islam is not a planting of the Lord. I am convinced that it is the most accomplished work of Satan after the fall of man at Eden. Ask God to uproot this spiritual virus from Nigeria.

By Abraham Mawayas

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