18Th April, 2020, will go down in history as the day Ohaofia youths rose up against tyranny and reclaimed their dignity and humanity.

The corrupt and debased Nigerian police which has taken impunity to its limit met a rude shock, when one of their men on their usual killing spree killed a youth in Ohaofia Abia state.

What happened was predictable, the youth went on rampage and sacked the police station.

In a country which seems to have been cowed by police and military brutality, the rumble at Ohaofia is a warning and hope that the people may finally rise up against the tyrannical and wicked governance they have endured fo many years.

I do not support violence, but I recognise that a time comes when the only way to deal with evil is to cut it out by using the same instrument it used to oppress.

It is difficult to believe that these ‘kill and go policemen and soldiers are real trained profession. Their action give credence to the rumour that they are rehabilitated Boko Haram members, who Buhari sent to the south to deal with Igbos. I though this is conspiracy theory, but I am beginning to believe it.

They set up road blocks and extort the people as if they are not citizens but conquered people. This evil must come to an end.

The Buhari or do I say, the Nigerian Fulani government must realise that the people, especially those who have been at the receiving end of its oppressive, discriminative and vindictive government have had enough.

They people have rejected tyranny and are prepared to do what all those who value liberty, truth and justice as fairness above everything else have done over the centuries.

No state which gives its police and army licence to brutalise the people deserve the respect or loyalty of its citizens. Therefore, rebellion against tyranny must now become a duty to all lovers of liberty justice and rule of law in Nigeria. The brave Ohaofia youth have shown the way.

A word of caution, While it is commendable to fight oppression and tyranny, to win; one must be well prepared and deterred because evil is not passive when it is attached.

Abians must therefore first remove the current corrupt and debased political class who have no conscience and humanity, before squaring up with the oppressive police and military sent to occupy the state.

Abia political leaders are the first enemy of the people that must be removed. From the governor to many counsellors, who are the errand boy of the Nigerian criminal ruling class, Abians must look for new leaders who will serve with honesty, accountability and humanity.

No people can make progress when the type of people who have been in power in Abia state for the past 20 years continue to be in in charge. The rumble in Ohaofia, must be warning to the sectarian minded Buhari government, that the people will not endure tyranny for ever.

It is indeed, the beginning of the liberation of Abia state and Nigeria from tyranny, inhumanity, oppression, aka ‘Ochichinchigbu’. Brave Ohaofia youths tyranny makes rebellion a duty.

By E. O. Eke

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