The Northern Nigeria Systematic Exportation of Fulani Terrorists into Southern Nigeria – The Fulani Islamisation Agenda underway


    I have lived abroad for more than two decades and during my years of sojourn here, I have been privileged to meet people from different ethnic groups in Nigeria hustling for survival on the streets of Europe capital’s but I am yet to meet one Fulani man hustling like other Nigerians on the streets of Europe. I have met Igbos, Bini’s, Yorubas, Angas, Itsekiris, Ijaws, Biroms, Tivs, Urhobos, Ibibios etc. But yet to meet one person from one of the larger ethnic groups in Nigeria hustling for survival like ordinary Nigerians in Europe.

    Those that managed to come here to study, came through government scholarship and went back to Nigeria to become “big men” in their states or Abuja. It had appear that they can’t flourish outside Nigeria.

    The only place I was privileged to meet not one but many of them was inside the Nigerian High Commission in Europe Cities,where they are surviving on state funds and corruption. A female friend probably reading this post recently asked me why I always focus on the Fulani tribe in Nigeria and I told her I am focused on them because they are the major problem with Nigeria. They are the major reason why Nigeria refused to move forward.

    For instance, they are the ones that claim to be disadvantaged in education and needed special concession like quota to leverage on other Nigerians in education. However, on graduation, the same quota deficient graduate that barely made it through school would be found heading important government parastatals or accelerated promotion in the police or military at the expense of better qualified Nigerians from other ethnic groups. This is rewarding mediocrity.

    Secondly, everyone knows that the reason why Nigerians have continued to suffer under this contraption is because of the laziness and wittiness of the Fulani man who swore that Nigeria must remain as one at their level even when there is a consensus with most of the ethnic nationalities that Nigeria can fare better as separate nations.

    Thirdly, we had the National Political Reform under former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the National Conference under former President Goodluck Jonathan. It may interest you to know that the only tribe that kicked against its implementation is the Fulani ethnic group because it will no longer give them access to the Biafra crude oil where they get free money to fund their lazy and almajiri lifestyles. In other words their selfishness is the reason why we can’t move forward.

    Furthermore, it was the total reliance and unalloyed hope the Fulanis have on the Biafra crude oil where they get free and illegal monies to fund their lifestyles that pushed Nigeria into the dark waters of poverty, under development and now they have added terrorism into our national lexicon, thus Nigeria has become the most terrorised country in the world at present.Can anyone be confident enough to tell me what the Fulanis brought to the table of nation building except pain, disaster, religious fundamentalism since 1914.

    All the worst riots we have witnessed in Nigeria took place in Northern Nigeria. Terrorism came from Northern Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen mainly from Futa Toro causing havoc all over the nation came from Northern Nigeria. Religious riots that wasted thousands of Nigerians came from Northern Nigeria.

    We can’t conduct a reliable census today because the North under the control of the Fulani always came up with disputed figure so as to keep rigging elections to her favour. We don’t have a reliable national data to keep tab of crimes and everyone coming into Nigeria because the Fulanis have open border policy in the North where their brothers flock into Nigeria unperturbed, undisturbed, unmolested and undocumented. What exactly did these people bring to the table of nationbuilding except pain, destruction, starvation, murder and darkness?

    The only way Nigeria can make progress is as divided components and sub nations. This is the truth everybody knows yet only few embrace it out of fear of the unknown. The black man has proven to be the laziest ethnic group in the world because of our refusal to engage the future positively and embrace change. We work with our hands not with our brains.

    There is an Igbo Proverb that says that “It is better to look for a black goat while it is day for the night comes when no one can see”.Jesus Christ also commands us to “Work while it is day for the night comes when no one should work”.

    The Fulanis have succeeded in pushing our people overseas while taking up the available spaces in our public and civil service where they continued to replicate corruption, mediocrity, stagnation and unproductivity. More than 100 years experiment is enough to convince us that we are in the wrong marriage yet our people think that we will overthrow the Fulani ideology and religious worldview through prayer. Where has it happened in any part of the world?

    No where have I seen foolishness like in the Nigerian prayer industry populated by ignorant black folks who refused to seek knowledge and embrace the challenge of nationbuilding.This is the time to reject Nigeria and separate from these folks to live the way the want. We cannot continue to sacrifice the lives of our brothers and sisters in the military, police in trying to rebuild a cursed contraption.Unless we reject Nigeria, our children will go into slavery and they will never live up to their potentials.

    A society that made a career terrorist and an illiterate Mohammed Buhari a President and a Sharia judge that failed English and Mathematics and used quota to become Chief Justice of Nigeria is operating under a self imposed curse.Any group or nation that cannot embrace change will continue to rot in the backwaters of stagnation, hunger, deprivation, mediocrity etc.

    That unfortunately, is the fate of the Fulani as an ethnic group and we refuse to sink and stagnate with them.

    By Emeka Umeokonkwo

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