The Mastery of the Traditional Igbo Town Crier!


It’s generally believed that “proverbs” are the spices the Igbo man uses to blend and garnish his Language masterly. And understanding the Igbo Language is one thing but understanding the proverbial expressions and its usages in the Igbo Language is another only meant for a true son of his father. 

The short video clip portrays just that and it is reminiscent of the great works as written by Late Chinua Achebe in his Evergreen novel “Things Fall Apart”. 

The clip also shows the perfect mastery art of the traditional Igbo Town Crier and how he uses his art to pass messages both to warn, inform and admonish his community. 

As a native Igbo man and a true son of my father, I am particularly impressed with the way this young Igbo man beautifully used proverbial Igbo words to express the bizarre hardship Nigerians are going through at the moment. 

He so beautifully did it without insulting anyone but using his talent just like a traditional Igbo town Crier, he pointed out the ills in the society today while politely admonishing the benefactors and warning them of the impending dangers. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to explain his words and their exact proverbial meanings as used to a non-Igbo. Please find a real Igbo man around you to help translate. And kindly note that any Igbo person that cannot explain the in-depth meanings of his proverbial expressions as used is totally fake (that is an Ajebota Igbo man). 

Not withstanding, kindly enjoy the beautiful mastery art of this traditional young Igbo Town Crier as I’m doing.



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