This morning I took a walk to Nakasero market to do some week shopping for my home as we continue with this lock down. 

As expected, I washed my hands on entry and my temperature was measured. To my surprise I was told they had to give me this mark on my hand as a sign that I have gone through the entry protocol. 

Well here is the big supprise, I asked the man at the entry that what happens if I don’t allow to be marked , he asked me, two questions: 

1). How will you enter? 

2). Who will sell to you with out it? 

And lastly this blew up my mind when he said , they will throw u out of the market if they find u without it. 

With the so much money I had with me, it didn’t matter at that point but only that mark they put on my hand mattered the most. 

We know how money hungry the market people can be as they beg to buy from them but every one kept asking to show them the mark as they were asked not to sell to anyone who was not marked at entry. 

As a Bible reader and someone who studies the current situation, my spirit drove me to the word of God in Revelation 13:16-17 (he also forced everyone small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to recieve a mark on his right hand or on his fore head, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast). 

I Never go to the market I always have my son handle that but I was driven by the Holy Spirit to take a walk as I study the environment kumbe the Lord wanted to show me something practical in relation to the message he has been sharing with me about this COVID 19. 

I honestly cry for the church, because we have under estimated the things the enemy in building in this season. 

Yes I know all pastors are busy doing the religion of distribution of help where it is needed but unless you are telling me that we are opening up food organizations such as world food organization WFO, their is a bigger area to venture in, there is a need to preach and unvail the tricks of the enemy to the people we pastor. 


Preachers, prophets, pastors, evangelists and brothers. 

Let’s just get up and awaken the church, let the devil know we are aware. COVID 19 and all that comes with it should not make us over look the spiritual reality on ground. 

I know this message is not for everyone to understand but he who has wisdom understand that the Spirit is communicating. 

In conclusion, yes in normal understand, it looks like wisdom to mark who ever is entering the Market as a way for fight the COVID 19 and I may agree But let’s be smart enough to see and see the direction the enemy is taking. 

Remember, the Lord shared with me that Victory belongs to him. But don’t be kept in the dark stand in your position as a Christian. 

Bye for now. 




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