The humiliation, persecution and marginalisation of Christians in Nigeria over the last 5 years is self-evident By Femi Fani Kayode.


The ethnic and religious cleansing and wholesale slaughter of northern Christians is undeniable. Those that deny it are the sponsors of the genocidal maniacs and mass murderers.

Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo, Anniko Briggs, Shola Salako, Tony Nnandi, Baron Roy, Gani Adams, CAN, leaders and elders of the Middle Belt and the South, Church leaders, Christian clerics, yours truly and millions of others that have pointed this chilling and frightful reality out over the last few years and attempted to resist it have spoken nothing but the truth.

The attempt by the Presidency to deny these heinous crimes against humanity, though shameless and irresponsible, is to be expected.

To say that Christians are not being slaughtered in Nigeria is like saying Hitler and the Nazis never murdered 6 million Jews during the holocaust. Worse still it is like saying that pigs, cows and goats are not being slaughtered in abattoirs.

Northern Nigeria particularly has become nothing but a slaughterhouse and a graveyard for Christians. It has also become a place that has been rightly described as “the most dangerous place on earth for Christian’s to live” by the Trump administration and numerous international organisations and world leaders.

More Christians have been murdered under the watch of Muhammadu Buhari than at any other time in our history outside of the civil war.

What a horrendous and morbid legacy that is and every single person that helped to bring him to power in 2015 and that continues to support him has a share of that blood on their hands.

Those of us that are members of the Christian community shall NEVER forget this and all the denials in the world cannot change it.

Such patently false and manifestly irresponsible mendacities and denials are to be expected from a Presidency that is complicit in these killings, whose hands are dripping with blood and who favour, support and seek to cover the tracks of those that delight in snuffing out Christian souls and shedding innocent Christian blood.

And whether they wish to admit it or not, the bitter truth is that more Christians have been maimed, slaughtered, butchered, tortured and displaced under Muhammadu Buhari’s watch than at ANY other time in our nation’s beleagured history outside of the civil war.

What a morbid and horrendous legacy that is and all the denials in the world cannot change it or wipe the slate clean.

I hope that Buhari and his rag-tag and tattered mob of pitiful jesters, ignorant cheerleaders and sociopathic sadists are proud of themselves.

Yet one thing is clear: that the Living God sees and knows all and, in His own good time, He shall deliver us from the cruel hands of these Egyptians and avenge us!

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