The video of Fulanis from different countries in Africa flooding into Nigeria is another stage in the attempt by Buhari to make Nigeria home land for Fulanis all over the world. 

National identity card and visa on arrival are the tools they hope to use to make migrant Fulanis Nigerian citizens. 

These migrant Fulanis would be issued with National identity cards, declared Nigerian citizens and set loose on Nigeria. 

Not that there is anything wrong in welcoming a nomadic group to Nigeria. The problem is what these same people have done in the countries they are running away from and the danger they pose to indigenous population as they scramble for resources in areas they did not sow. 

For several years, we have watched this struggle played out in middle belt and southern Kaduna, where the Fulanis have engaged in terrorist activities and ethnic cleansing of indigenous population. 

The opening of Nigeria border to all Fulanis all over the world is a clear evidence that Buhari is pursuing a northern agenda of Fulani domination and Islamisation to permanently alter Nigerian political calculus in favour of the north. 

The question is why southern politicians prefer to play ostrich, while this dangerous and sinister game is going on. 

What is evolving in Nigeria is full bloom fascism with fulanisatiin and islamisation at its centre. 

The objective of the Buhari Fulani government is to conquer and acquire large acres of arable land in Middle belt and south to establish Fulani communities, which would form centres from where Fulanis will do to the south and middle belt, what Othman Danfodio did to Hausas in the north. 

Fulanis have proved to be takers. They do not develop civil and equal societies. They do not care to feed their cows on farms. 

They impose feudalism. They conquer, loot and enslave and, establish one rule for them and another for others. There is now one rule for Nigerians of other ethnic groups people and another for Fulanis in Nigeria. 

Nomadic Fulanis are free to carry arms openly, while doing so by other people is criminalised. 

Their terrorist group is free to terrorise without being classified as a terrorist group. 

They are engaging in kidnapping and armed robbery, while the army and police treat them with kids gloves. The police and army turn a blind eye to their crimes against humanity. 

Their approach to life is parasitic and often, they kill their host only to infect another host. They have made deserts of wherever they have inhabited, only to leave to invade another place. 

There is only one option for Nigeria, and that is to restructure so that the regions can have the necessary degree of autonomy to develop at their own pace. 

No other ethnic group can share a country with Fulanis like Buhari as equals. Their prejudices, traditions and beliefs infect them with superiority complexes which is difficult to improve. 

A Nigeria, as presently structured by the British to the advantage of the north is a recipe for intractable conflicts. 

Nigeria should not solve this problem after millions have been killed unnecessarily by Fulani Terrorists. 

A restructured Nigeria which grants regional autonomy and at the same time secure individual freedom every where in Nigeria is the answer. Nothing else will suffice if Nigeria wants to exist as one country? 

It is astonishing that not a single politician in the senate, house of assembly or state government houses has had the courage to call Buhari out and speak truth to power. 

No a single politician is calling for the restructure of Nigeria to address the current injustices and contradiction, which undermine its stability and future.

All politicians from the south and middle belt with exception of very few, are focused on looting and getting rich, while Buhari undermines the liberty of their people and lay the foundation for their future enslavement. 

Never in the history of people have representatives been so callous and unconcerned about the most important thing(freedom) of the people they claim to represent. 

Nigeria must now understand what the future holds. A Nigeria dominated by Fulanis and governed for the benefit of Fulanis cows and Moslems. 

A northern and Muslim is president. A northern and Muslim is senate president. A northern and Muslim is chief judge. A northern and Moslem heads the army etc. 

Southern leaders have to explain to their enslaved people, what they were doing when this was happening. 

Igbos need explanation from their leaders why Igbo land is occupied by Nigerian soldiers with road blocks everywhere, where extortion, intimidation and unspeakable abuses take place. The Inspector General of Police had the temerity to defend this evil and crime against humanity. 

Nigeria is experiencing democratic tyranny. A government which has the power to legitimise illegality and injustices. 

Buhari has no interest in the welfare of any Nigerian apart from Fulanis and Muslims. His single aim is to secure the whole of Nigeria as homeland for all Fulanis by eliminating indigenous population under the guise democracy. 

Nigeria is in serious trouble. 

These are Fulanis migrating to Nigeria. Many of them will end up as Nigerian soldiers, policemen, custom officers and Fulani terrorists very soon. 

Nigerians wake up, hell has come home! 

By E. O. Eke

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