South Eastern Governors Why?


Come to think of it, what’s wrong with South Eastern Governors? Can’t Governor Ugwuanyim single – handedly rebuild Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu and invite their Aso Rock father to commission it? Is this a daunting task? 

Who is he waiting for? For the Gambaris to come and rebuild Airport in Igbo Land for them? Does it mean these guys do not travel abroad to see what is obtainable in other countries? 

I may understand a serile and docile old man like Bokohari sitting and sleeping in Aso Rock all day but these South Eastern Governors, I simply cannot understand them. 

Their continued act of negligence to the basic necessities of their people tantamounts to sheer wickedness against themselves and Ndigbo in general. 

Notwithstanding, these guys know very well that Igbos constitute the majority in Diaspora who travel more. How do they feel allowing their people to suffer this long? 

The most annoying aspect of all is that these guys are not that old and some are products of Diaspora who have tasted descent living abroad at one stage or the other in their lives. 

By the way, is President Paul Kigame older than any of these Governors of South East? Yet see what he’s doing in his country Rwanda. I am bewildered that five South Eastern Governors joined together cannot develop an area smaller than Kogi State. 

To these South Eastern Governors, hear me please; don’t you guys know what time it is? If you don’t have watches please buy one and there are millions of Igbos willing to gift you some if you cannot afford one. Probably it will help you guys to keep touch of time. 

We are tired of these your endless excuses. Develop Igbo land or you’ll have yourselves to blame later. It can no longer be business as usual. Gather your resources together and give us a viable seaport in Igbo Land. The money is there but you guys are only squandering them. 

The truth remains, the Gambaris can never develop Igbo land for us except you do it and stop giving us useless excuses. Governor Peter Obi has shown it is possible to manage the state resources and develop the state. Unfortunately, his successor has squandered the resources and reserves on Champagne-Ardenne and parties. 

Yesterday, I watched with amazement how you guys were jostling around and pouring encomiums on your father at the Villa. I then wondered if you guys are normal. You guys from A to Z should be ashamed sitting at that Enugu Airport yesterday, politically commissioning an uncompleted Airport. That was the height of madness! The highest “SCAM” of 2020. 

Know it today gentleman the spirits of our great Igbo men and women like; Akanu Ibiam, M. I. Okpala, etc will never exonerate you from willful sins of omission as you continue with these atrocities against Ndigbo, toying with an Airport that means a lot to Ndigbo. 

N’akwanu echek!

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