Everyone will not buy into this idea as there are various schools of thought. The point is not to cause bickering among ourselves but rather to propose a path to self-defense. I would rather be prepared, and nothing happens eventually, than down-play the situation and be caught flat-footed.

I have watched carefully as many people argue whether a war is imminent or whether we are over-reacting to the influx of the Fulani’s to the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

A few things are certain. First, the south eastern part of Nigeria is under siege. When you have busloads and truckloads of Hausa-Fulani’s trooping down to the East, you must ask yourself, what is amiss. In some videos, the people interviewed could not answer simple questions such as “why are you heading to your destination and what do you plan on doing when you get there”. If a Nigerian citizen that has no ulterior motive is traveling to any part of the country, and you inquire of that person where they are going, they’ll tell you exactly who they’re visiting and why they’re visiting. Example, “I’m going to visit Uncle Echo for vacation or to be an apprentice”. This was a simple question posed to these intruders and they could not get it right. Apparently, their sponsors forgot to prep them on that subject.  However, be assured that the next truckload and busloads of Hausa-Fulani’s trooping down to the East will now be armed with answers as to why they are travelling.  These marauders are dynamic and will keep changing up their plans to take over Nigeria. The good thing is that they have been exposed and we have seen multiple red flags including the fact that only young men of fighting age are travelling.

Second, we have the capability to think for ourselves. We do not have to always let others think and take decisions for us. Even if south-east Nigeria is attacked, some people will say that the indigenes are to blame for the attacks. You cannot beat a child and tell him/her not to cry. The south easterners should continue raising awareness within themselves and the international community of the injustice and the pogrom that the Hausa-Fulani is planning.

Third, we must come up with a strategy to defend ourselves. Have you thought about what will happen if you and your family are attacked? Do you have the capability to defend yourself? I advise everyone to think about this and map out a plan for self-defense. We have seen a lot of our Christian brothers that were killed by decapitation and they did not put-up any resistance. When the enemy knows that you are prepared, they will think twice about attacking. If they do attack, they know they will suffer casualties for sure. Awka which is the capital of Anambra state is renowned for their knack in fabricating implements out or iron, likewise some other cities in south eastern part of Nigeria.  These blacksmiths can provide you with some sophisticated self-defense items if you do not have some already. It is time to start making enquiries to utilize all local resources available.

Fourth, we have a lot of young people that are unemployed. Let us employ them as security forces for our local communities. All communities need to set-up a vigilante group for reconnaissance and to repel any initial wave of attacks.  The community must ensure that these security personnel are armed and well paid. How can they be paid? The landlords, in the community can contribute and then well-meaning citizens world-wide will augment the pay. Most communities came together during this covid-19 pandemic through WhatsApp groups and were able to make meaningful impacts in their communities by cash contributions. These same groups can switch their focus to security instead of the covid-19.  We know that our politicians and governors who are supposed to protect the citizenry have sold out, that is why they are keeping mum. The south-western part of Nigeria adopted Amotekun a few months back because they saw the threat, yet the south-eastern governors have continued to procrastinate even when the enemy lurks in our backyard. We cannot wait on these politicians to protect us as they have shown us that they are incapable. Our fate lies in our hands.

God has revealed to us the plans of the enemy, now is the time for us to do some work, as we know that prayers without work is dead. We face a relentless enemy and the only way to stop them is to confront them.

Let us all remember that posterity will judge us for our action and inactions. God will guide us as we strategize to protect and defend our land. We will continue praying and using all diplomatic means within our reach while we fight. God bless us all!

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