As Lady Chinyere Okpala, the outgoing principal of Girls High School Uga is preparing for retirement and Thanksgiving on January 3rd, 2021 at St. James Anglican Church Uga, there are few things to know from her years as a teacher/principal.

1) Increase in School Population: The population of Girls High School Uga increased from 189 students to 481 students

2) (I) ACADEMICS: Lady Chinyere Okpala organized the students to appreciate good morals and encouraged them to develop study habit.

(ii) She made sure the school reached WASSCE and NECO examination respectively through the help of Elite Committee of Friends, Uga, Lagos Branch and since, the school has been registering for both exams since then till date, and the students have been performing in both internal and external examinations.

(III) She allured scholarships for more than 25 students from Umudim Awarasi Uga, schooling in public secondary schooLs in Uga, till date

(iv) She also attracted Lagos Branch Women wing and they donated library tables and chairs to the school

(v) She approached Prof. Mrs Akachi Ezeigbo and she donated assorted books to the school

(vi) She attracted Uga Future Hope Committee of Friends and they also donated assorted books to the school

(vii) In 2014/2015 academic session, she approached a philanthropist and he employed two computer teachers for the school.

(viii) In 2013 and 2014, she met some philanthropists and they accepted and paid for NECO and WASSCE penalties for under students registration

(ix) She met and appealed to Great Brothers Club of Uga, Lagos Branch and they bought a set of school band for the school

(x) For the school to increase in population, she approached a philanthropist who since 2014, is giving ten thousand Naira (#10,000) to any Uga female student that had the highest score every academic session

(xi) In 2014, she approached another philanthropist who paid WASSCE registration

(xii) She exposed the students to quiz competition, for example in one of the science quiz competition, her students won the second position in 2013 as well in 2019 NNOC Science Quiz competition held at Awka. At Zonal level. her student took the first position for Aguata Educational Zone. She also introduced debating club, press club and cultural dance to the school.

(xiii) She also introduced new style of school outing uniform which was donated by a philanthropist, she also introduced wearing if curtina shoes in the school, as well as cultural wears

(xiv) She improved the moral and tone of the school.

    (i) She approached a philanthropist who reroofed two classroom blocks in the school

(ii) She also approached the same philanthropist and he built a well-equipped computer laboratory with forty (40) desktops with internet facilities for the school, with two (2) water cistern toilets and store

(III) He met another philanthropist and he reroofed and painted the school hostel

(iv) She attracted a philanthropist and he built three (3) classroom block with four (4) water cistern toilets for the school

(v) She reintroduced boarding system for the students

(vi) She attracted a philanthropist who renovated, fortified down the floor of the dormitory, bought 48 Dunlop foams/mattresses, repaired some beds for the boarders and also rewired the hostel and connected it to the school power generating set

(vii) She attracted a philanthropist who painted one story building which is the principal’s house

(viii) She appealed to Uga Anglican Community Lagos Branch and they built modern water cistern toilets for the school staff

.(ix) She met and appealed to Uga Improvement Union Kano branch and they built urinary for the school

(x) Uga Improvement Union Enugu branch women built a lit toilet at the boys quarters in the school

(xi) Presently, she has approached somebody to provide bore-hole for the school which hopefully will soon be accomplished

(I) She reintroduced inter-house sports competition in the school after 26 years, in action competing under four houses representing the four villages in Uga and philanthropists donated cups for competitions

(ii) She encouraged her students to participate in co-curricular activities, sometimes they do engage in an interschool football competition. Now, one of her students, Obidike Augusta, has been selected to represent Anambra State in under 16 female football team, to represent Anambra State at the ongoing National Youth Games, holding at the University of Ilorin.


She created an enabling environment for cordial and productive relationship between staff and school administration

(ii) She do not delegate but supervises and monitors every step in the executive projects and takes part in all


(i) She generated greater interest of the community in the proper education of their children

(ii) She also reduced the bad conception of the community towards formal education

However, because of all these and other achievements of her, she was nominated as the best school administrator, Aguata zone, 3 consecutive times now. 2013, 2017 and 2019


Her major challenges are
(i) Inadequate finance
(ii) Inadequate number of staff
(iii) The school needs urgently bore-hole for the provision of water and home economic laboratory and equipment

In her words, she sincerely appreciates God and all Uga citizens for their support throughout her tenure of office. She also solicits for continued support for the incoming principal.

Finally, she pray that God Almighty in His infinite mercy bless everyone as she wish all, a prosperous 2021.

While we pray that God will continue to bless and favour Mrs Chinyere Okpala, as she is retiring from teaching work as a principal from Girls High School Uga, we still need her motherly knowledge and experience in building our youths especially the girls.

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