Re-Anti-grazing law and the Security of Igbo Land – Igbos In diaspora


Your Excellencies 

The Executive Governors of Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo & Rivers States

Re-Anti-grazing law and the Security of Igbo Land.

Your Excellencies:

Greeting from your people in the Diaspora. We write in the hope that you are doing your best in the service of Ndi-Igbo by whose mandate you superintend over their affairs. Our prayers are always with you.

We are always in touch with our people back home in Nigeria and in addition, we have access to the plethora of information from the social media. We feel deeply worried about the information we receive particularly with respect to the persistent incursion of the Fulani Herdsmen into igbo heartland. More disturbing is the allegation that some Governors appear to have been compromised to the point of giving portions of our land to the herdsmen. We wish to regard such information as mere rumors that are unfounded.  However, Ndi-Igbo both at home and in the Diaspora have held individual and joint meetings the resolutions of which we most respectfully convey to you below.

We the Igbo in  the Diaspora from Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Delta, Enugu, Imo States and Rivers States, hereby state that you should not, under any condition, lease, or sell any portion of our lands to the Fulani pastoralists/herdsmen.  You should not allow the so-called ecological devastation or the deforestation in the northern States where the Fulanis reside force you to yield or fall prey to the manipulative game of open grazing as a way of life of the Fulani herdsmen.

Traditionally, the Fulani pastoralists/herdsmen keep their cows in one place and grow grass to feed them.  Open grazing is against our culture and against the law of the nation.  No one has the right to move with herds and graze without restriction and tell you they have done that for generations.  That is not true. You must have noticed that their demographic expansion is creating a multiplicity of social and economic pressures in all sectors of our States.  Their colonial agenda of Islamization and Fulanization of the Igboland has become obvious based on the recent rapes, killings, and destructions of our farmland.  They aim at taking over the Igboland and making our land the home for all the Fulanis across West Africa.  Until recently, we are aware that only about 6 million out of the entire 15-20 million Fulani people can call Nigeria their home. With the deployment of the Fulanization and Islamization agenda and with the free visa declared barely a year ago, there is now an unprecedented influx of the Fulani into Nigeria with the South and mostly Ala Igbo as their ultimate destination.

Your Excellencies, we know you are the Chief Security officers of the States and the Chief custodians of the lands you govern.  You are first and foremost true citizens of the States you govern.  You, your families, relatives, and ours are owners of the inheritance of lands our forefathers bequeathed to us all.  You will not allow such precious inheritance to be taken over by force by another tribe while you are in charge.  You must not allow such to happen during your term in office.  We must not allow such mayhem to occur in our lifetime. As such, we the Igbos in the Diaspora are calling on you to please use all the authority within your office to institute complete anti-grazing laws across the Igboland.  Ranching as a business is the modern way of livestock production. We challenge the proponents of grazing bill and forceful occupation to show us anywhere in the world that cattle rearing is not an owner-driven business 

As you know, history will be unkind to any Governor who is not firm in the defense of the territorial integrity of Igboland. It is also easy to guess what the reaction of Ndi-Igbo will be to such a Governor whether in or out of office.

(We are glad that you’ve taking a similar step taken by our South-Western colleagues who created the security outfit called “Amotekun”. We would encourage and support your initiative to establish a Regional Security Architecture for the entire South East and by extension, the entire Alaigbo. We know the power and effectiveness of Community Policing that is made up of the indigenes of the community.  Any Community Policing that is ceded to the control of the Federal Government makes you and our people slaves and puppets of the Federal Government.  We would avail you all the support you need to see this initiative become successful.  Such a step is an indication that you as the Chief security officers of the Igboland are not waiting for another genocide to be unleashed on us before we say, “enough is enough?” You are saying with us behind you, we must not wait until it is too late before we act. We must be pro-active).

Once again, we in the Diaspora are prepared to assist you in any way to ensure the complete protection of our people. No task could be more important to our people than their security. We anxiously wait to see/hear your strategic plans. For the protection of our people, our lands, and our property.

We remain yours fellow Igbo citizens in Diaspora.

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