What is happening in Nigeria today is like a nightmare, but worse because we are not about to wake up. 

I have never read of where corruption is as endemic, rampant and audacious as is unfolding in Nigeria. I am yet to read of a country where the military allow a terrorist group, whose camps are known, to operate freely as Fulani terrorists have been.

Those in power have indeed normalised criminality and have created a parallel universe, the worst imaginable dystopia. 

How can a minister set out to just embezzle the budget? 

I have seen no outrage in the house. The current attempt by the House of Representatives to investigate the Akpabio NNDC allegations looks more like a circus and complete ruse. 

This is a disgrace and Nigerians expect these people who are driving blind fold to take them to the promised land. 

No need to do anything. Nigeria is firmly in the hands of body language President, members of the House of Representatives , Senators and military chiefs, who are doing their best to destroy it. 

The blind is indeed leading the sighted in Nigeria. I wonder if there is any more hope for Nigeria. 

Nigeria looks more and more like a vehicle speeding down hill without a break. 

There is no way the current president, the bunch of people in the National Assembly and senate can do any good. It is cesspit of ignorance, greed and ego. 

As the days go by, Nigeria continues to look like a car crash in slow motion. 

It would seem that Nigeria are accepting corruption, terrorism, high level of violence, kidnapping and preventible deaths as a Normal way of life, which they can only pray to God to change . 

In places where life means something, the death of 18 soldiers in katsina state would provoke and outrage.

The killing of tens of people along Abuja Lokoja road by Fulani terrorists would compel the military to mount serious operation. 

The exposure of the extent of corruption in the NNDC would start a protest and preventible accidents will trigger a change. 

Unfortunately, we are talking about Nigeria where everything, including the laws of gravity and supply and demand work in the reverse. 

Predictably, the instinct of the government is to feign ignorance. 

In places where people act in honest and rational manner, the government would appoint an independent commission of inquiry into into the rampant Fulani terrorists activities and be ready to implement its recommendations. 

An honest and sincere government without sectarian agenda would set up commission of inquiry into how the war on terrorism is being prosecuted in view of the number of soldiers that are losing their lived under the circumstance. 

The leaders would be making sure that the same mistakes are not repeated and that the army would not be making the same mistake that leads to the death of soldiers over and over again. But not in Nigeria. 

Very few things works in Nigeria the way it does in developed countries. This is one of our many problems. 

Our democracy has more in common with North Korea dictatorship than the American system we claim to operate except in the cost. 

Our governors behave more like tin pot dictators than champions of equality, social justice, fundamental human rights and the rule of law. 

They show no sign that they are real democrats who understand that power belongs to the people and those who exercise it should be held accountable. 

Our legislators make laws to protect their loot and guarantee themselves immunity, while they are committing crimes against the people and country. 

They device ingenious ways of practicing the act of graft and orchestrate their self defeating attempt to investigate corruption which they are perpetrating. 

They have allowed money to play such a determinant role in politics that an ordinary citizen cannot take part in Nigerian politics. 

Once this happens such a democracy is condemned to a radical change, unless the judiciary is prepared to be the last hope of the common man and the people refuse to accept the tyranny of the few rich. 

This is why Nigerians should be concerned at the selective and abusive way and manner, our elected politicians conceptualise and exercise the the power they hold in trust and, the way our judiciary has been corrupted and compromised. 

Nigeria continues to sleep walk into disaster. We would have no one to blame but our leaders and our cold indifference. This is what makes me wonder, if Nigeria’s a crime scene. 

Many tribunals of inquiry set up by the national Assembly are themselves embroiled in allegation of corruption. 

From the presidency to local government areas, every sector is littered with allegations of monumental corruption which are easy to investigate, but never brought to court. 

The question is, can any honest men be found in Nigerian politics. If they exist they should stand up to be counted now, or forever hold their peace. 

Nigeria is drowning in a sea of corruption, violence, crime, greed and impunity, and only help from patriotic and honest citizens, who have integrity and sense of responsibility can save her. 

The corruption in Nigeria stinks to high heavens. There is perhaps no word disgusting enough to convey the banality, and atrociousness of the evil. 

Nigeria has become a bye word for corruption and this has given the country a very bad name and reputation indeed. 

Nigerians are expected to be corrupt and unscrupulous. when found to be honest with integrity, those who have stereotyped them as corrupt would respond, Oh! I don’t believe you are a Nigerian. 

Many see this as a compliment and recognition of their honesty and integrity, which is really sad and unfortunate. 

In reality, it is an indictment of their country, a reflect of the low esteem Nigerians are held, and index of the extent to which corruption now define Nigeria and Nigerians. 

This is something we should all give more thought. You don’t expect a Nigerian to be humble and honest, do you, they would ask and add, you must be an exception. 

No, No,No, honest Nigerians are not the exception. They are the silent majority which must now speak up to end this sordidness. 

In fact, the typical stereotype of a Nigerian, is a loud, over confident, aggressive and egoistic person without scruples’. 

This is how the world has come to see Nigerians because of the way and manner successive governments have allowed corruption to fester and become institutionalised in our country. 

Simply because our laws respect persons and fail to demonstrated that corruption is a reproach, which no country or people can tolerate in any individual or company no matter how rich or powerful and survive. 

Unfortunately, recent developments have not helped this sorry and unfortunate image. 

No country with a sense of purpose would respond to corruption the way Nigerian government has done so far, and survive. 

No serious country will continue to extend immunity from prosecution to those it knows are stealing from it, at the time they are most likely to do it and still claim that it is sincere in its attempt to ride itself of corruption. 

So far, the government has only demonstrated that it is more interested in protecting the personal interests of the politicians at the expense of the overriding interest of Nigeria as a country. 

This is the tragedy of our situation that we have a government that places party interest above national interest. 

A government that prefers to cover up the corruption of its members to deny the opposition ammunition to attack it, instead of purging corruption because of the danger it posses to our corporate existence. 

It is like doing nothing while one’s house is on fire and expecting to salvage anything from the house. 

Corruption is a disease that is destroying Nigeria from within and requires systemic treatment that will reach all parts of it’s body. 

It will not respond to preaching, fasting and praying alone, even though they have their place. 

It will not respond to rebranding, transformation agenda or next level if the motive is not sincere and the leaders leaders involved in corruption. 

Selective and half hearted attempt made by the government to give the impression that something is being done, when the government has no real intention of fighting corruption will not suffice. 

The government and the people will have to unit against corruption and empower and support the appropriate institutions to bring this scourge under control. 

Whatever we do, if we are honest and sincere about fighting corruption, must include mechanism for holding our politicians, police and army officers and all our leaders accountable while still in office. 

The system must be robust enough to enable tribunal to summon the president, governors and legislators to give evidence under oat in a public enquiry. 

Because of the amount of tribunals that has been set up, It would seem reasonable for the government to consider setting up one public judicial inquiry into corruption in Nigeria, where all the witnesses will give evidence under oat so that Nigerians can get to the root of corruption and decide the best way and manner to address it. 

It will also provide a national catharsis for the people to vent their feelings and revulsion in a civilised manner by watching those who they believe are behind this disease held accountable publicly before being subjected to due process. 

This is the civilised alternative to bloody revolution like the one that took place in Libya and still unfolding in Syria. 

Meanwhile, the police should be purged of criminal elements and allowed to continue their normal duty of investigating offences and crimes and brining law breakers and criminals to justice. 

The army should be purged of Islamic terrorists and modernised and turned into a democratic army under the rule of law and accountable to the court. 

All responsible Nigerians, who are working in various sectors and past and present Nigerian politicians and military leaders should be invited to give evidence. 

This is one way of clearing the current mess. 

The government should give the assurance that at the end of the inquiry that it would implement all its recommendations. 

This is one way of moving things forward and generating the necessary interest needed for democracy to flourish.

If not, at this rate, there are going to be more tribunals investigating allegations and counter allegations of bribery than the number of local government areas in Nigeria and the cost implication will be very huge. 

The government should show leadership by providing initiative and direction out of this vicious circle of corruption, lack of development, abuse of power and office, impunity and corruption. 

Nigeria cannot move forward when an over bloated and over paid and corrupt national assembly is bugged down with investigation of allegations of impropriety, and the police force whose duty it is to determine when offence or crime has been committed and bring prosecution against suspects, is in league with organised crime and the criminal fraternity. 

We have to accept the way such matters are addressed in developed countries and then seek ways to make it better. 

Nigeria cannot reinvent the wheel in the fight for corruption. All we can do, is start with what has worked in other countries and then, mortify it to suit our culture and values. 

No Nigerian will experience true happiness and self pride, unless we have a good government based on the rule of law which respects due process. 

The Government of Mohammadu Buhari has no excuse for it’s inaction against corruption. He may not have created the Nigerian problems as he has argued, but he was elected to do something about it and this he is not doing. 

The president should remember that the only right way to exercise power is to use it to do good or fight evil. 

The choice is Buhari’s’, it is his watch, and as at today; he is the president of the Federal corruption Republic of Nigeria and the commander in Chief of Nigerian arm forces and the buck stops at his desk. 

Mr President you are responsible for the quality of leadership in Nigeria today. 

By E O Eke

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