Pastors! Enough of Insults.


Daddy Freeze reminds me of Charles Hopst a Choreographer who won the John Player golden dance competition in 1985 and went ahead to represent Nigeria abroad.

Charles as a catwalk instructor helped to coach contestants in Miss Delta Pageant where I took charge as franchise holder in the 90s with my friend Alex Oyoro. Half Itsekiri and half European, Charles was a good friend until he passed on December 9th ,2015 in Lagos.

He was handsome and diminutive like Freeze but more agile. Today Freeze a broadcaster, cuts an image as the most trenchant critic of Nigerian pastors. He has disdain for their flamboyance. The liberty of free speech permits his thoughts. But sometimes he over dramatizes his tantrums. He condemns tithes. He mocks pastors.

Freeze has face off with a pastor David Ibiyeomie, over his attacks on the founder of Living Faith Church, David Oyedepo.

When Redeemed’s Eunoch Adeboye in a birthday joy said he feels the presence of God on his breakfast table in Lagos, Freeze dismissed it as nonsensical. He tweeted that the Pastor should have taken selfie with God to show Nigerians.

Freeze labels pastors like Oyedepo and Adeboye exploitative, vain and ostentatious. It is not necessarily what he says but how he engages them – cheeky, combative and foul.

Yes, there is a scam “Pastor King”. But there are many fair pastors in Nigeria.

Pastors are not mortals. They can be engaged. Only God has unquestionable authority. But takes on pastors must be within the bounds of decency. Interrogate if you must but enough of insults!

Freeze wants Christians to stop reading King James Version of the Bible because the book describes “ Satan as Lucifer” which according to him is false and misleading. Lucifer he claims is not the same as satan!

The truth is that the voice of dissent in matters of Islam is cautious in Nigeria. Dare an imam! Again, no human situation is flawless. Not all Imams are fair. There are bad apples in every bunch.

Violent protests hit several cities in the North in 2002 because a ThisDay columnist Isioma Daniels published a story considered offensive to the personality of prophet Mohammed.

Nigeria was about to host Miss World pageant first time in history, with the arrival of beauty queens from over 80 countries in Abuja. Isioma wrote in admiration of the bevy of beauties that Prophet Mohammed would have chosen one of them as a “wife”. Heresy!

The article sparked off huge fire as youths in the North went angry that a journalist dare link Mohommed to romance. Over 100 people died in kaduna while about 4,000 were hospitalized. Muslim clerics wanted her beheaded. It is a death wish to challenge the Koran.

In 1989, Iranian leader,Ayatollah Komeini placed a death sentence on a British -Indian writer called Salman Rushdie and ordered Muslims around the world to kill him. His offence – he published a book seen as blasphemous to Islam. Killings and bombings across the world were the reactions that greeted the novel. Rushdie has been in hiding till this day.

This is where Freeze and his ilk come to the table. The liberal nature of the Christian faith must not be taken for football. You can’t play games with the divine!

In angst, Pastor Ibiyeomie has questioned the paternity of Freeze for attacking Oyedepo and some other Christian clerics, dismissing his broadcasting career as a no job, poor job!

Nonetheless, the loose tongue of Freeze cannot be a leeway for Ibiyeomie’s name calling and slight on broadcasting.

Imagine Nigeria, the world without NTA, AIT, CHANNELS, CNN, ALJAZEERA, BBC, Radio and TV stations? Hopeless and dark.

Pastor Ibiyeomie is best known as a televangelist – a status gained from broadcasting.

His church thrives because there is media. Oh yes the media amplifies the grace.

For Freeze, he must free himself from garrulity and temper his extremism.

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