Politically, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is delineated into the north, the southwest, the southeast and the south-south. The north is further divided into the core north and the rest. The core north comprised the states of Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Zamfara, Kaduna and much lately; Borno. These states (apart from Borno) captured the former Hausa Bokwai of folklore and they indeed dictate the political direction for the entire region! 

Within the core north, there is also the place of religion in the political permutations and, that has since given every right to dictate and direct the tone of the entire region unto the Muslim majority to the extent that core northerners of Christian beliefs (who are obviously in their minority) scarcely even made it as governors and/or deputy governors a times. Therefore, it is safe to say that the politics of the north, being dictated by the core north are directed by the Muslims. 

Having established this fact, I dare say (without apologies now) that if the UAE’s very progressive economy is dictated and directed by Muslims; why or what is the reason for the North’s insistence on remaining the sinkhole of Nigeria instead of becoming a partner in progress? For since the dethronement of former Emir Sanusi II of Kano, a number of interesting attributes about the core north has been thrown open for possible discussion. 

The core north – as the biggest beneficiary of whatever accrued to the region since independence, by the way – has remained unapologetically adamant to the collective aspirations of the northern region to rid itself of poverty, educational and social backwardness. Like folly set in the place of power, the core north defiantly stands on the country’s wheel of progress with a mindset that social or industrial change must wait for them, just as independence was as soon as possible for them! 

First, by applauding the removal of the Emir – who by the time of his dethroning, had transformed into an emissary of cosmopolitanism and social re-engineering – the core north (in my humble opinion) has stated in a clear and unequivocal term their opposition to decency, decorum, egalitarian society, westernization and above all an end to polygamy cum Almajiri system. 

And that they’ll fight anyone, whoever and whatsoever stands or attempted to stand in the way of their adamant insistence on remaining the federation’s sinkhole. Thus, prompting the question: Could the core north be arrogantly ignorant of contemporary realities challenging the already obsolete and highly overdue-for-a-change system of running Nigeria? It was one dethronement that is heavily loaded with coded messages. 

It is no longer news that Nigeria as presently constituted functioned on the principle of a monkey-dey-work-baboon-dey-chop basis for a number of reasons as I adduced. First, the quest to drop the quota system and adopt the principle of merit on the basis of federal character continues to suffer defeat. Second, the drive to replace the monthly federal allocation to states with resource control and state sustainability has failed time and again. 

But with the Zamfara state goldmine, the core north chose to claim it for the region instead of letting it go into the possession of the federal government of Nigeria. They prefer it become the cause for unrest in the state or even the region rather than concede like the Niger Delta oil had. Third, the agitation for a state/community policing mechanism as against the model of sending police personnel into territories they knew so little about is gasping for breath. 

In all these, the core north has relied on its ability to coalesce and politicize everything they want to stop, to continue to foist their unproductive and economically barren ideas on the federation. This is wrong particularly given the fact that (as the Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us) any society’s common enemy was poverty, disease, natural disaster, hunger and social inequality. 

So rather than seek to inconvenience people of other faith or tribe with one’s deficiencies, it was wise to accept the reality that the core north is simply backward and for this reason, it should seek to grow itself socioeconomically to the point where the other federating units are instead of seeking to retain federal power. If not for the fact that Africans do the opposite of what saner people do; why will an economically backward region be ruling the federation? 

Just look at the way they went about disbursing the so-called conditional cash transfer. If the Covid-19 pandemic is truly taken seriously, why is the government not interested in using the BVN code of the citizens to transfer monies? You arraigned Funke Akindele for violating a weird social distancing executive utterance and you go about calling Nigerians to queue up for a gift of 20,000 naira! Why does government not fumigate the federation or provide palliatives to complement the lockdown? Nigeria’s star will never shine as long as these corrupt and clueless leaders are in charge. 

While I do not campaign for the PDP, I still believed that if the PDP had given Dr. Jonathan the needed support to continue or had put Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Dankwambo; the story of our economy would’ve been better and different today. But if we say let’s hope for a miracle with this APC; hey no hassles, by every means let’s keep hoping! Soon, in less than 4 years from now APC will pass and so will to restructure pass by. 

I think it was time we asked the Muslims of the core north why the core north has continued make Islam to look like it was akin to a political weapon, to misbehavior, to illiteracy, to backwardness, to ignorance, to poverty, to living off the destitute, to looting and crass corruption and in opposition to western cultures. For if we go by what the Muslims in the United Arab Emirate are doing to drive their economy; these guys back home deserved to be stoned! 

Comrade Ifeanyichukwu Mmoh

An advocate for attitudinal change. 

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