The cold blooded murder of members of Nigerian elite police leading the war against kidnapping by some Nigerian soldiers in the pay toll of the kingpin, exposes the sordid state of affairs within Nigeria security apparatus. 

It shows a security system in Meltdown and a country that has lost its way. Who could ever think of soldiers siding with Fulani terrorists and kidnapers against police? 

It is an absurdity, which is predictable, when a security force abandons professionalism and excellence for sectarianism and nepotism. 

For years, commentators have screamed about the lawless way and manner Nigeria army operates. The lack of respect for the rule of law and individual liberty. The corruption of senior army offices that see defense budget stolen and soldiers not provided with the equipment they need. The impunity and extrajudicial killing and more, but the government has kept quiet. 

On coming to power, Buhari focused on creating an army that would be loyal to his Fulani and Islamic agenda. Consequently, his first action was to retire many senior officers who are not Moslems and not from the north. 

Since then, professionalism in the army has been on a downward spiral. The army engages in python and crocodile dances, which involves intimidating unarmed civilians in regions, where people are peacefully demanding for change, while protecting Fulani terrorists and treating Boko Haram with kid gloves. This has resulted in the killing of many innocent Nigerians. 

It is obvious that Brutari has deliver just such an army in which senior army officers side with terrorists and criminals against a dedicated police team. 

With this blatant evidence of criminality at senior level in the Nigerian army, there must now be a public judiciary inquiry into how the Nigerian army is run and it’s complicit in terrorism and kidnapping. Nothing else will suffice. 

What is glaring is that Criminality and sectarian agenda is damaging every aspect of the Nigerian society. 

Criminals in the police and army are taking advantage of the sectarian policies of the Buhari Administration to pursue their activities. The Nigerian army today, reminds me of the Nigerian police in Bendel state during the time of Anini, Osumbo and the criminal minded deputy inspector of police Iyamu. 

An army sanitized of professionals from other ethnic group has become an echo chamber, where criminal minded senior officers, like Captain who is alleged to have masterminded the murder of the police men can virtually do anything. 

The killing of these brave policemen and others, is an opportunity to ride the army and police of criminal elements, which should not be wasted. 

The army arrests and detains whoever it wants. It treats some soldiers as cattle, burying them without informing their families and refusing to answer questions about their whereabouts. 

The defunct position of the army is to deny every accusation and believe that is an explanation. This is a lawless army, which takes the law into its own hands. 

The Nigerian army defends the detaining of family members of soldiers suspected of stealing N400m. This is the height of impunity, abuse of statutory position and lawlessness. 

The detaining of fleeing soldiers’ wives and children is unconscionable. Nigerian politicians steal billions and not one of their hairs are touched, talk less of arresting any of their family members who benefit from the proceeds of crime. 

It is as wrong as it is unlawful and uncivil for Nigerian army to detain wives and children of suspects and turn a blind eye to criminals in its rank and file. 

This is barbaric and a violation of the fundamental rights of the individuals. It reflects the level of decay of training, enlightenment and professionalism in Nigeria army. 

Nigerian soldiers should be taught that the rule of law does not include arbitrary use of power because of the intention of the person in power. 

They should be trained in civility and professional conduct and then bring the brutalization of soldiers in the name of military training to an end . 

Nigerian army has neither right nor justification to arrest and detain family members of suspects. Indeed, it has no right to bury soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in unmarked graves like dogs to hide its failure in the war against terror. 

The army has no right to investigate crimes. These are the functions of the police in a democracy. 

Where in this world, does an army bury its fallen heroes in the night without the knowledge of the family of the dead soldiers and find excuse to harass family member of soldiers when soldiers are suspected of committing crimes? 

Of course in Nigeria, where Buhari believes that he is above the law, the army belongs to the north and only soldiers from the north matter. 

This is an army that can do a python dance in Igbo land. where there are no armed groups, but cannot do a simple cow dance against Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen who carry arms illegally and commit crimes against humanity. 

All these exposes the dishonesty of the government in the war against Fulani herdsmen terrorism. They also say that the Buhari’s government refuses to abandon his Miyetti Allah agenda and declare Fulani herdsmen behind these terror evidence its complicity. 

The Plan if the Buhari government would seem to be to allow Fulani terrorists, disguised as herdsmen to infiltrate all parts of Nigeria and continue to kill unarmed Nigerians, while ensuring that the army and police do not act to protect the people. This is politics of subterfuge and intimidation and the ultimate betrayal any leader is capable. 

What did Buhari tell Yoruba leaders during their recent meeting? 

Buhari did not talk about bringing the perpetrators of the terror in the region, the Fulani herdsmen, responsible for the bloodletting and those behind them to justice. This is the first thing any honest leader would say and determine to do. 

Buhari did not say that the Fulani terrorists have no right to do what they are doing. Buhari did not say that Fulani herdsmen have no right to carry arms. 

Buhari did not talk about disarming Fulani terrorists. Buhari did not talk about holding Miyetti Allah to account for sponsoring a terrorist group. 

Buhari did not talk about the victims of the heinous crimes of his kinsmen, Fulani terrorists. A fair and honest President would, first, do all of the above. 

But, Buhari is talked about using air force and cameras to solve the problem of Fulani terrorism. What? What would cameras do? Capture pictures of Fulani herdsmen killing people and burning down villages? 

How can anybody take Buhari serious, when not even single Fulani herdsmen arrested so far have been brought to justice and no one knows how they are released after arrest. 

Cameras operate in societies which have respect for the rule of law. The camera will only be another excuse for the government to budget money that will end in the pockets of the usual suspects, while fake camera would be mounted by the road sides. 

Even if the most unlikely thing happens, that real cameras are mounted to capture visual evidence of crimes by Fulani herdsmen terrorists, what stops Fulani terrorists from destroying the camera or staging their operation where there are no cameras?

There is no real thought behind these strategies. Buhari must think Nigerians brainless. Why won’t he, since he can convince them that he holds qualifications that were never awarded to him. 

The second question is, what happened to the police and army, which can arrest, disarm Fulani terrorists and bring them to justice. This is what obtains in honest societies under the rule of law. 

There is no honest attempt by Buhari to use existing infrastructure and system to address the issue. 

A prominent future of Buhari’s complicity in Fulani terrorism in Nigeria has been his refusal to allow statutory organizations to exercise their constitutional duties under his watch. The constant attempt to centralize power and control everything. 

Buhari’s tactics is masterly inactivity so that the Fulanis can complete their takeover of vast areas of land in Nigeria. He is pushing obnoxious and objectionable legislations through the National Assembly to take control of all land and water resources in Nigeria . 

It is very sad that a leader of a multiethnic nation can be so brazenly sectarian and those suffering cannot speak out. 

Nigerian legislators are not passing bills that would make Nigeria better. They are deceiving the people and making laws that protect them from accountability and advance sectarian agendas. 

Many of the senators stole from Nigeria and Buhari is using what he knows to control then. 

It is called compromat politics. If a politician tries to speak out, the DSS or EFCC are sent after him with evidence of his corruption. The person is harassed and he goes quiet. 

The bills that would free the civil service, police and army from political control are not being attended to. The bills that would stimulate regional competition by devolution of powers through restructuring are not being passed. 

The bills that would make it impossible for politicians not to steal are not being passed. 

The bills that would prevent abuse of power by politicians, police and army are not being passed. 

The bills that would give the judiciary the independence it needs and make prosecution of corruption cases easy are not being passed. 

The bills that would ensure that police army and the government are held accountable by the people are not being passed. 

The bills that would hold those behind Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen Terrorism accountable are not being passed. 

What is being passed are useless bills, which would add no value to the lives of ordinary Nigerians. Bills which would add nothing to the status quo and only make it difficult to hold corrupt leaders to account. 

The government and legislators are not talking about how to educate, house, and feed millions of Nigerians. They are not talking about how to provide affordable health care service to all Nigerians. 

As long as they steal enough to buy big houses all over the world, acquire expensive cars, keep underage mistresses, educate their children overseas, travel abroad for medical care and graduation of their children they are satisfied. They do not care that they contribute nothing to improvement of quality of life in Nigeria and enlightenment. 

Nigeria is under a very rapacious and amoral generation that have ever exercised power over their fellow men. 

This cannot continue. Nigerians must rise up for change that will bring justice, liberal democracy, rule of law, accountability, equality and peaceful coexistence. This is the only way. 

Only a public Inquiry into the way Nigerian army and police operate, the abandonment of islamisation and Fulani domination agenda and restructure of Nigeria under a new constitution, will save Nigeria. 

By E O Eke 

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