Meet the first Nigerian, whose company introduced the first Smartphone in the country – Dr Nicholas Okoye


He also co-founded Transcorp at the age of 34

Dr Okoye is a graduate of Applied Micro Biology and Genetic Engineering gained from the Anambra State University of Technology, he has also studied at professional and executive level extensively at Harvard Business School, Harvard Extension School, London Business School and the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration, Honoris Causa from the Enugu State University for which he was recognized as the most outstanding alumni.

Dr. Nicky Okoye is the President and CEO of the Anabel Group of Companies, which includes the Anabel Leadership Academy, Anabel Investor Relations, Anabel Capital and Anabel Technology. Dr Nicky Okoye is also a principle partner in the Clairvoyance Fund, a New York City based investment fund focused on Africa. Anabel group was the first company to manufacture a mobile device in Africa.

Dr Nicky Okoye was a co-founder and formation Chief Executive of Transcorp Plc, Nigeria’s first attempt at building a global conglomerate; he was subsequently appointed Transcorp’s first Group Executive Director Operations by the board. He led the acquisition of several operating units for Transcorp plc, making Transcorp Plc one of the fastest growing corporate Institutions in Nigeria’s corporate history. Dr Nicky also led the funding exercises for Transcorp Plc, raising over one billion dollars within a 6 months period, which was then recorded as one of Nigeria’s most remarkable corporate fund-raising exercises in the history of the Nation’s capital markets.

Dr Nicky Okoye is one of Africa’s most profound speakers on Business Development Strategy, National Development Strategy, Global Capital Strategy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development Strategy and Peak Performance.

Source: 100 Achievers.

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