Let’s do it together and make the world a better place.


Out of desires, come dreams; out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Our dominant aspirations have ways of affecting our thought processes; our persistent thoughts mold our views and affect our actions. We see what we look out for – and get what we give. Everyone gives what he has in abundance so the troubled soul radiate troubles while the peaceful give peace.

We walk the talk; we work and pray, hoping for the best, and we can go extra miles in search and pursuit of the best for ourselves and our relations. But somewhere in the continuum of desires and wishes, exist negative forces with destructive tendencies. While we wish the best for ourselves, some of us can go to any length with evil machinations to pull others down; destroying life and property in the process as long as they are not at the receiving end. Some people have penchant to destroy what they cannot benefit from however good and ennobling such might be. This is not the route to good success and should be avoided. It does not make sense to destroy what one cannot make. A critical analysis of life has shown that pulling someone down won’t really push the puller up. Extinguishing someone’s light can never illuminate your darkness nor increase the intensity and brightness of your own light. Another person’s success cannot deprive you of your own. Killing someone can never add an extra second to the life span of the killer. Every life unjustly wasted is a minus and can only add to the pool of negativity. There is always irreparable loss when someone dies but it is only those affected that can feel the pains.

The world is big enough to accommodate all of us, and we can honestly provide our needs without threat, competition or fear of domination when we go out to seek solution not sympathy. Your chosen profession, trade or occupation needs more divergent people for a better outlook and net worth so stop that idea of monopoly and fear of healthy competition. Embrace others for the beauty of creation. Greed only comes with primitive limitations; mischief blurs creative drive. No one can have it all. Humanity is one. We are interdependent.

We are the people and can only thrive in the midst of others. More is merrier; together is better. It is in relating with others well that we harness our potentials; in uplifting others, we get to the top safely at the right time. We learn by teaching others; we grow by empowering and equipping people for greatness. What we give is actually what we multiply and every multiplication yields fruits in multiple folds so we need each other and one another to explore life and do real exploits.

Opening the hands allows for expansion. Showing little kindness is a priceless act for love that guarantees genuine peace of mind. The hand that gives never lack even in times of scarcity and want because giving is the only way to getting treasures without measure – and no one can out give Nature which is the fountain of all things – so give and learn to give your most precious belonging and see what will happen thereafter. The more you give, the more you would be blessed.

The best competition is to compete with yourself but if such competition is not healthy, productive and edifying, it doesn’t worth it so don’t engage into it. Waste no time for destructive ideas; avoid every thought process that will put you on the negative path; don’t use any device that can lure you into wasteful acts; dissociate from every company that is capable of deliberately leading you into temptation. Evil communications corrupt good manners; bad friends impact negatively and lead to destruction.

Your best can only manifest when you unselfishly go out to solve problems and make peaceful coexistence possible. You beautify the world when you put a smile on someone’s face. You fulfill a purpose when you add value to life. Never cease from giving a helping hand to those in need. Strive to providing solutions to problems. The world will get better when you go out to impact your generation positively at the right time and space without expectation of rewards that would invariably come when least expected. It pays to build than to destroy. Accommodation ensures protection and preservation.

Let it not be your wish to prosper at the expense of another person as there are consequences for doing so. Let it not be your experience to constipate from overfeeding when many people scavenge and starve to death. In praying and working for success, don’t deliberately cause someone to bend his head in pains and cry. Don’t allow your success to be a source of worry and sorrow to another person. Don’t use your blessings to suppress others and promote unhealthy strife.

No one can own the world. No one is self-sufficient. No one is indispensable. Everyone comes for a purpose. We are all important but for a while. At the appointed time, we reach our peak and thereafter decline and die. No one can reign for too long; no one can live forever. When it is inevitable to go, be glad to kiss and say goodbye but don’t forget that this will only be possible when there is no regrets, no secret confessions and no restitution to be made. Be at peace with yourself and others. Appreciate life for what it is – life. Like the covenant of day and night, it is ups and downs experience that makes life worth living.

Study life on the straight line of the past, the present with a peep into the future and tell yourself how far and how well you have gone using those before you as compass? Were you to score yourself, what will be your mark using your secret thoughts and actions when no one’s watching as yardsticks?

Hug yourself; clean your eyes; dust the past, maximize the present and continue. We all have our past so move on. Life is only but a voyage – make it fun, impactful and memorable. Live in such a way that you consciously and deliberately leave no one in pains by your conducts and actions; relate freely so as not to connive with anyone to serve evil buffet to someone not even your worst enemy; be free in your soul that you can live to the full, having along good success with peace of mind. Don’t be economical with the truth else you aid and abate evil consciously or unconsciously; don’t choose the path of silence for political correctness because you are not involved as harvest time will always come where even silence would be rewarded. Seek the truth, and when you find it, speak it loud and clear to set the records straight and set the captive free.

My recommendations, my prescriptions for peaceful coexistence are for everyone including myself. Therefore, it is not my wish to be a clog in the wheel of progress of humanity. It’s not my wish to pull anyone down as such can by no means push me up an inch; it’s not my wish to put red tapes and landmines on someone else’s route for doing so cannot in anyway shorten the distance of my journey; it’s not my wish to put off another person’s light because such act will never increase the intensity and brightness of my own light. Whatever the circumstance, no one’s success can stop my own success at the appointed time and space. Though my best may not necessarily be the best but within the limits of my ability, I strive to beautify the world and make things bright and beautiful for the common good of all.

Instead of wasting time and energy to curse darkness, get a candle and light it. Let’s do it together and make the world a better place.

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