Let’s Assume it’s still Goodluck Eberechukwu Jonathan in power.


It was President Jonathan that is in power now that COVID 19 is happening and we have recorded over 1000 cases and 35 deaths yet he kept quiet and started sharing money in his home states of Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta. 

I’m very sure by now, the Nigerian media houses would have torn him to pieces. 

Some people would have gone to occupy Gani park. 

Nigerian town criers: some of the Yorubas, would have taken it upon themselves to ask the national assembly to impeach him for incompetence and sloppy approach to the pandemic and would have asked him to relocate to the COVID 19 testing centre. 

The North would have gone to America telling them that Coronavirus was introduced by GEJ to wipe out the North considering the alarming death rate that is going on in Kano at the moment. 

Wole Soyinka would have gone back to writing books, abusing Patience Jonathan. 

Some misguided elements in the Niger Delta like Amaechi (the Efulefus) would have joined forces with enemies of Jonathan to ensure he is pushed out of power. 

Some elements that call themselves “Save Nigeria Group” would have been jumping up and down fighting him. 

But today, everywhere is silent we all are maintaining social distances, social quietness, sealed lips, murmuring in our bedrooms and blaming nature. 

What a set of people! Deceiving themselves! 




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