The event of the past few days is not only gathering momentum and promising to be indelible in our chequered Political history, but another dent on a world acknowledged someone’s usually dented Curriculum Vitae – CV.

As a matter of fact, this is the only time Nigerians are perfectly witnessing and embracing a two-in-one (“change” & “next level”) embodiment of suffering they dropped on us, before blackmailing selves into office.

Isn’t it a vindication of our pre-2015 refusal to endorse an unsubstantiated sloganeering of something that is now evidence of a Country that was irredeemably headed for a precipice at the time?

One can pretend as he wishes, or wish away the reality as he deems necessary; but thinking that Nigerians are not protesting against Buhari and his incompetent cabal, maybe a pointer that one needs more strategic tutorials than imagined.

I learnt that this kind of protests have consistently followed every Government that Buhari was involved in, and this couldn’t have been an exception, with yours sincerely – loving the protest and will continue to do so – irrespective of my earlier indifference.

Let me also state that the silence of the ruling party is no longer golden as what we saw and cried before 2015 Election is now staring us in the face; and the same thing we protested against, while a good number of us protesting today were engaged in online gossips and relationships counselling, is now staring us in the face. But no matter how we look at it, no time is too late and, “small shit a shit”.

I am beginning to feel happy that the pump price of Patrol was brazenly hiked to stretch our endurance capacity to its elastic limit to add to the woes of obnoxious Tariffs and Bank charges, in the midst of voodoo economic policies; while the Labour organizations played the same sycophantic and hypocritical roles they normally play, with the mindset that it is business as usual.

This “godly” negligence on the part of labour was one of the cataclysms that aggravated the spontaneous protest against an established culture of impunity and brazen display of brute that is done to cover a criminally lopsided structure and unmitigated incompetence, insensitivity and nepotism, in the face of hunger and starvation, as induced by nebulous policies that the youths chose to nickname #ENDSARS.

In fairness to all: it is not as if the previous administrations were fantastic in my estimation, neither is the entire blame on the present government, but Buhari’s body language represents what a one-Nigeria can never be; and comparatively too, the previous administrations should be branded saints because they were not only able to manage the system and give it a human face, but we warned about the danger inherent in the reoccurrence of afflictions in our body-politics, which was vehemently rejected leading to branding most of us as wailers, or People who saw no avenue to loot.

The question should be: “How are the mighty fallen” to the extent that the wailers of yesteryears have automatically turned to hailers of today, and vice versa.

Realistically, Nigerians have so suffered and endured so unconscionable as a result of devil-may-care policies that are perfectly tailored with expired excuses that are garnished with blame games, as if excuses can put food on our tables.

How can you relax in the confines of a Rock somewhere with free food and free everything to tell us about building a nation while watching the people you claim to build the Nation for, as they resort to suicide as the only solution to the ever compounding woes in their very existence.

Yes, SARS has been brutal and lawless without caution, which is another evidence of incompetence in leadership and may have triggered the protest, but in reality, what gave the Protest the momentum is hunger and the regrettable reality that a figure-head is still in a Government that has no President, but the “Presidency”.

This Government did not only expose their unpreparedness for leadership but displayed a whole lot of insensitivity by increasing everything beyond the reach of the common man, at a time the entire world is providing their citizens with palliatives and financial bailouts to cushion the excruciating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic induced Lockdown,

That they could choose such a time to hit us below the belt with excuses that lack legal or moral rationalization is a confirmation that they have no business in power, and the youths are indirectly making the statement to be loud and clear.

From the inexplicable Bank charges to Electricity Tariff, down to a criminal and insensitive hike in Pump Price of Petrol in the face of unaffordable prices of food items – this they did with total conviction that the youths will either remain “Lazy” in conformity with His Excellency’s foreign policy diatribe, or the usual happiest creatures on the planet.

You created a wishy-washy agricultural policy that is the dumbest on the planet, where prices of food are headed to the rooftop only to come back to inundate us with excuses as if those things were not in existence before you embark on agitation for power.

Like I wrote earlier, the years of other administrations may not be the standard we expected, but a Bag of Rice going from 7k in 2015 to 37k in 2020 is at best, suicidal and a picture of leadership disaster, because these people are yet to tell us why we must engage or eat one Local Rice nonsense that is neither available nor affordable to be self-reliant in an economy that has refused to and will never bounce back so long as they are in office.

Why a bag of Local Rice in 2020 will sell for six times the price of a foreign Rice in 2015 is a question these magicians must answer, because they can’t expect us to be the lubricants of their gross incompetence and economic abracadabra.

The borrowing is incessant; the debts are rising, while infrastructure is responding to the negative. We painfully hear about a borrowing plan for a railway to Maradi that is practical of no benefit to common sense.

We learnt about huge sums of money expended in the North in search of elusive Crude, at a time the price of Oil is going South and these were made possible because we have a lopsided National Assembly that finds it easy to approve what the ”Presidency” says without recourse to its advantage to Nation building.

With the previous minimum wage of 18k, one was able to buy 3 bags of 50kg Rice at a go. But today, what we hear is “tighten your belt, with an “online mammy water” none implementable minimum wage of 30k that can neither cook a pot of soup nor buy a single bag of 50kg Rice and you expect the Youths to relax at home and clap while you enjoy choice wine, choice houses, choice hospitals, choice Airplane and choice everything.

You met the report of the Constitutional Conference and stood on top of it.

You promised restructuring, but blocked it from afar.

You mentioned diversification of the economy but has remained mum and squandering what previous administrations laboured for.

You talked about Local Government autonomy but indirectly blackmailed it.

You met Electoral Reforms but stood it down. What were you expecting?

It suffices to conclude that one good thing about our history is that Buhari was given the unfettered access to become a democratically elected President of Nigeria, without which he would have been the best President we never had; while the good thing about the ongoing protest is that his self-acclaimed invincibility that serially inspires the audacity to disrespectfully carry out activities that lack Human face, had been deflected like a balloon.

Having said the above, it is time to itemize our grievances so that the Government will not be of the mindset that our major problem is the so-called murderous SARS who are ordinary tools in their hands.

In addition to the call for a People’s Constitution, Judicial Reform, Electoral Reform, Civil Service reform, End to a criminal Quota System, reduction in the Cost of Governance, freedom of speech and association, Health Sector Reform, Education Sector Reform and end to the State of Origin Requirement, plus Transparency in Government businesses, a speedy reversal of some of the economic policies of this administration that is giving Nigerians the harrowing experience of a lifetime should be paramount: the Naira can no longer buy a thing in the market – and at this rate, if not for money transfers, men may be forced to use a Trailer to load NIGERIAN NAIRA if they want to buy a bag of 50kg Rice in the Market, especially when a pressing Iron I bought for 2k while in School is now selling for 15k.

It must be noted that I deliberately refused to say anything about the insecurity that was a cardinal electioneering promise. But you all should end this insensitivity and incompetence by opening up the borders or someone should abdicate the throne.

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