Is Nigeria drifting back to the stone age?


The world is growing into a global village where civilization is turning on the light on every nook and cranny of life. Science and technology is holding sway and life is becoming ever easier and comfortable. 

The most important area of improvement is in the area of human Rights. One can easily engage in tursle even with the federal government without fear or favor. 

But point your touchlight on Nigeria, fear will grip you. I don’t want to enter into the details of what Nigerians are undergoing because all of us know what it is like to be a Nigerian. 

My area of interest is what the custom personnels are doing on our roads. It’s true that the government is trying it’s best to checkmate the influx of illegitimate goods into the country, but this has turned the entire country into a land of butchery where defenceless innocent citizens have become the hunted and the armed custom men have become the predators and hunters. 

Formally, if you buy your goods from Lagos traveling to kontagora or Minna, you will pass about 5 docile custom checkpoints who rarely check your goods. But now armed by the government with live ammunitions new cars and shameless audacity, the custom checkpoints have spread themselves into about 25 voracious points. 

Each checkpoint demanding a futune from drivers and goods owners at gunpoint. If you object to their demands, under the guise of checking your goods,they cut the ropes with knives and destroy the bags and cartons used to organize these goods at the point of purchase. In which case, the helpless victim has no choice but to dance to their tune and acquiesce to their demands. 

So it’s obvious that Nigeria is rapidly retrogressing to the of the stone age where might is Right. An era where there is no law and life is nasty brutish and short. 

Even if you buy one carton of an item imported in thousands of cartons, the custom personnels will be demanding import duty from you. If you can’t provide the import duty, they will bill you thousands of naira for just that one carton. 

Now tell me please, where will this lone buyer who goes into the market to buy say one carton of maths set or pencil get import duty clearance paper from? 

This is usually after they have systematically and ruthlessly searched and destroyed your goods and found no incriminating or banned goods in it. 

This GMB-APC government has unleashed these voracious wolves and lions called custom on the populace, heavily taxing and shamelessly extorting money from whomever they see on the road. Private car owners are not exempted from these rouges. 

Even with your import duty at hand, they will search through your documents and point out one vain discrepancy from the documents and pin you down on that. 

Are we actually moving forward as a country? How long will these tears of blood fall from the eyes of helpless citizens? Is the government not meant to serve and protect their subjects? 

Nigerian Custom is the worst manace the Nigerian citizens are currently facing. They are worse than Boko Haram Terrorists, Fulani Herdsmen and armed bandits. They are worse because while the others are viewed as outlaws and work undercover, Nigerian custom men enjoy the backing off government and dash around with shameless audacity, brandishing their weapons of destruction even in the face of God. 

May God help us! 



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