The call by Miyetti Allah for the establishment of a Fulani militia in East Nigeria is another clear evidence that the essence of Nigeria has been lost and that the Fulanis are in a conquest mood. 

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It is clear that emboldened Fulani militia and their political wing Miyetti Allah are in buoyant mood. They are asking the government to give them permission to move their killing gang to East Nigeria to continue what they have done in southern Kaduna and Middle belt for years. 

Today, several Villages in the southern Kaduna and Middle belt are occupied by Fulanis from other parts of west Africa and the indigenous population are living in Internally displace people camps. 

What an odious name. How can a people be internally displaced in their country, while the government, army and police stand by and foreigners occupy their ancestral lands? 

This is more than odious. It is a failure of leadership and humanity. Every Nigerian in leadership position, who has stood by, while Buhari facilitated this heinous crime and betrayal of the people should hang his head in shame. 

History will have no pity on these men and women who value the crumbs from the Fulani table than the liberty and dignity of their people. 

Any governor, senator, member of house of Assembly, party member who do not see that Fulanis see Buhari as their opportunity to take over Nigeria is blind deaf and inhuman. 

Nigeria has broken down under the weight of sectarianism and identity politics. 

Buhari unashamedly works for the north and punishes the east, which he excludes from meaningful investment and refuses to give the same opportunity to develop. 

The federal government of Nigeria has refused to give airports and sea ports in East Nigeria the same rights and freedom airports and sea ports have in other parts of the country 

Buhari is focused on securing the primitive life style and beliefs of the Fulanis. He has continued to allow Fulanis to carry arms without licence, while cracking down on Nigerians with legitimate gun licenses. 

Nigeria is dithering on the precipice with armed Fulanis poised to unleash mayhem on the people and take over villages, while the government, army and police stand by. 

It is clear that the Fulanis have the support of the federal government which is working tandem with their agenda, and majority of Nigerians sleep or are simply will fully ignorant. 

For four years, Nigerian security meetings have been conducted in Hausa with all northern members I was told. Often there is a security meeting with only northerners where the real decision is taken. 

It is sad that suspicion, ethnic hatred and religious intolerance seems to have won, which is why Buhari is more interested in developing Niger Republic than ensuring that the East, where the wealth the north exploit is extracted is developed. 

After the last election, I gave up on Nigeria an concluded that Nigeria will be better in my life time. I saw that the south have leaders who do not have what it takes to stop or contain the jihad made government of Mohammadu Buhari 

It is time to tell Buhari and his Fulani gang that enough is enough and that Nigerians can no longer endure their intransigencies and arrogance. 

Every ethnic group in Nigeria must now arm and carry arms like the Fulanis, if Buhari does not dis arm Fulani militia and bring Miyetti Allah to justice. In Buhari, Nigeria has died. 

By E.O. Eke

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