In Benue…


The Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists invaded… destroying villages and mowed down thousands. They displaced those they didn’t kill, occupied their villages and took over their farms.

In desperation, the state attempted to protect her citizens from these Terrorists. The federal regime ordered that the locals be disarmed but nothing was said about disarming the terrorists. The Benue people were confused and asked in bewilderment; “who really ought to be disarmed here?”.

The Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists held sway still. The Benue people relocated to IDP centres while the Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists took over their villages and farmlands. The federal regime declared that “all was now peaceful”. The Benue villagers couldn’t believe their eyes! They asked several questions that couldn’t be answered…

“So no Fulani Herdsman Terrorist would be arrested and prosecuted for the genocide?”
“So we should remain in IDPs while the invaders would have the rights to our villages and farmlands?”
“So we are now displaced people with zero rights in a country we call our own?”

And so many more…

The elders were distressed and the governor depressed. But the 1999 constitution has got them bound hands and feet and has them enslaved in the lands of their forefathers.

Along came a certain man called Gana.

He was said to be a local criminal and a cultist. But whatever he was, he swore that his people would not be enslaved and he must ensure justice was done.

He rallied his people…
And harried the Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists…
He took the war to them…
And set out to displace the invaders…

Mixed bag…he succeeded some and helped the people. It was alleged that he helped himself to some too…but the people didn’t mind…as long as he helped them stave off the Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists!

A time came and the Government felt it had enough. There were negotiations and Gana was granted amnesty. The Fulani would leave the villages and farmlands and Gana would stop harrying them. Deal signed. Gana came out of the jungle and took the amnesty.

On the way to Markurdi for the ceremony and to meet the governor, a detachment of the Nigerian Military accosted the convoy, kidnapped Gana, and shot him!

Whatever crimes he might have committed, there was a deal and an amnesty. And under the International Rules of Engagement in a War Situation, that was a criminal act by the Nigerian State!

Gana was murdered by the state!

So I couldn’t help remembering that amnesty has been granted to several thousands of Boko Haram members… given money, allegedly reintegrated into the society, and foreign scholarships. Boko Haram has never let up any day; as at press time, they’re so powerful now to even declare a sovereign state!

But Gana, who’s crimes was to defend his people, was cowardly pulled out of the vehicle while under the protection of the Law and state government, and murdered in broad daylight!

My dear friend, it has been proved beyond all doubts, that in Nigeria, crime pays. And big crime pays big time!

So decide you today, if you could, never carry arms but if you must fight at all, then fight to the end no matter what; DON’T EVER OPT FOR ANY AMNESTY because you might just end up without your life! Yea, the story of “no Victor, no Vanquished” shall ever remain fresh in our memories! Amnesty with the Nigerian State is meant for only murderous Northern Islamists alone. Every other one is a major scam!

Warts and all, Gana has earned the respect of his people, and a hero has been made of him as he was matyred! But the Nigerian State has been further proved to be an irresponsible entity of colossal demonic dimensions! And shame on the federal regime legalizing official criminality!

In Nigeria, life no just balance!

Think again…fare thee well, Comrade Gana; you’ve put your mark in the Sands of Time. Goodnight, Fighter.

By Baron Roy

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