The Igbo Community Russia condemns in the strongest terms the killing of Igbo Youths holding peaceful meeting in Emene Community, their home town in Enugu State.

Investigation carried out by out team in Emene contradicts the Enugu State Police Commissioner, Mr Ahmed Abdulrahman’s claim in which he described the victims as IPOB miscreants and hoodlums.

The Commissioner claimed that the boys merely clashed with the police and he then paraded some five young men who he referred to as criminals as against telling the world the truth.

He further claimed that two police officers were killed in the clash which makes one to wonder how unarmed civilians would have killed heavily armed and ruthless Nigerian Security forces who are well known for their ruthless suppression of peaceful protesters.

The linked videos clearly showed how a combined team of both the military, police and special forces under the command of the Police Commissioner raided the venue in Emene community where the boys were holding their peaceful and harmless meeting, a constitutional right which they are entitled to as enshrined in the constitution.

From the video, it is clearly seen that the boys had no arms and ammunition as claimed by the Police commissioner neither had they any intention of obtaining one.

The police commissioner has proved the sinister motive of the police to disseminate the Igbos youths by alleging that the youths held two security officers hostage who were members of dreaded DSS – State Security Services hence the mission of the joined military operation of Police and Army were called in to rescue the officers.

But when asked to provide a verifiable proof of his assertion that some two security officers were held in captivity in a building, the Police Commissioner couldn’t.

The Igbo Community Russia believe that all of these allegations call for inquiry and we are calling on Enugu State Governor, Mr. Ugwuanyim to as a matter of priority set up an Independent Judicial Panel of Inquiry to unearth the circumstances behind the killings.

The Independent Judicial Panel of Inquiry shall among other things investigate the following:

  • The youths, were they in a peaceful meeting / gathering or on a street protest?
  • Who invited the police to where the Igbo Youths gathered for their meeting and what information was passed to the police?
  • At the time of raid and consequent killing of some of the youths, were the victims armed? If yes, can the police provide the weapons found on them.
  • On the police’s claimed rampage and sporadic shootings in the air, setting of fire on the road and holding of two DSS security officers hostage in a house.
  • The alleged killing of two persons by the youths as claimed by the police.
  • The alleged setting ablaze an innocent passerby by the police.
  • The alleged hacking down of someone, who from his identity looks like a Fulani man.
  • And why the general opinion by the police that every Igbo youth whether a member of IPOB or not is tagged a militant.

Igbo Community Russia calls on the Inspector General of Police – IGP; Mr Mohammed Adamu to immediately redeploy the Enugu State Police Commissioner, Mr Ahmed Abdulrahman to avoid interference or obstruction of justice in the course of this investigation.

We can recall with nostalgia how joined military operations have been carried out in Igbo land from Enugu to Abakiliki, Aba to Owerri, Nkpor to Ozululu, from Port Harcourt to Asaba and recklessly killing of our unarmed young men and women without any provocation or at the slightest provocation.

We are not unmindful of reports on how SARS break into people’s homes at odd hours and indiscriminately arrest young Igbo men and women, detain them without charging them to courts and most of the occasions murder them in cold blood. We are aware of police extrajudicial killings in Igbo land.

We have discovered in several occasions mass graves in our bushes and decomposed corpses littered around our bushes. We have observed how joint military operations are building checkpoints on every inch of Igbo land and we are unequivocally saying that enough is enough.

It is disheartening to note that Igbo land has become a hunting ground for the Nigerian military. It has become prohibited to gather for any meeting in Igbo land. Igbo land has become a theatre of killings, murders and abductions in a large scale and we are saying that such unsavoury repression of our people will no longer be tolerated again. Igbos will not be tagged a terrorist race. We will never again accept the terrorist tag on Igbos.

We are therefore warning that Igbos worldwide will not fold their hands and watch the military or the government unwarrantedly, tagging the Igbos as terrorists so as to indiscriminately kill our young men and women, this impunity of killing MUST stop.

We seize this opportunity to condole the families of those martyred and we console all Igbos in general and warn that Igbos will stop at nothing to protect Igbo land.


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