I dream of the day …………. By Ayo Akinfe


I dream of the day when Nigeria will send troops into any country where black people are being mistreated to protect them

(1) I will say this 100 times over again that one of the biggest problems the negro has is that as a people we have no protector of the pride. When I look at the way Russia always jumps in to safeguard Slav interests worldwide, the way China saved Korea from total US colonisation and the way Israel brought many Nazi war criminals to trial, it is clear that black people have no champion nation

(2)Nigerians can run but they cannot hide. Whether they like it or not, as the world’s largest black nation, Nigeria has to fly over negroes all across the world like an eagle, swooping to protect them whenever need be. In an ideal world, Donald Trump should be terrified of Nigeria’s reaction at the moment. Just imagine if our aircraft carriers were stationed off the US coast with a threat to either intervene or evacuate blacks people

(3) Just look back in history and see the number of times America has invaded other nations claiming it is doing so to protect its citizens there or to uphold human rights. Have we ever seen the Yanks intervene to protect the rights of blacks people anywhere in planet earth before?

(4) When I look at the way China treated Africans during the recent coronavirus outbreak, the relish with which Indian police beat up Africans and the way Indonesian universities post notices around their campuses telling their women not to date African students, it is clear the negro is regarded as an inferior class of humans by Asians. They have seen how Caucasians treat us and joined the party with delight

(5) Do you know that during the apartheid era, China threatened to bomb South Africa unless its citizens were excluded from racial segregation laws?

(6) I look forward to the day Nigeria will have the clout to tell any nation on earth that it messes about with black people at its peril. If we want to be real, however, we are still a long way from that as we cannot even provide internal security. The African giant needs to wake up and do so fast

(7) When a ragtag army of religious fanatics like Boko Haram can hold Nigeria to ransom, illiterate Fulani herdsmen can terrorise our countryside and bandits can paralyse whole states, it shows how toothless we are. Across the rest of the continent too, we lack the power to stop the murderous killing of blacks in Libya, we are powerless to stop the murder of Anglophone Cameroonians and stand by idly as xenophobic mobs run riot in South Africa

(8) To be honest, for Nigeria to claim her place at the high table of humanity as the champion of the negro, she simply has to merge with some of her African neighbours to create a more formidable giant. Just imagine how scary a Federal Republic of Songhai made up of Nigeria, Benin Republic, Niger Republic and Cameroon would be. I dream of a global super power of 400m people with a GDP of about $15trn, about 10m standing troops and an annual budget of about $2trn

(9) I dream of a nation whose president will be the first to sign a bilateral inter-species deal with the head of a kingdom on another planet in another solar system. I also dream of a country who will be the first to mount inter-galactic space rockets on aircraft carriers so her astronauts can travel to other solar systems at the speed of light from anywhere on earth

(10) I have a dream my people, I have a dream. Unfortunately, the negro dreams too little. We are too preoccupied with the here and now, immediate monetary gratification and going to heaven when we die. None of these interest me in the slightest. I guess that is why I have free space in my hard drive to visualise the future. However, I am 100% certain my dreams will come to pass as I have been to the mountain top and seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with the negro but hey, just as Joseph’s dreams came true, so too shall these!

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