I am totally and completely opposed to Buhari – Femi Fani Kayode declares!


    I am totally and completely opposed to Buhari – Femi Fani Kayode declares! 

    I am totally and completely opposed to Buhari and I shall fight his Government until the day that I die. That is a given. 

    I am also committed to fighting the cause of my people, the Anagos, the sons and daughters of Oduduwa and the people of South Western Nigeria and to, at best, join hands with them to establish our own nation which we shall call Oduduwa Republic or, at worse, defending their interest and bettering their lot in the evil and unworkable contraption called Nigeria. Again that is a given. 

    These two causes are causes that I will NEVER abandon and that I will always hold fast to as long as there is life in me NO MATTER WHAT! I would rather die as a free man than live as a slave. That is essentially my message and my essence as a leader. 

    Having said all that permit me to share the following which is for the profound and not the shallow. 

    The minute a leader allows himself to be dictated to and coerced by his followers he no longer remains a leader: he becomes a prisoner to adulation, a blinkered and impotent fool and a slave to those he purportedly leads. 

    Leaders see far more than their followers do and they cannot and must not be dictated to by those that they lead. 

    The worse thing that can happen to any leader is to be held hostage by a mob and to reason with his emotion rather than his head. 

    Most importantly when a mob believes that they know it all and they can achieve their objectives without being rational, reasonable, civilised, decent or restrained, it is time to distant yourselves from them and allow others to champion their cause. 

    The monster that awaits the rash, the naive, the ignorant, the ungrateful and the unlearned is alive and well. Let them face that monster and fight that battle on their own. After all they know it all and they do not need leaders: they only need themselves. 

    It is very clear to me that history is about to repeat itself in this country and I only feel sorry for those who do not know what that history is. 

    The wise say ‘together we stand but divided we fall’. This is the plain and unadulterated truth. When you make enemies out of tested and trusted friends it never augurs well no matter how useless or inconsequential you think that friend may be. 

    When you despise, insult and mock those who love you and have risked all for you, a price always has to be paid though you may not pay or see it for a while. 

    This is especially so when few are prepared to take you seriously or publicly identify with your cause. 

    Leaders also have hard choices that are not always pleasant or popular to make. I have made mine today. 

    What am I trying to say? Work it out! Shalom. 

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