Happy Mothers’ Day amidst the pandemic! Let’s celebrate the journey of Womanhood!


To mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, sisters, foster moms, adoptive moms, and many who have survived and are thriving on this journey…we send you virtual flowers and hugs for your bravery in “Mamahood.” We often rise and fall as we discover who we are and step into this role that needs an hourly dose of grace to excel in.

Yes, sometimes mothers might even feel ‘lost’ while pondering their identity; but Motherhood is one route that has helped most women find a bigger purpose beyond them. It is a role that has the potential to shape and mould. You are ‘Not Lost, but Found in Motherhood!’ Do you know that mothers save lives? 

Oh yes, moms are part of a serious ‘humanitarian relief’ effort! Children make faces claiming that they are starving (which are frequent during this lockdown). Do you know how many “concoction” meals you have cooked, bought, baked, and warmed up, just to keep children alive? Mothers are also ‘first responders’ tending to injuries and ’emotional’ breakdowns of children! It is amazing how many roles mothers play in one day! 

Motherhood could also provide an outlet to discover new dreams or refine dormant ones. Many women have ‘birthed’ creativity along with family life. Many have found new passions….writing, baking, gift wrapping, school lunch catering, school supply vendors, and an array of new products and services monitored and managed along with family life. The journey of womanhood has detours but we have been blessed with our own unique way of thriving through creativity, flexibility, and adaptability. Motherhood is a path that we choose to take not knowing where it will lead, but trusting that we will thrive just as our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts have done. Ever wondered how they did it? Some washed the family laundry by hand…now you can have a washing machine! God bless the inventors! 

Some moms have taken a break from the workforce to raise a family. They return later with a new zest and passion to grow, and an ‘army’ cheering them; more people in their grandstand motivating them to succeed. Undoubtedly, motherhood comes with personal sacrifices… possibly putting your ambitions, dreams, and desires on hold, but not forgotten, especially when the children are younger. 

Certainly, with a supportive family, mothers can continue to invest in themselves and grow in many other areas of life including career. Every family situation is different; with wisdom, you can work out family and a career.

Today, we celebrate the journey… we celebrate mothers who are often at the frontline of raising a family!

They are “highly essential” home workers! 


By Onyinye Oyedele

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