The army goes to bomb villages and intimidate unarmed villagers living their lives, while Fulani terrorists bring the federal government to her knees begging them to accept money and keep their guns.

The army acts like a homicidal army of occupation without regards for rules and human rights, while the bandits and terrorists act with impunity and tacit support of some people in authority.

The army goes to bomb villages and intimidate unarmed villagers living their lives, while Fulani terrorists bring the federal government to her knees begging them to accept money and keep their guns.

All these say one thing, Nigeria is no longer a country of rule of law and justice as fairness. It is a country whose democracy has been hijacked by the finals to pursue its sectarian interests. Buhari has turned a blind eye to the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen, and excesses of the Nigerian army while defending state-sponsored intimidation and extrajudicial killings by the security agencies in different parts of the country.

There is no justification for what the Nigerian army is doing in Orlu, Imo State, and several parts of the south-east. The explanation of the state government is, to say the least contrived.

If the state government was elected by the people, the governor would have thought of the electoral consequences of inviting the army to attack defenceless villages in the name of looking for faceless security operatives.

But the Governor knows that he owns his term to those who control Nigerian Supreme Court. Therefore, he can act without due consideration.

The actions of both the army and the Imo state government say that Nigerian leaders are not accountable to the people.
It says that Nigeria is a country of godfathers, bandits and compromised politics.

The federal government of Nigeria, instead of enabling the police to enforce the law, uses the police to intimidate and blackmail, especially those in high offices who have committed crimes into doing their bidding. Hence, the normal practice of ‘shaking’ arrest, detain, harass and then discharge.

Today, in Nigeria many politicians who have committed serious crimes are sitting in the Senate and enjoying their loot, while they use the court to prevent being brought to justice.

This is why many of those who represent the south in the National Assembly and the senate are not able to provide the representation the people deserve and hold the federal government to account. The result is that the Nigerian legislature is unable to hold the executive to account creating a democratic dictatorship.

What is unfolding in Nigeria is the conspiracy of fraud and force against the people. A clear demonstration of what happens when democracy is hijacked.

The north has perfected the banditry and terrorist industry. Prominent leaders from the north have no qualms discussing with the bandits and terrorists freely.

Prominent Northern leaders proudly act as negotiators and have no problem locating the bandits and taking selfies with them, while the bandits are carrying their AK47.

We recently watched Sheik Gumi wax lyrical as he defended terrorists and advanced the reason for their crimes against humanity.
Then the Sultan of Sokoto declares, the Boko Haram has become bandits. There is no shortage of northerner defending the evils of terrorism banditry and terrorism. The question is how did these northern leaders come to become defenders of evil.

All these say one thing, that the Nigerian government, is the government of conquerors. A bargain by a group of people to divide powers, profits and privileges amongst themselves. A government which neither derives its powers from the people nor recognises its duties to the citizens. A government that uses the military and police the way colonialists did.

By Fiat, Buhari allowed millions of Fulani herdsmen into Nigeria, where they are behaving as locust, destroying everything, farmlands, ethnic cleansing, engaging in mining, kidnapping and banditry.

These immigrants criminals have created a large kidnapping industry and the military has been unable to bomb their camps and conduct the kind of homicidal operation it frequently finds excuses to conducts in the south-east.

This is a government that sees nothing wrong in sending soldiers to murder peacefully protesters and armless agitators, but unable to bring killer herdsmen to justice and forgive Boko Haram terrorists.

All these are evidence that the government of Nigeria is a conspiracy of fraud and force against the people and no longer fit for purpose.

A government which neither recognises its duties nor rights of the citizens, but believes in using force to advance the whims and caprice of the leaders and his ethnic group.

It is a government that is obsessed with changing the constitution, something no government should attempt to do in a true democracy.

In a true democracy, the people write the constitution with which it is governed and the duty of government is to uphold the constitution.
A government that seeks to change the constitution is like a referee, who seeks to change the rule of the game to benefit the team he supports.

All the bills the Buhari administration has tried to pass, grazing ground, water waybill etc., are bills that serve the sectarian interests of Fulanis, his ethnic group.

I point all these out to demonstrate that at the root of the Nigerian problem is lack of justice as fairness, abuse of statutory powers to pursue sectarian interests, and contempt for the rule of law and due process.

I hope, Nigerians will begin to see the problem for what it is and understand what we all must do and embrace if we want to build a country, where all; irrespective of ethnicity and or religion, can live their lives in peace. Sadly, time is running out for Nigeria as we know it today. 

By E O Eke

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