For some of us who love good things, loving Genevieve Nnaji was such an easy thing to do, and I particularly loved her to the extent of desiring to work with her, but was highly constrained.

Even before I met with my former boss, Genevieve had always been my choice, but had to make do with what I had, with the dream of getting a bit close to her one day, a dream that never came to pass because of the hatred and enmity my former boss had for her.

I sincerely don’t know what it was between them, but the two ladies never saw eye-to/eye, or, to put it better, my former boss never wished to see Genevieve live, and made sure she avoided the sight of her everywhere.

Truth is, my former boss may have been too jealous that a Genevieve Nnaji, a little girl who was playing WAKA-PASS ROLES when she became an instant star could overshadow her to gain high ratings as NUMBER ONE IN AFRICA, and that never went well with her.

At different occasions, when we meet Genevieve on RED CARPETS, my former boss would wait until she was out of the carpet or sometimes, refuses to go on the carpets because of her.

But I nursed the ambition till I passed that stage.

Now, the only challenge I had with that ambition was the fact that Genevieve Nnaji is an Mbaise woman, my former boss, an Mbaise woman too, and I had had dealings with Mbaise people, with none coming out well, or, should I say, relatively well, because I have a few of them who are close and I love regardless.

In all the years that I worked with my former boss, NOT A SINGLE DIME WAS PAID TO ME AS RENUNCIATION, and I was sooo naive not to have asked because of the love I had and still for her (Those Who Know Her Can Ask) and I did my job well, even if I say so myself. I GAVE MY BEST TO HER, MY VERY BEST.

Infact, on her birthdays which is May 25th, I would always buy her a gift and to honour her, I would use COURIER to deliver. On her son’s birthdays too, I made it a duty to buy him a gift which usually were cakes from CAKE & CREAM, but on my own birthdays, the only gift I got each year, WAS ALWAYS AN SMS THAT COSTS NOT LESS THAT ‘’Four Naira’’ plus others things, which made me refuse to push my desire to work with another Mbaise person.

I can mention the numerous Mbaise people I had done businesses with, and I can tell you with all sense of responsibility that ALL OF THEM TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME, basically because of the LOVE and RESPECT I HAD FOR THEM.

This is not to that I don’t still have people from Mbaise as friends, no, I do and I love some of them, but, CAN NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Once that business has money attached, I would never do it or, unless we have a written agreement signed and sealed.

‘’A few years ago, I was preparing for my show in the east, THE AUGUST MEETING TV & RADIO SHOW and needed an anchor, so I went to one of the finest broadcasters of our time, a lady I promote, sell and market everywhere I go, and asked that she should kindly come anchor for me and her answer was that I should make it a partnership, and then, have her company be in charge. This was a program I had already marketed and gotten sponsorship for, that someone I held, still hold at high esteem told me to make her a partner to if I wanted her to anchor, so we can share the proceeds from sponsorship?

This was a lady who wasn’t even working as at that time, but refused to come anchor for me because I didn’t make her a partner to a program I had gotten sponsorship for.

This lady did this over and over, even this year during my TV Show to celebrate Mothers Day.

‘’’’’’NB: Let me state here, that another Mbaise lady who is also one of the very knowledgeable presenters today, Ify Onyegbule, later another year, anchored THE AUGUST MEETING TV & RADIO SHOW for me’’’’’’’’.

So, it was a challenge getting over working with someone from Mbaise and deciding to work with another from the Mbaise, and that was how that dream or desire died a natural death.

When I eventually met Genevieve onboard an AirPeace flight to Abuja 2yrs ago, she recognized my face, but couldn’t place where till I greeted and when I mentioned whom I worked with, she was like, ‘’Oh, (mentions her name) my sister’’? And asked ‘’Hope she is doing well’’?, meaning she isn’t even holding a grudge or was even ever aware that someone did hated her.

Maybe I should have followed my heart then, but I was too loyal because of love, to think that desire through and today as I saw this picture of her, chai, I said to myself, see the enigma I missed working with.

If you don’t love Genevieve Nnaji, then you don’t have love in you.


Courtesy Precious Eze

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