Being a pathological liar is a serious problem; Nnamdi Kanu has no shame when it comes to hijacking the glory of another man’s effort. Well; a man that murdered Prophet Nwoko for disclosing he collected bribe from Atiku to call off election boycott; what is there in hijacking another man’s glory? The spirit of God had departed when Saul became desperate- such desperation led him into destruction and Nnamdi Kanu has chosen the path of Saul.

Nnamdi Kanu is aware of his semi-literate and illiterate fan base and members who would swallow anything he says. They can say- oh how our supreme leader forced Donald Trump to grant Iranian Supreme leader visa to America. What concerns Nnamdi Kanu with the fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria being championed by Tony Nnadi?

Even if Garba Shehu is intentionally passing a mischievous message to US that IPOB is involve in it to discredit the fight because he knows International Community don’t take IPOB serious and see IPOB as rogue organization- can’t Nnamdi Kanu honorably make a press statement and say his IPOB has nothing to do with fight against persecution of Christians? Why can’t he say IPOB is boldly and exclusively fighting for Biafra and not fighting for Christians? Must that failure hijack any little thing that goes his way?

Take a pause and ask yourself a simple question- why did Garba Shehu involve IPOB in an effort that did not concern them? We are all aware that Tony Nnadi is the very leader championing the fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria. We are also aware of the various meetings; diplomatic moves and international contacts Tony Nnadi made to drive home fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria. Do you rightly think Garba Shehu made a mistake or was it a deliberate attack to discredit the fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria?

I recalled Tony Nnadi taking Christian victims of Boko Haram terrorists to the White House; we all saw Tony Nnadi addressing US congress and NGO’s in America. The very period Tony Nnadi was slaving himself to get United States government to addressing persecution of Christians in Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu was busy loitering streets of UK and holding useless town hall meetings.

Nnamdi Kanu visited USA and instead of visit United States congress; he went to see his fellow rogues-members- who organized street/town hall meetings for him. It is very shameful that when the effort of Tony Nnadi is making wave; Nnamdi Kanu is in his bedroom claiming the glory. He is a man without iota of shame- untamed lair- a desperate man who has nothing but lies to offer. Now; he wants to reap where he did not sow- a shameless lot.

Kindly ask Nnamdi Kanu; Garba Shehu disclosed NGO’s and United States congress are involved in his claim; where and when did he (Nnamdi Kanu) speak to United States congress about persecution of Christians in Nigeria? Ask Nnamdi Kanu to mention any Christian NGO his IPOB is affiliated with in US? Ask Nnamdi Kanu to give you link of where he ever publicly addressed or been invited to speak on persecution of Christians in Nigeria? This mad guy thinks we are all fools or under Ubini Ukpabi oath; he must be on drugs.

When Tony Nnadi was slaving himself; using the limited resources he has to travel to United States and speaking on the floor of United States congress about the persecution of Christians in Nigeria- IPOB Nnamdi Kanu was attacking him; telling him that he was mentioning persecuted Christians- why is he afraid of mentioning Biafra- Today; Nnamdi Kanu being the chairman of the idiots was first to claim the glory of Tony’s effort- shameless lot.

What will it cost Nnamdi Kanu to correcting Garba Shehu that IPOB has nothing to do with Nigeria or what is happening in Nigeria? What will it cost Nnamdi Kanu to say he is fighting for Biafra and not for persecuted Christians in Nigeria? Tony Nnadi is a Nigerian; fighting for persecuted Christians in Nigeria, so when people speak about his effort, Nnamdi Kanu should have a little pride in him and praise the young man instead of shamelessly try to reaping where he did not sow.

You have taken a pause? So, why did Garba Shehu mention IPOB Nnamdi Kanu instead of recognize Tony Nnadi who is championing the fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria?


By mentioning IPOB; Garba Shehu and Nigerian government are trying to discredit the fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria because the world knows IPOB as a lying enterprise. They know IPOB is not a group worthy of listening to; and because IPOB is a criminal franchise; international figures can start distancing themselves from the fight against persecution of Christians once they hear IPOB. International community is watching; international NGO’s are watching and the activities of IPOB stink; a group without strategy and secret, a group without focus, and the best way for Shehu to discredit the war against persecution of Christians is to link IPOB to it, so, those listening and working with Tony Nnadi can be misled to distance from the fight.


Garba Shehu knows that by mentioning IPOB; international community will start seeing the fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria as a deliberate effort by a terrorist organization to blackmail Nigeria. By mentioning IPOB; international NGOs and figures will start questioning the credibility of the fight; hence putting the fight against persecuted Christians in jeopardy. LNC is an organization with international repute and Garba Shehu has nothing left in his defense except to link IPOB to jeopardize Tony Nnadi’s victory. Do not think Garba Shehu made a mistake; it is a deliberate war against Tony Nnadi- to discredit fight against persecution of Christians.

Those that have the interest of Christians in Nigeria must start writing to international communities; Tony Nnadi must as a matter of urgency write to United States and all the NGOs LNC is working with to ensure that the plan of Nigerian government is severed. LNC should release a press statement distancing IPOB from itself and their fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria. Pay every Nigerian mainstream news syndicate to report it- because Garba Shehu knows what he is doing.

He should write and make it clear to them that IPOB is a group fighting for an imaginary Biafra that exists on social media. That IPOB is a group fighting to ensure Buhari becomes Jubril. That IPOB is not designed for persecuted Christians. That IPOB has never presented case of persecuted Christians anywhere before, and above all; that LNC has nothing to do with IPOB and fight against persecution of Christians in Nigeria is exclusive to LNC.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is an independent/investigative journalist

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