The changing occupants of General Buhari’s office of the Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters

It is no longer news that the General, Muhammadu Buhari has announced the appointment of his new Chief of Staff. However, what is really the main gist is that people like Mr. Bola Tinubu, who are waiting their turn, like those on queue to have a tryst with a helplessly abused maiden, shall be severely disappointed in 2023. I, Agbonmiregun, the man who daily visits the place of shifting cemetery to drink ogi with mean Irunmole , chuckled and laughed at the folly of those who thought that when it is their own turn, history shall be different. Haha, So was the stupid thought of Afonja in the 1825 when he decided to partner with the Fulani Preacher, Alimi; the foolish thought of S.L Akintola when he decided to align with the Fulani controlled Northern People’s Congress [NPC]; the stupid thinking of Obafemi Awolowo when he deluded himself that he was serving Nigeria when he agreed to serve under a Northern controlled Gowon government in 1967; the much stupider thinking of Chief MKO Abiola, when he served the Fulani interest. Abiola’s case is the most instructive in the contemporary history of Nigeria.

He had joined and financed the National Party of Nigeria, a Fulani party, with the hope that after the Fulani have had their turn at the bed-chambers of the charming Nigerian damsel, he shall have his own turn. So he patiently waited while he turned his Newspaper organization, THE NATIONAL CONCORD to the service of his paymaster in Babanriga[Does that ring a bell? It is no longer in THE National Concord but simply THE NATION]. But when the time came for him to bid for the presidential ticket of the party, the gatekeeper of the Fulani power in the Shagari government, Umaru Dikko looked MKO in the eye and told him that the ‘Presidential ticket of the NPN is not for sale to the highest bidder’. Abiola would later align with the Khaki boys he had been doing business with under the umbrella of the American CIA linked telecom company, ITT. Yes the same company Fela Anikulapo called INTERNATIONAL THIEF THIEF!!

Secret movements between Toyin street at Ikeja and Ikeja Army Cantonment near Obanikoro was noticed by my 401 Irunmole who had since left Ile Ife for Lagos since the 1914 amalgamation of Nigeria and they sent signals to me at Ibadan via the Orunmila channels. The Khaki boys drew the plans, the Yoruba chief brought out the dollars and his newspaper organization. However the Khaki boys also had their roaster of ascending to the bed-chambers of the sweet mistress Nigeria. Part of their plan was to hand-over power to a certain handsome Fulani infantry General who had control of troops in distant Jos in order to cement their hold on the state power before moving on to Plan- B. The great strategic mind here was the Ogbomoso man who till date had been disguising as a Nupe man in the Northern Nigerian faction of the Nigerian Army. But the implementer for this Ogbomoso man was the Kanuri man who also called himself a Kanawa, [Kano indigene], the man who whose eyes and true intention were always hidden behind dark goggles; the man who had helped saved more than 5 billion dollars in not loot but ‘assets’ according to our Minister of Justice, Mr. Malami; the man who like a good parent has been sending at least 300 million dollars to his Nigerian children from the grave every year!

Agbonmiregun had sent his irunmole to check the classified dossiers and archives to find out why the Ogbomoso but disguised as Nupe man and the Kanuri man chose the Fulani infantry General in December 31st 1983 as the head of their military government. They have since returned to report that it was simply for genetic reasons: Shagari, the ousted president was a Fulani man and an undiluted Fulani man must be given the power if the coup was to have legitimacy both in the Army and the northern society. Meanwhile our money-bag chief was assured that in 1987, the army shall organize an election and hand over power to him in an election. Just like they promised the guy whose effigy is on the 100 naira note in 1967.

Readers of Agbonmiregun, I am sorry that I took this longer route to the koko of my piece. You must pardon me, it is not easy for one to have lived for more than 6000 years and be a witness to the same human foibles and folly. What I, Agbonmiregun, had observed over the years is that for the Yoruba, the scene of accident is usually Ilorin. Ilorin is the place of intrigue, the point where the Fulani had their outpost in Yoruba land. A seasoned hunter can differentiate between the stealthy movement of the gazelle and that of the leopard in the forest just by the shifting of weeds. Ilorin, the city that is close to Al-Jannah the day of resurrection but very far from the fire of hell.

It was from Ilorin that the Alimi was able to trick the Yoruba Prince and General, Afonja . It was from Ilorin that the Fulani were able to sack Oyo-Katunga around 1827 and created the largest refugee problem in the history of Yoruba nation. We thank the Irunmole, the ebora and the valiant Ibadan soldiers who held the frontier and defeated the Fulani Army at the Jalumi war of 1840. If not for this, the Ooni would have been an Emir. I Agbomiregun, the true and just witness salute the bravery of our departed heroes, the Ibadan soldiers who came from all parts of Yoruba land to defend the land of the Ancestors. May we the soldiers of today not fail the Irunmole!

Thus with his mind on the deep and secret strategic map of his Fulani forebears, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, appointed a shadow Fulani from Ilorin in the person of Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon as his Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters in 1985. From 1967 to 1985 when Babangida grabbed power and installed himself as the ‘Military President’, Nigerian military administrators had always contented themselves with the title of ‘Head of State’. Hence their defacto vice-president was usually the Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters. Indeed Lt. General Obasanjo was the COS, Supreme Hqters under General Ramat Muritala Muhammed. General Shehu Musa Yar’adua was the COS under Obasanjo. Thus under General Buhari, it was the shadow Fulani, Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon.

Why did I call Tunde Idiagbon a shadow Fulani? It is simply because after their conquest of Ilorin in 1825, the Fulani, as smart colonialists had perfected the heart of intermarrying with the aboriginal race, adopting the local customs and language and names in an apparent stratagem to indigenize their rule and thus remove the friction inherent in a blatantly alien dominance. They used that perfectly in Hausaland by speaking Hausa even though they have their own language, fulfude. So the Fulani of Ilorin had always adopted at least one Yoruba name and also speak the Yoruba language fluently FAHHhhhh so that the aboriginal Yoruba shall be perpetually confused.

Furthermore the tool of Islamic religion became important in the hands of the Fulani for uniting the people behind them and dividing their potential enemies. Indeed Tunde Idiagbon, when some Yoruba leaders had gone to pay him a visit at the Supreme Headquarters, Dodan Barracks in 1984, without mincing words he had told them that he has not a single drop of Yoruba in him and that he was Fulani in totality. Those who view the dead with the eye of the past shall be undressed by an apparition.

The Lagos and Ogun state boys had always strived to appear to the rest of the Yoruba nation as the most cosmopolitan and globally connected than the rest of we the rustic and rural ‘Ara-oke’. So if we the ‘Ara-oke are warning or begging the Lagos and Ijegba [apologies to Wole Soyinka for adopting his coinage of his heritage as Ijebu and Egba and thus naming his forest house Ijegba Estate] to be careful like an Egungun running towards the interstate express road, they would mock us by saying: ‘oh no, that was in the past, we have now become an independent nation; oh that was in the past, we are now ONE NIGERIA; Oh that was in the past, WE ARE NOW in the MODERN ERA; Oh that was in the past WE ARE NOW IN A DEMOCRACY; Oh that was in PAST , BUHARI HAS SINCE changed!!

The mistake they, the Lagos and Ijegba boys always make is that they always start their politics with the premises that they are well educated and rich and that the Hausa-Fulani are daft and stupid! I call this the Afonja syndrome. The Afonja syndrome is not really about the betraying Yoruba as the Igbo would love to have it, it is about a proud and high ranking Yoruba thinking that he can use the Hausa-Fulani to do his dirty work of preparing the ladder for his ascendance to power because he thought the smiling and vacant eyed Fulani is STUPID!! They always discovered the truth at that moment of death when the Fulani’s dagger had found their spinal cord.

I, Agbonmiregun, the witness of human folly and foibles over a span of three millennia; the man who dines with Satan with the longest spoon, saw the movement of the weeds in the forest and instinctively knew that it was not the movement of the gazelle nor of the Leopard. Instead the hunting parties are in the bush. When I heard that the Fulani General Muhammadu Buhari has appointed a shadow Ilorin Fulani prince, the brother of the Emir of Ilorin as his Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters, I instinctively knew that the Lagos and Ijegba boys have been scammed once again!!!

Just like Tunde Idiagbon, the new Chief of Staff Supreme Hqters, has a Yoruba name but has not a single drop of Yoruba blood inside him. He is no Omoluabi. His loyalty is totally to the Emirate in general and the grand Emir Buhari in particular. He carries a dagger with him and the head of the present day Afonjas shall roll. History in its finest rendition is prophecy; let those that have ears hear what the spirit says to the churches.

By Salt Africa Editor

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