On behalf of the Nigerian community Russia and the members of the executive, the president of the Nigerian community Russia, Dr Maurice Okoli joins millions of your admirers to celebrate Your Excellency the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as you turned 68.

You are one of God’s greatest gifts to the Russian Federation. You appeared on the stage at the most difficult time for Russia, at the time when Russia as a country was under a colossal transition, chaos, turmoil, and multi-facet crisis. The speedy and the dangerous drifting to the edge of the cliff was eminent.

Your emergence on the stage reverted everything to the right channel and with all humility, I respectively argue Russians not to forget where the country was herding to then (total despair and destruction) and where the country is herding today (Hope, peace, and prosperity).

As the president of the Russian Federation you live, work, and breathe Russia 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You are the greatest patriot to motherland Russia.

Despite the propaganda and misinformation, the world understands and knows your true worth in all honesty. You are indeed one of the greatest personalities in the world today.

Your place in the history of Russia and that of the world will be written in gold. May the almighty God in his infinite mercy and grace continue to guide and strengthen you as you pilot the affairs of Russia and that of the world. As you celebrate your birthday, with all our hearts, we wish you good health, love, and happiness. 

Dr Maurice Okoli, President NCR, E-mail: president@nigeriacommunityrussia.ru

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