Federal Republic of Nigeria & looming anarchy.


As at today 21/04/2020, Crude oil now sells below US$5 dollars per barrel world wide. The international oil market is going bankrupt, many of us have always knew that the day of reckoning is coming. For 50 years, one Nigeria feudal lords looted the crude oil resources of Biafraland for their cronies and their ethnic groups. 

The Hausa-Fulanis with their Kanuri allies sat on top of the Petroleum ministries and resources of Nigeria like Saudi Arabia Monarchs. They dictated who gets what and how the God given resources of Biafraland should be used. It is even ironic that this people have no single barrel of crude oil in their ethnic enclaves yet they killed, maimed and plundered the powerless people of south easterners because of the colonial fraud called one Nigeria. 

The Nigerian Civil War was fundamentally because of crude oil. Foreign powers poured arms into Nigerian side of the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War 1967-70, because they knew how easy it would be to have a country where the fulanis are the ones controlling the political and economic space. They were right, the Fulanis are ready to kill any living thing because of crude oil and because of revenues coming from the south eastern region.(Biafra) Adaka Boro an Ijaw nationalist was wasted by the Nigerian project because he was fighting for the people, 5,000 Ogoni people and Ken Saro Wiwa were butchered by the rampaging Northern controlled Nigerian army led by that cold blooded despot called Gen.Sanni Abacha because of the crude oil resources of the Ogoni. While Ken-Saro Wiwa and kinsmen were hanged like common thieves. 

President Muhammadu Buhari sat on top of the PTDF board like the Sheikhs from Kuwait. I have never seen a country so heartless and bloodthirsty like Nigeria. What is the business of a cow rearer from Sokoto with the petroleum resources in Biafran? The Ijaw people have really been conquered and subjugated. 

For 50 years, several Yoruba intellectuals like Obafemi Awolowo, Bola Ige, Gani Fawehinmi, Abraham Adesanya and Pa Rewane repeatedly advised the feudal kings in the Nigerian political space to stop depending on crude oil proceeds. They advised them to practice ethnic federalism, true federalism, regional system of government, diversification of the economy, devolution of power or a confederacy type of government. The powers that be most especially Northern military leaders together with their feudal allies like Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo ignored all this sane and moral advice. All you hear this wicked people scream always his “one Nigeria”. I wonder the type of Nigeria they are screaming, whether “CowNigeria” or “RUGANigeria”. 

For 50 years, trillions of US dollars from crude oil proceeds were stolen by Northern military leaders to develop the North, to enrich Northern leaders, to bribe their southern allies and to maintain a feudal and moribund contraption called Nigeria. They built a country meant to serve Fulani interests first, Northern interests second, career politicians’ third and the rest of the hopeless ethnic groups last. 

Biafra land is bleeding and badly destroyed forever. The people of Niger delta benefitted nothing from their oil wealths because the unitary system of government foisted on them was meant to produce rogues and thieves as leaders instead of patriotic Biafra citizens. 

Crude Oil is now useless and the sons of the caliphate are afraid. Their monopoly of NNPC and the oil wells in the south is now useless. They need free money to maintain their lazy lifestyles. To make matters worse, millions of the conquered Hausas in the north are poor beyond human reasoning while their little children are roaming the streets of the north as almajiris. The trillions of US dollars stolen from the south were meant for the fulani/kanuri oligarchs. 

I heard that the Northern elites have now shifted their attention to increase VAT and tax beyond the normal in Biafraland & Yorubaland because 80% of the non oil economic activities is happening in that regions. They want to take taxes from the hardworking indigenous people and resident within the Biafra/ Yoruba space to maintain Abuja, the poor states in the north and the moribund Nigeria contraption because of one Nigeria? 

When you take the taxes or resources of one ethnic group to take care of another group, that is what we call colonialism. The Fulanis and the entire North have turned themselves into the new colonial masters. They have been doing this for the past 50 years. What the Fulanis did to the Hausas is what they will do to every single ethnic nationalities within the contraption called Nigeria except we dissolve that contraption as soon as possible. 

You want to take our sweats and ingenuity to maintain a unitary system of government that was set up to destroy Biafra land in the first place and you expect us to keep quiet? You Fulanis want to Control, Biafra crude oil wells, Yoruba ports, customs, FIRS, Ministry of finance and now our VAT because of one Nigeria? We will destroy this contraption called Nigeria before it destroys us all. 

Taxes without economic and political representation is a call for anarchy. We won’t allow you to use poverty to dehumanize us. Taxes, import duties and resources must be used to develop Biafra land first and last. 

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