A former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, says repentant terrorists revealed that a serving northern governor is a Boko Haram leader. 

He is a brave and honest man, who could not keep silent in the face of evil.

He has spoken out and said what the government knows, but does not want Nigerians to know. 

Many Nigerians who know the truth about Fulani terrorism and Boko Haram have died mysteriously, after threatening to expose the truth about Boko Haram, starting from one time Kaduna state Governor Patrick Yakowa and former national security adviser to President Jonathan, Andrew Owoyemi Azazi. 

Jonathan was persuaded by the north to remove his national security adviser General Andrew Owoye Azazi who knew too much about Boko Haram, their sponsors and their plan. 

General Azazi had threatened to publish list containing names of Boko Haram sponsors and said that the struggle for power within the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was responsible for the rise of terrorism in the country. 

He was right, but the ‘north’ did not like it and put pressure on Jonathan to remove him. Sadly, Jonathan capitulated and replace him with Sambo Dasuki. 

Few months after he was removed, he died in a crash with the Christian governor of Kaduna state, Patrick Yakowa. 

Then Nasir El-Rufai the current governor of Kaduna state made his infamous statement that those who kill Fulanis take a lone, which they must pay. This is after those whose villages were being attacked tried to fight back. 

Since then, BokoHaram and Fulani herdsmen have been on the march and conducting ethnic cleansing of many Nigerian villages with impunity. Today they have a net work of terror groups supplied by helicopters. 

In the last few weeks several people have been killed, mainly in non Fulanis and christian villages in southern Kaduna and Kastina state and this has forced Dr. Obadiah Mailafia to speak out. 

Now the Fulani government of Nigeria is after him. The DSS have invited him. However, the DSS have never invited leaders of Miyetti Allah, Nasir El-Rufai and many others whose complicity in this evolving nightmare is obvious and who are bank rolling Fulani terrorism in Nigeria. 

The question is how long the average Nigerian will continue to watch this evil without doing anything? 

The Western region has done the right thing so far. They have set up a security outfit that bear arms. 

However the south East Governors and political leaders, who are in the pocket of the Caliphate are yet to set up arm bearing security outfit to protect and defend their people 

One wonders if they still waiting for Fulani terrorists and Boko Haram infested Nigerian police and army to defend Igbos after what they have seen in southern s Kaduna? 

Have they forgotten that wise people prepare for war in peace time and that once the war starts, it is too late. 

What are they waiting for, after hearing that Miyetti Allah has sent terrorists who are hiding in forests all over Nigeria? What do they think these killers are waiting to do? 

Which makes me wonder what kind of people are in charge in south East Nigeria. 

Why are they doing nothing, while Fulanis from other countries are terrorising our people and committing ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages? 

What would it take for Nigerians to act like normal people in the face of evil? 

When will Nigerians rise up to say enough is enough? 

I have reached out to Dr. Obadiah Mailafia. His number is 08036590990. 

Nigerians should reach out to him and offer him support. He has done what the government have refused to do. He has spoken out and standing up against evil and terrorism. 

I pray God gives him the strengths for this trying time and the dark days ahead. 

By E.O. Eke

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