Dr. Godwin Maduka – The “DEVELOPER” – A true Son of the Soil!


A very promising aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Dr. Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba) paid a courtesy visit to the State Executive Committee yesterday to discuss modalities for effective management of the party, possible areas of partnership, and to brief them about his vision for a greater Anambra State. 

The Lion Of Africa as he’s popularly called made a generous donation for the effective functioning of the party, noting that he wants people to see the PDP as a party to emulate. He appealed to the party not to see him as someone who joined the guber race so that he’ll be blowing siren and answering governor, but to take development a notch higher. He added that it is preferable if he could be seen and addressed as a “DEVELOPER” rather than governor if elected by the special grace of God. 

He enumerated many areas of concern, and prominent among them was education where he bankrolls 92% of students from his hometown Umuchukwu. Okosisi Orumba made it clear that elementary and secondary education should be free as is obtainable in most parts of the world. He reiterated his previously misquoted position that the 21 LGAs of the State should have university campuses as is obtainable in civilized societies, and this he said is achievable with the right mindset and resources. 

Okosisi Orumba emphasized the need for our people to be adventurous over issues of transformation and refrain from feeling that since it hasn’t been done, it can never be done. He cited the INNOSON vehicle manufacturer as a typical example and declared that through his ICT program, Anambra State will have a telephone manufacturing facility among other groundbreaking inventions under his administration. 

Furthermore, the medical guru stated that the 17 floors in Umuchukwu was not built for the sake of building but should be seen as a facility to save more lives and a model for medical tourism. Dr. Maduka who had earlier admitted that he is not like the regular politicians maintained that his quest to lead was informed by the passion to serve, therefore will readily undertake ideas that will leverage livelihoods and build infrastructures. 

According to Okosisi Orumba, “the white man thought our religion and we’re using it to kill ourselves, but it is not going to be so under my watch as governor”. He promised to be focal about religious tolerance under his administration if it is God’s will for him to emerge as the next governor of Anambra State. He noted there is no reason for the Catholics, Anglicans, and other religious institutions to be having issues because the common destination should be getting believers to do things that are morally right. 

Dr. Maduka expressed concern in the area of bottlenecks that hinders effective development in the state. He narrated his experience with the government after the IG of Police informed him of the need to establish a Police College and Academy in the state, but was not given attention when he took his project team to the Police Commission Amawbia to finalize arrangements and take action. 

A similar incident according to the Lion Of Africa was that on one occasion he visited the state government, the governor asked him what the state can do for him, but he responded that he was there to see how he could actually assist the state government. On that note, he was told that the state needed a High Court which he was later given the approval to build. Unfortunately, bureaucratic bottlenecks delayed the commissioning of that project 2 years after completion.

He however called on the government to encourage our sons and daughters in the diaspora to come home and develop Anambra State. He made it clear that a good number of Anambra indigenes resident in the diaspora are willing to mobilize personal resources towards the development of the state. 

Dr. Maduka said he was appointed No. 1 Nigerian in the diaspora which saw him lead the discussions they held with President Buhari when they met in New York USA, and the Anambrarians he’s working with at the moment are prepared to partner with the state all things being equal. 

The true son of the soil who addressed the meeting virtually in the Igbo language of Umuchukwu ascent assured the party executives that he is willing to support any other person who emerges as party candidate if it is the will of God and the party delegates because nobody can possibly force destiny to favor him. 

In his reaction, the State Chairman of PDP Hon. Sir Ndubisi Nwobu (Obuka Awka) expressed satisfaction for the time taken by Dr. Godwin Maduka to address the party executives, noting that if he was in a hurry, they wouldn’t have understood him to the extent they did. 

He commended Dr. Maduka for his donations, efforts, and commitment towards making the party great and assured him of the party resolution to conduct a free, transparent, and credible primary election. He prayed to God to give Dr. Godwin Maduka good health and more resources, considering that the task before him is a very demanding one.

By Tony Ezike

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