Desperation, hunger and looting has taken over the land.


The Late Novelist Chinua Achebe in his renowned novel wrote: “things has fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold, mere anarchy has taken over the land ….”.

Unquote; massive food looting is ongoing on the streets of Kano Metropolis, Nigeria (watch video below).

It’s like the situation has gone out of hand and what we feared most has just started! This is supposed to be Ramadan season – the holy month of fasting, spiritual cleansing or reflection and prayer for Muslims.

Clearly hunger is driving people crazy as they are stealing anything they can lay hands on. Sadly, this is the reality of Nigeria today and shows the extent to which President Buhari and his cohorts have mismanaged the economy of one of the richest countries in Africa.

From the look of things, the situation is gradually degenerating into a state of anarchy because it’s now survival of the fittest. How soon we can get out of this, only God can tell.

May God help us out of this mess.



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